MV Roll Credits

A separate scene that can display scrolling/fading text as well as background images. It can be run any time during game or from the title menu, taking text/data from a .txt file in your project files. Designed to be used as a simple way to display credits but could be used for other purposes.

VERSION 1.5 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


15 thoughts on “MV Roll Credits

  1. Jeserbiel says:

    The link to the demo leads to the plugin-download

  2. DoomBro_Max says:

    Hey, nice Plugin. I’m developing a german game, ’cause I’m german. As you maybe know, the german language has “umlaute” (I don’t know the english word sorry), ä ö and ü. But the plugin does not display them correct. Does your plugin support ASCII codes? If yes, how exactly can I use them?

  3. jellygato says:

    Hey there! I’m super excited to use this plugin. However, just wanted to give you a heads-up that the demo doesn’t run in the RPG Maker MV program itself; it throws a “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined” exception. I did get it working by exporting it for deployment for web browser, importing the whole deployment package into an empty web application solution in Visual Studio, and debugging it using the Google Chrome development tools. After stepping through the code I found that for some reason the deployment package failed to export any of the images in the img/titles1 folder. After I copied those from the demo titles1 folder into a titles1 folder I created in the deployment package, all was good.

    However, even after this I still can’t run the game outside of Visual Studio debug; still doesn’t run in the MV engine, and double clicking on the index.html file in both the main game and the deployment folder throws an error saying it can’t find the Actors.json file.

    BUT I did get the plugin itself to work, so I’m certain it’s nothing wrong with the plugin, just something wonky with the demo project.

    • Galv says:

      The Actors.json error you get when trying to open the index file for any MV project in a browser that doesn’t support viewing local files (such as Chrome). Firefox is a browser that can.

      I cannot replicate your issue, the demo runs fine for me using MV to playtest.
      When you get the type error please provide more info such as screenshots of the console, when it happens, the operating system and machine specs for the device it happens on so I can try to help.

      Also, assuming you are but have to mention – make sure you are using the latest version of MV.

  4. Derek DiBenedetto says:

    I could swear the plugin worked previously with this same setup, but now it gives me “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘children’ of undefined” when I run it from the menu (using Moghunter’s Title screen).

  5. Jeremiah Eastman says:

    Hey there, I am having with this plugin I was hoping there was a way to fix. The demo works but in my game the background image is much smaller than it should be. The image is the right size so I think it is a scaling issue. I set my resolution to 1280×720 with the yanfly core engine and I am fully updated. Thanks for taking a look.

    • Jeremiah Eastman says:

      Nm I figured it out I made the image 1280×720 and it works I had tried a different size earlier and it didn’t work but this did, happy I tried again. And great plugin.

  6. Es02 says:

    Not a bug per-se (maybe? I don’t know)

    I’ve found on Linux that there is a stringtolower occurring on filenames crashing out the credits plugin.

    This occurs for the Image and Credit file names – interestingly not the BGM.

    I can reproduce this with your demo game as well as my own projects.

    • Galv says:

      You should always use the correct capitalization in filenames when referring to them as some devices/OS’s will require this.

      If you require exporting to linux and that’s what it does then you should change the case of the reference as well as the filename to fix that. I do not have any linux experience so I cannot say what that issue is.

      • minervavine says:

        Yeah not sure where it’s occurring as it’s not affecting anything else in RMMV that I’ve seen so far.

        Annoying to have to rename existing files to work around it though.

  7. minervavine says:

    Tracked down the credits.txt filename, you’ve got a lowercase ‘credits’ in Scene_Title.prototype.commandCredits. IMO thats just a readme update for non-windows users to be aware of

    Background is bugging out due to a toLowerCase in Scene_Credits.prototype.createBlock – I can’t see why that’s needed given the filenames aren’t in lowercase?

    An OS that doesn’t care about case in filenames is going to be fine (aka Windows) other OSes not so much.

    • Galv says:

      You are right, I am using incorrect casing there. I should have made that the same as it is best practice to always use same case for file references.

      Not sure why I did a check in lowercase but that will also be fixed in next update. Thanks for spotting that.

      Updated to 1.5 to fix those errors

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