MV Bust Menu

Display the main menu differently to use bust images. Included are settings to customize the position of the actor’s data and how many actors appear on the menu.
Added exp bar.

VERSION 1.8 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


84 thoughts on “MV Bust Menu

  1. chaos17 says:

    Cool, will you be able to do the same for the SBS ? I mean put facesets.

  2. alberthk4 says:

    hi, is it compatible with YEP_MenuManager.js?

  3. James says:

    Do you know when you plan to be able to have it work with just one actor?

  4. Galv says:

    Updated to 1.2, fixed the single actor bust issue

  5. Qeltas says:

    Hey Galv,
    love your bust menu so far I just got a little request
    is it possible to add YEP_JobPoints to the menu to show the JP in the menu? that would be awesome!
    would really appreciate it!
    keep up the good work!

  6. Galv says:

    Thanks, that made it easier for me :) I’ve updated to version 1.3. Make sure when you install it to go into the plugin manager and open the plugin, click okay and save it to add the new data.

  7. Qeltas says:

    Thank you Galv
    here you go again solving problems :D
    working perfectly. Keep up the good work!

  8. Nameless says:

    Last option for do this plugin perfect. Can you please add the option to change the command, gold, and status window’s width? So the busts will fit better on the menu when there’s more than three actors showing up.
    Also an option to display the command window above or below the status window as well the position of the gold, or even place the command window to right.
    Or is there any other plugin compatible with this one for do what I’m saying? If so, can you please give me a link?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately I dont plan to add those settings to this one. I do recall seeing a menu plugin that put the command menu at the top which worked with this one, but I dont know what it is

  9. Shin Gadrian says:

    Hello Galv, I just checked your plugin and its really nice for my 5 members party, but when i check it with higher resolution like 1280×800, everything start going off the screen to the right. I dont see any parameters to adjust that though.

  10. Galv says:

    :( Core plugins go at the top of the list. Something to remember for future issues

  11. Silenity says:

    Ever think of adding an option for Nickname lines?

  12. Axel Powers says:

    Anyway to disable TP from the menu?

  13. This looks amazing! Might I ask if it could be made so that the busts change depending on the actor’s status? For example, if one actor is suffering from poisoning, the menu would show an image of said actor that reflects his poisoning. Or maybe if an actor has low health, the bust image changes to an image of the actor looking worn out.

  14. Nitt Darko says:

    Hey man, great plugin, only 1 issue with it, if you use Yanfly’s JP plugin with yours, if you have more than 1000 JP the text blends with the character name and looks bad, any chance it can be moved to below the HP/MP bars, or create its own line for JP?


    • Galv says:

      There is already a plugin setting to specify which line the JP appears on

      • Nitt Darko says:

        Yes I know and I am using it, but unfortunately both the JP number and the ClassID dont fit together on one line properly

        It needs to have its own line

      • Galv says:

        Both of them can have their own lines in the plugin settings. In your image you have class on line 2 and JP on line 2. You can make them on different lines by changing to different numbers

  15. Rockstar says:

    Anyway to adjust the box height of the commands on the left? Just wondering.

    • Galv says:

      You’ll need a different plugin to do that. This plugin doesn’t modify the command menu on the left. I recommend asking in a forum in a plugin request section :)

  16. Takato says:

    I just realized this only works on a new save for some reason, after spending alot of time trying to find the reason everything was blank, then finally thinking to try a new game it works all of a sudden, ya should put a note of needing a new save in the help and also it still says 1 actor don’t work there too. so at first I thought that was my problem lol.

  17. Alchemancy says:

    Great work, Galv! I was wondering if you could add a black outline for the Exp bar just like the HP/MP/TP bars have? Otherwise, perfect! Thanks.

    • Galv says:

      By default there is no outline. I think you are using another plugin that changes it and unfortunately I could not make it use the same code to draw as the other bars – so that would have to be modified to suit whatever other plugin you are using

  18. Krukru says:

    Simple yet beautiful script!

    Any way to show something else than HP,MP and TP bars?
    (For Visual/Eroge type of game that needs fight system) like love, trust etc… (agi, luk…)
    I tried to remplace hp by agi and mp by luk inside the script but didn’t worked …


    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately custom stuff hasn’t been incorporated into this plugin, sorry. I recommend asking in a forum to see if you can find someone to modify it for you :)

      • Vrutxer says:

        Very good script but keep my game crashing since 1.3.1 (I am sure this is this script because it does it even on a vanilla project with just yanfly core)

        How to reproduce the crash (I have a decent PC) :
        8 actors, 1080p resolution :
        Open then close the menu 8 times.

        It does is even if you wait between closing and opening menu.

        If I lower actor number it takes longer to crash, if I lower definition it takes longer to crash… but it WILL crash at some point.

        It worked perfectly fine before 1.3.1 anyway…

        So I’m wondering if there is a memory leak in the script or if the rpgmaker update messed with the script or if am doing something wrong :/

      • Galv says:

        It’s not actually this plugin – I believe this is due to a windows update that messed with WebGL. It will happen with no plugins at all (just takes a lot longer to do).

        I have an NVIDIA card an the latest drivers stopped the crash (however instead causes a long lag which still isn’t ideal).

        Look up windows anniversary update and WebGL, I believe that is the culprit for this one and hopefully it gets fixed up over time

  19. Krukru says:

    Ok thanks Galv, it works since the latest update of rpgmaker MV.
    One cool thing to add would be the possibility to chose the scale of the actor bust (ex : 80% or 120%) since it is possible to choose the dimensions and the offset I think it might be an easy thing to add (Yes it is still possible do do this manually via photoshop but if we already use the bust somewhere else in the game it takes extra space in final game weight and extra effort to use the software each time : ) )

  20. Krukru says:

    Yes Galv that happens even in your Demo but only with my ressources (too big?) 600 pixel large for 1000 height for one bust (I need busts that big to fit the final resolution)
    I just changed facesets and busts and no script added :/

    If you want a demo I can upload it : )

  21. can’t find the option to change the position of the HP/MP bar, and the exp bar. also the images seems to be overlaping with others rather than having a fixed offset size and position. either the function is not included or i’m doing it wrong

    • Galv says:

      Please read over the plugin settings.

      The “Bars” setting is where you can change position of the HP/MP/TP bar block (you cannot change those individually)

      “Exp Bar” is where you change the position of the exp bar.

      As for images overlapping you might need to check for plugin conflict.

  22. Headz says:

    Is it possible that you can modify the plugin to be able to change the bust image with a plugin command within the game?

  23. Nushy says:

    I do not understand how to do it :,c

    • Galv says:

      Read the help documentation closely and examine the demo. Spend some time playing around with it and you will work it out.

      • Nushy says:

        I did, but I do not understand where I should place to call the character image. Sorry for the problems

      • Galv says:

        I’m not sure what you mean. The demo shows exactly how it’s done, you just need to spend more time examining and experimenting (an hour or two) to learn. I’m not sure what I can tell you that I didn’t write in the plugin documentation, sorry.

  24. Nushy says:

    If I give you screenshots, can you guide me?
    If you are busy, it’s okay

  25. Kf says:

    Hi,I’m trying to use this plugin in my game,it works nice but when there are members who are shown in the second page,their bust image will not be shown in the first time I open the menu.I have to turn to the second page at least one time to make them show.Is this a bug or other things else?
    Sorry for my poor Englis ; ;

  26. Kanonelsebas says:

    Hi Galv! I’m a Fan of this plugin since Vx Ace lol.
    A quick question. Is there a way to center the position of the name, class and level (centered according to the portrait)?
    Anyway, your work is AWESOME!

  27. nick says:

    Well for some weird reason this plugin messes up when you have yanflys grid free doodads plugin on odd not a big bug but a anoying one i have to close the menu then re open it to work

    • Galv says:

      That is weird, unfortunately I don’t have time to look into that complex plugin to work out why that would happen.

      • nick says:

        no big deal just happens once after you start the game after the first time it works fine. but i do have one question is their anyway to center the character names above the busts ? i can adjust the picture but not the name

      • Galv says:

        Not without modifying code in the script, sorry

  28. Kai Asakuro says:

    so I’m not sure if its a bug or not, but ive noticed with the pretty gauges installed, the exp gauge fill is right to left, instead of left to right.

  29. Alchemancy says:

    Hi Galv, I’ve noticed an issue with the Exp bar. Whenever PrettyGauges is turned on, the bar goes down from full to empty, when it should increase to full and reset at the next level. Basically, the bar is backwards. It behaves correctly when PrettyGauges is turned off, and it also works when this BustMenu is turned off. So I think it’s a compatibility issue in the BustMenu script. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately I am in the middle of life changes and cannot look into this anytime soon. I recommend asking in a forum to try and find a fix sooner

  30. inaba byakko says:

    Hello, I’m pleased to be able to use your useful plugins.
    Then, I found a problem with this plugin.
    With Microsoft Edge, an error “Unknown Error: IndexSizeError” occurs when menu screen has been opened.
    I solved for this problem. Insert a line below into method “Bitmap.prototype.unlimitedBlt” (line 350).
    if (!source.isReady()) return;
    For details on the causes, please see the following document.

    Thahk you. (I’m so sorry for my poor English!)

  31. Adam Dover says:

    Hi Galv, love the plugin, really helps my menu pop, but think it needs a tweak due to age. At first glance it works great, but when my party becomes so large and you have to scroll to second/third pages their bust images are not showing the first time around. I have to scroll back up to first page, then down again back to 2nd page for their images to finally show.

    I’m using newest version 1.6.2 RPG Maker MV. Issue duplicated on new project and while updating your demo version.

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