MV Quest Log

Another quest log plugin! Just to give you guys more options.
Create quests with objectives and display each as complete or failed as the quest goes on. Quest details are stored in a .txt file within your project.
Sort quests into categories that can be expanded/hidden by the player as desired.
Use script calls to check results of quests and objectives to potentially save on switches/variables.
Player can track a quest, making it appear in the quest log when no other quest is selected to quickly reference it during game.
Quest update notification can be done manually or automatically if using Galv’s Timed Message Popups (included in demo as example).

VERSION 1.2 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


28 thoughts on “MV Quest Log

  1. styx92 says:

    Wuhuuu great thing!
    Would be nice if your tracked quest will be shown at the edge of the screen!

    And maybe if a quest step is finished, to colour the font colour to green or red, if failed.

    • Galv says:

      I might add an optional window to display quest on-screen in the future.
      When quests steps are finished or failed they display different icons next to them instead of changing the text colour. I’ll consider adding full colour change in future, too :)

      • StyX says:

        This would be awesome!
        Nobody have a good tracking function. This would make your questlog to the best.
        Only Gameus have an special editor for the quests, but this is only comfort :D

  2. DerekD says:

    I’d love to see this too, the side-screen display thing.

  3. Jonas De Ro says:

    Great work on this one, I love it!

  4. maniacogames says:

    Hey Galvs!
    I have a request to make, how can I remove the default windows from Rpg Maker and raise a background image? The Image Is On My Own and Thanks For The Incredible Plugin :D

  5. Steven Herod says:

    YOU ARE SUPREME!! So glad you exist!! :D

  6. okralord says:

    Umm…how do you write a comma in the objective description or resolution text??

    • Galv says:

      I didn’t think about that. I’ve updated to version 1.1 and added a plugin setting that allows you to change the separator character from comma to whatever you want to use in the .txt file.

  7. Swishy says:

    What’s the symbol for the quest log command in the menu?
    I’m trying to give it an icon. Thanks in advance!

    • Galv says:

      I’m not exactly sure what you’re after. The function I added to the menu scene is commandQuestLog, the handler is ‘quest’ and the name is specified in the plugin settings.

  8. Hi Galv, great plugin!

    There is just one small problem. When I hightlight ‘Active’, ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’, I can’t simply click on my quests that are shown in the content window. I actually need to click again on ‘Active’, ‘Complete’ or ‘Failed’ to be able to interact with the content.

    Can you please add an ‘Highlight on Over’ feature (that is similar to the one available in the ‘Mouse System Ex’ plugin?

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

    • Galv says:

      That’s how default RPG Maker MV works. You need to use another plugin to make it work differently – like the mouse system plugin you mentioned.

      • Yes, this is the one we are currently using.

        In both scenarios (with or without the other plugin’s feature) it seems to confuse most of our playtesters. When it’s enabled, it highlights on over, and they think they can actually click on the quests shown in the content window (which doesn’t work as you need to click on ‘Actice’ ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’ again).

        When the feature is not enabled (the Default of RPG Maker), it’s even worst because the users tend to click on ‘Active’ ‘Completed’ or ‘Failed’ and then immediately click on one of the quests that appears in the content windows.

        I don’t believe there is a good solution, unless you put the ‘Active’ ‘Completed’ and ‘Failed’ in a single window, and then make them expendable. But again, I don’t think this is an ideal solution neither.

        But for now, I think we’ll just add a quick ‘click twice’ tutorial to let the users know how it works.

        Thanks again for the awesome plugin!

      • Galv says:

        Hmmm very good points. I actually don’t like using mouse for RPG’s so I guess I rarely tender my plugins toward them. I’ll think about adding a change to make this more intuitive for players when I get time.

  9. Awesome, thanks for considering it!

  10. Kendall Momon says:

    Is there a way to make the objectives hidden until one is done

  11. consi says:

    I find your plugin great. But my quest text is slightly longer and the questbook does not show the text completely. Can it be helped?

    • Galv says:

      Press the return key to go to a new line

      • Luciss says:

        I think consi meant the actual in-game menu for the quest log. When the amount of text surpasses the menu box, there is no way to scroll down and see the rest of what’s written. This is pretty inconvenient in many ways, so hopefully you can fix it.

        Unless there was a way to do that and I’m just dumb. :P

      • Galv says:

        Ohh I see. Nope, there is no scrolling in this plugin, sorry.

  12. kitt says:

    Good day! Cool plug-in, but I can not understand how to make it work in Russian. When changing the language in the txt file, instead of the text, only the question marks “??????”

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