MV Quest Log

Another quest log plugin! Just to give you guys more options.
Create quests with objectives and display each as complete or failed as the quest goes on. Quest details are stored in a .txt file within your project.
Sort quests into categories that can be expanded/hidden by the player as desired.
Use script calls to check results of quests and objectives to potentially save on switches/variables.
Player can track a quest, making it appear in the quest log when no other quest is selected to quickly reference it during game.
Quest update notification can be done manually or automatically if using Galv’s Timed Message Popups (included in demo as example).

VERSION 1.3 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


100 thoughts on “MV Quest Log

  1. styx92 says:

    Wuhuuu great thing!
    Would be nice if your tracked quest will be shown at the edge of the screen!

    And maybe if a quest step is finished, to colour the font colour to green or red, if failed.

    • Galv says:

      I might add an optional window to display quest on-screen in the future.
      When quests steps are finished or failed they display different icons next to them instead of changing the text colour. I’ll consider adding full colour change in future, too :)

      • StyX says:

        This would be awesome!
        Nobody have a good tracking function. This would make your questlog to the best.
        Only Gameus have an special editor for the quests, but this is only comfort :D

      • KDM says:

        Hey Galv,

        Awesome script, let me just say that!

        I was wondering, is there a way to change the description for the ‘crafting quests’ to something like ‘wanted quests’? I wanted to have quests that revolve around hunting certain monsters, and while I know that I can do this with side-quests I wanted to try and use the third quest tier for something else.


      • Galv says:

        Yes, please look in the plugin settings… you can have any number of categories and change their name to anything you want.

  2. DerekD says:

    I’d love to see this too, the side-screen display thing.

  3. Jonas De Ro says:

    Great work on this one, I love it!

  4. maniacogames says:

    Hey Galvs!
    I have a request to make, how can I remove the default windows from Rpg Maker and raise a background image? The Image Is On My Own and Thanks For The Incredible Plugin :D

  5. Steven Herod says:

    YOU ARE SUPREME!! So glad you exist!! :D

  6. okralord says:

    Umm…how do you write a comma in the objective description or resolution text??

    • Galv says:

      I didn’t think about that. I’ve updated to version 1.1 and added a plugin setting that allows you to change the separator character from comma to whatever you want to use in the .txt file.

  7. Swishy says:

    What’s the symbol for the quest log command in the menu?
    I’m trying to give it an icon. Thanks in advance!

    • Galv says:

      I’m not exactly sure what you’re after. The function I added to the menu scene is commandQuestLog, the handler is ‘quest’ and the name is specified in the plugin settings.

  8. Hi Galv, great plugin!

    There is just one small problem. When I hightlight ‘Active’, ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’, I can’t simply click on my quests that are shown in the content window. I actually need to click again on ‘Active’, ‘Complete’ or ‘Failed’ to be able to interact with the content.

    Can you please add an ‘Highlight on Over’ feature (that is similar to the one available in the ‘Mouse System Ex’ plugin?

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

    • Galv says:

      That’s how default RPG Maker MV works. You need to use another plugin to make it work differently – like the mouse system plugin you mentioned.

      • Yes, this is the one we are currently using.

        In both scenarios (with or without the other plugin’s feature) it seems to confuse most of our playtesters. When it’s enabled, it highlights on over, and they think they can actually click on the quests shown in the content window (which doesn’t work as you need to click on ‘Actice’ ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’ again).

        When the feature is not enabled (the Default of RPG Maker), it’s even worst because the users tend to click on ‘Active’ ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’ and then immediately click on one of the quests that appears in the content windows.

        I don’t believe there is a good solution, unless you put the ‘Active’ ‘Completed’ and ‘Failed’ in a single window, and then make them expendable. But again, I don’t think this is an ideal solution neither.

        But for now, I think we’ll just add a quick ‘click twice’ tutorial to let the users know how it works.

        Thanks again for the awesome plugin!

      • Galv says:

        Hmmm very good points. I actually don’t like using mouse for RPG’s so I guess I rarely tender my plugins toward them. I’ll think about adding a change to make this more intuitive for players when I get time.

  9. Awesome, thanks for considering it!

  10. Kendall Momon says:

    Is there a way to make the objectives hidden until one is done

  11. consi says:

    I find your plugin great. But my quest text is slightly longer and the questbook does not show the text completely. Can it be helped?

    • Galv says:

      Press the return key to go to a new line

      • Luciss says:

        I think consi meant the actual in-game menu for the quest log. When the amount of text surpasses the menu box, there is no way to scroll down and see the rest of what’s written. This is pretty inconvenient in many ways, so hopefully you can fix it.

        Unless there was a way to do that and I’m just dumb. :P

      • Galv says:

        Ohh I see. Nope, there is no scrolling in this plugin, sorry.

  12. kitt says:

    Good day! Cool plug-in, but I can not understand how to make it work in Russian. When changing the language in the txt file, instead of the text, only the question marks “??????”

  13. simon guilbault says:

    Hi, i really like this quest plugin! But i have some problem with my french langage in “Quests” file…. when i do an accute accent thas make nothing more them a square in game :( someone can solve my problem?

  14. Joshua says:

    Hey Galv,

    Seems like you’re my goto once again for awesome scripts/plugins. Got a question for you though:

    I am attempting to make a “Fortune Teller” who, for a fee, will give a hint about the current active quest. I am doing so using a conditional branch. I can’t do screenshots as I am using my phone and don’t know how. But I can give you the way it looks in text form. It reads:

    ?Text:pic, Window, Bottom
    : :blah blah blah
    ?Set Movement Route:Player (Wait)
    ?Text:pic, Window, Bottom
    : :HooHahaha HooHahaha
    ?Text:SF_Others(5), Window, Bottom
    : :I am sorry, I see no active quests. I shall
    : :not charge you since I can provide you no
    : :help.
    ?Set Movement Route:Player (Wait)
    : :?Transparent OFF
    : :?Move Lower Left
    : :?Through OFF

    For some reason, it doesn’t look at #2, only lists the comment for the first one. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? (I’m using your default quests that came with the demo as a test)

    • Galv says:

      Galv.QUEST.isTracked() returns the id of the quest being tracked. To use it in your context you would first use Control Variables and set a variable to script: Galv.QUEST.isTracked()

      Then conditional branches after that you would check if that variable equals the id’s of quests.

  15. Chris Dougherty says:

    Hi, Sorry to bother you but do you know how this issues is happening and how i can solve it. is it an issue with the quest script or yanfly item core im a little confused??

    /C:/Users/hugh_/Documents/RPG%20MAKER/MV/Games/Projects/Arn%20Armour%20of%20the%20gods/js/plugins/YEP_ItemCore.js:2191 Galv.QUEST.activate(1);

    /C:/Users/hugh_/Documents/RPG%20MAKER/MV/Games/Projects/Arn%20Armour%20of%20the%20gods/js/plugins/YEP_ItemCore.js:2192 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘1’ of undefined

  16. Chris Dougherty says:

    you for the help

    • Chris Dougherty says:

      Addition: – I have found i only get the error when i try the script calls. When i don’t try and activate a quest there’s no issues haha, that’s frustrating. Anyways thank you again for and thanks for the contribution to the community your scripts/pluggins are great :)

  17. Gene Villapando says:

    ok so im kind of a dummy but how do you add the thing to the menu?

  18. If the special characters does’nt display correctly, change the encoding of the file Quests.txt in UTF-8 and write your quest.

  19. Craig Hodge says:

    Hey Galv! Loving the plugin! It is actually the only Quest plugin I have been able to use that doesn’t make me break other parts of my game to function, lol!

    My question is, is there any way to force the quests to show up in the order of their ID, regardless of when they are activated in game. Currently the quests appear in whatever order they are activated, but I would like for them to show up in a predefined order, no matter what order they are activated in.

    For example, right now if you activate quests 2, 5, 1, 4, 3 in that order, that is the order they are listed in the Quest Log, but I would still like them listed as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    If that is not possible, I understand, I just thought I would ask :D

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately not without changes to the plugin. I don’t have time for changes these days, though, you might have luck asking in a forum

  20. Snekbites says:

    I don´t get where are you supposed the quest log text?

  21. Jerry says:

    Hey Galv, so, I wanted to try out the plugin, but it doesnt create any txt file in my Data folder. And when I try to create one myself, named Quests.txt, it seems not to be working…

  22. Eraine says:

    Hi! I love this plugin! One question: I have a different fonts installed which has a large fontsize. Therefore, the amount of text I can add is rather limited. Is there a line I can add to the code to change the fontsize to something smaller? Thanks in advance!

  23. Tasyo says:

    Hi Galv, your plugin is awesome this is the quest log plugin I’m looking for. But possible to add exit or cancel button? where it will go back to main menu because my project focus in mobile touch gesture. Hope you can update your plugin in my said request thanks

  24. Leprikon01 says:

    error if you press Shift + Z + Down Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
    rpg_managers.js:1949 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
    at Game_Quest.resoTxtArray (Galv_QuestLog.js:618)
    at Window_QuestInfo.drawQuest (Galv_QuestLog.js:957)
    at Window_QuestInfo.refresh (Galv_QuestLog.js:906)
    at Window_QuestInfo.setItem (Galv_QuestLog.js:899)
    at Window_QuestList.Window_Selectable.setHelpWindowItem (rpg_windows.js:1243)
    at Window_QuestList.updateHelp (Galv_QuestLog.js:864)
    at Window_QuestList.Window_Selectable.callUpdateHelp (rpg_windows.js:1233)
    at (rpg_windows.js:797)
    at Window_QuestList.Window_Selectable.cursorDown (rpg_windows.js:920)
    at Window_QuestList.Window_Selectable.processCursorMove (rpg_windows.js:1001)

    • Galv says:

      Where do you press “Shift+Z+Down” when the error occurs? Does it occur in the demo? I cannot replicate this without more information.

      • Leprikon01 says:

        No, there are no errors in the demo. But in my game it is. Moreover, it is absolutely random and the reason is not clear.

      • Galv says:

        My first thought is that there is a syntax mistake in either a script call or the txt file. In order to track it down, see if you can replicate it somehow, make sure you pay attention to what quest etc. you were viewing when the error occurs.

  25. Leprikon01 says:

    The text of the objective setting does not fit on one line. Is there anything you can do about this?

  26. Shining Moon says:

    Hi Gavl, how to refresh the quest?
    Buy egg quest. It would be complete or fail but when MC goes to sleep and wake up that quest will be deleted and MC can take that quest again.

    • Galv says:

      Galv.QUEST.activate(x); will put the quest back in active quests. Galv.QUEST.objective(id,objId,status); to change any objectives.

      • Shining Moon says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        My game has daily chores quest so it’s really weird if the quest still in the active list after refreshing.
        Can you put some code in the plugin to make “Galv.QUEST.deactivate(x);” available
        I’m willing to pay for your hard work since it’s my personal request.

      • Galv says:

        Unfortunately I don’t have time to do updates these days. Someone in a forum might be able to write a patch that adds that functionality if anyone wants to

      • Shining Moon says:

        Well, I will still support you anyway.
        Your work is awesome, man. I hope you will make more mini-game plugin in the future.

      • Galv says:

        Thank you, I appreciate it. Good luck with your project and stay safe!

  27. Raymond says:

    Hello! Thank you for the awesome plugins! I have some questions about this one, is there any way to make the resolutions doesn’t disappear after displayed (or a way to display the description section by section)? I want to design a quest log like the one used in Witcher III, which gets updated and becomes longer and longer during the gaming.
    Thank you!

  28. eyüp says:

    Hi Galv, the plugin worked for me, but there is a small shortcoming. Are you considering adding reward commands? so it is very good and it will be perfect if added in the prize.

  29. DarkEchoFF says:

    Hi, stupid question maybe, but I can’t find the quest:txt file. It’s not in my data folder and it’s not anywere in my game folder either: Did I do something wrong?
    I did a testrun of the game with the plugin active and I could see “Quest log” in the menu and click on it.
    Obviously it only had the empty quest categories in it.
    So how can I fix this? I assume I’m missing a step…

  30. TheGodDioBrando says:

    How do I make objectives text longer? I want to write “Stop the Monsters near the ruins.” but it is cut off at “ruins.” how do I fix this?

  31. lranger says:

    Hi Galv, really wanted to thank you for making all these plugins. They make game creation much more enjoyable.
    Also, I found out that after the MZ FOSSIL plugin, this questlog plugin can actually work in RPG maker MZ.
    I think this piece of information might be worth sharing here : )

  32. Alfonso Luis says:

    Hi Galv;
    Thank you very much for your work.
    Only one question:
    ¿Is’t possible include pictures in the txt file and MV quest_log read it well?
    Please to you

  33. Heather Ezri says:

    Hey! I’m very new to this sort of thing so this might be a silly issue I’m having. I downloaded the plugin and installed it but when I click on the Quest Log button in the menu, I get an error that says “Argument must be a Rectangle” and I have no idea what that means. Is this something simple that I am not understanding?

    • Galv says:

      Make sure you start a new game in your project (you cannot load a save file that was saved before adding the plugin). Also, you’ll need to have the text file in the right location – download the demo and copy it as an example. See the plugin documentation for more. Hope that helps!

  34. smeros says:

    Hi Galv. Thank you for this great plugin. Is there any way to disable quest tracking? I am actively using the “Galv’s Timed Message Popups” plugin, but when I install this plugin, the quest tracking system starts generating popup messages.

  35. smeros says:

    Hello again Galv,

    When I use script function in the conditional branch section;

    Galv.QUEST.status(2) = 0

    Does this function work? Or am i missing something? Second quest is activated but somehow i cannot interact with the object.

    Here is the whole event:

    >If Script Galv.QUEST.status(2) = 0
    >>Change Items +2 Flowers
    and bla bla

  36. Dark says:

    Hello, Galv. I`m use this plugin, and hafe a problem. I use in project not England language. And plugin to show symbol. Not text/

  37. kawaii_sato says:

    Hello Galv,
    what about version for RMMZ?

  38. lourdman says:

    Hello Galv. Thanks for this amazing plug-in.

    I’d like to know if there is a way to hide/unhide quest description ?

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