Errors Using Plugins

If you experience an issue using an RPG Maker plugin – here is a list of things to try and error trap the issue before making a bug report.

1. Check RPG Maker version
Make sure the plugin is written for your version of RPG Maker. Ace scripts will not work in MV and vice versa.

2. Plugin Order
Try changing the order of plugins. Core plugins should be put at the top of the list as they overwrite default functionality which can make other plugins before them in the list not work correctly.

3. Plugin Version / RPG Maker MV Version
Check if the plugin has been updated since you installed it and get the most recent version. Also, I keep my plugins up to date to work on the latest RPG Maker version, make sure your RPG Maker and the files in your project are the latest.

4. Plugin Filename
Most plugins have to use a specific filename in order to successfully get setting data. Make sure you are using the correct filename.

5. Updating Plugin Settings
When updating a plugin, after overwriting the plugin file, make sure to go into the Plugin Manager, open the plugin’s settings, click Okay and then save your project to make sure your project has any updated settings.

Also, never blindly copy/paste from my demos and expect them to work. The plugin settings might not be correct for what you’ve copied over. Use the demos to learn how to use the plugin.

6. Start a New Game
Some plugins won’t work if you continue a game that was saved before installing it. Make sure to start a new test game after installing any plugins.

7. Read the Settings. Read the Help File. Examine the Demo
I spent a lot of time writing documentation and creating demos for you guys to learn from. If you don’t understand the help file, view the demo examples and play around to figure it out.

8. Capitalization
When you use plugins, note tags or script calls that require you to put text in, try making sure to use the correct capitalization as seen in the documentation.

9. Have you checked for compatibility issues?
Not all scripts will work with each other and might cause an error if you try. If you get an error, one way to test this is to make a backup of your project folder and then remove scripts one by one and test each time until the crash or strange behavior no longer occurs.
You could also test the script in a fresh project as you might have modified one of your base rpgmaker scripts (which is not recommended).

10. Ask the community
There are many rpgmaker communities out there with helpful people such as and If you are still having trouble after doing all the above checks, then you could post in the forum to see if someone else can find what’s going wrong.