MV Map Travel

Map Travel or Fast Travel

A new scene that shows a custom map graphic (that you will need to create) and a list of locations that can be added/removed/changed from the map during gameplay.
The map can be moved around using mouse or keyboard controls and each location can change 3 variables to allow you to use the “Transfer” event command to transfer to a designated mapid and x,y position on that map.

This is NOT a plug-and-play plugin, you will need basic javascript knowledge (such as arrays and strings), be able to create your own location and map graphics and be able to spend time reading the documentation and studying the demo to learn how this plugin works.

VERSION 1.2 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

MV Quest Log

Another quest log plugin! Just to give you guys more options.
Create quests with objectives and display each as complete or failed as the quest goes on. Quest details are stored in a .txt file within your project.
Sort quests into categories that can be expanded/hidden by the player as desired.
Use script calls to check results of quests and objectives to potentially save on switches/variables.
Player can track a quest, making it appear in the quest log when no other quest is selected to quickly reference it during game.
Quest update notification can be done manually or automatically if using Galv’s Timed Message Popups (included in demo as example).

VERSION 1.3 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

MV Fishing Mini Game

This plugin adds a new fishing mini game to your project similar to that of Breath of Fire 2’s. This plugin is not plug-and-play and requires setting up. It may be difficult for new users.

– Customise a range of fish attributes to change how they behave such as bait they eat, speed, difficulty to reel in (and more)
– Customise each fishing spot’s backgrounds and music
– Add specific fish or objects or randomize them for each fishing spot. Use eventing to add quest items to catch from the water.
The demo contains examples of some things you can do.

How to Use
– Copy the “GALV_Fishing.js” file into your project’s /js/plugins/ folder.
– Activate plugin using the ‘Plugin Manager’
– Create a new folder: /img/fishing/
– Read the help file and examine the demo to learn how it works

You’ll notice that the RTP doesn’t come with many useful fishing icons (to use for rods and baits), and there’s not a whole lot of fish for you to use included in the demo – you’ll need to source or make your own resources to use.
The demo fish were created by Matt Beer.

Download Plugin File
Download Demo (24Mb download)

MV Manual Level Up

This plugin changes how level ups work in your project. Instead of levelling up normally when a character reaches the required exp for next level, the player will instead be required to manually level them up from a new scene that can be accessed via the status screen or script call.

The manual level up screen displays skills and parameters that will be acquired as well as a number of points the player can spend to boost chosen parameters. Each parameter can have one point placed in it which will increase it by a designated amount (which can vary for different classes).

VERSION 1.1 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

MV New Game Plus

Adds a New Game+ feature to allow the player to start a new game that uses specified data (such as gold, items, variables, switches, actors, etc.) from a save file.
After the player encounters where you placed the activate code and then saves the game, the New Game+ option will be added to the title menu.
– The player can only start a new game using a save file that has had it activated during the game.
– Settings include lists of items, switches, variables, actors, etc. that allow you to control what data is and is not transferred over when starting a new game plus.
– The number of playthroughs is recorded to use if required during game.

VERSION 1.0 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

MV Custom Title

This plugin provides a lot of settings to change the appearance of the default title screen. Features such as:
– Title color, position, font
– Command menu windowskin, position, size, text color and font
– Add as many animated sprites to the screen as desired that can loop and play database animations
– Add as many moving parallaxes to the screen as desired
– Enable a “press start” option to require player to press a key before menu appears

VERSION 1.5 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

MV Invader Mini Game

A top-down shooter mini game with complex customization and setup. This plugin is not plug-and-play, it requires a lot of work to set it up and good knowledge of eventing (a basic knowledge of javascript will also help a lot).

Customization includes building your own enemies, objects, weapons, levels, bosses etc. An xls file has been included to assist in creating the script calls required to use in RPG Maker MV for each customization step.
Touch screen capability is active but limited as this is designed for keyboard/gamepad play.

Keyboard controls:
Left/Right/Up/Down keys to move
Space/Enter – fire main weapons
Shift (hold) – charge up charge weapons
Shieft (release) – fire charge weapons

Future updates include:
– A scene where player will be able to equip modules to their ship and play the mini game with their own ship layout.
– Extensive “How-To” tutorial for setting up the mini game (pending patreon support!)
– Much more!

Download Plugin File
Download Demo (29Mb download)

MV Magic Shards

A system for players to customize their actors by equipping “Shards” to them.
These shards can give the same benefits as weapons or armors (bonus features/stats) and in addition you can set up “Shard Links” for the player to gain additional skills depending on if certain shards are equipped next to other certain shards (setup required).

Lots of customization for scene graphics, individual actor slots, gaining slots during game and a lot more settings available.

This is an intermediate plugin – beginners may find it complicated.

VERSION 2.2 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo