A huge thank you to all these people who have supported me while I create scripts and plugins! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the help of these awesome people.

Andy “anDai” Lin
– Patreon Supporter
Check out his project!
Harmonia RPG

James Westbrook
– Patreon Supporter
James makes a lot of vids that can be found Here!

Revenant Games
– Patreon Supporter

Jeffrey Chuang
– Patreon Supporter
Check out the below link to see what Jeffrey’s been up to:
Sandi & Mari – Mechanical Adventure

Vincent Baidoo
– Patreon Supporter
Check out his website:
CrownRoot Publications

Mike Fields
– Patreon Supporter

Red Spark
– Patreon Supporter

Wyeth Hall
– Patreon Supporter
Currently working on a project called Seanchai: N’geliques Story

Karl Perron
– Patreon Supporter

The Rest!
All those that comment, report bugs, share my links, donate and more. Thanks, ya’ll!