MV Custom Title

This plugin provides a lot of settings to change the appearance of the default title screen. Features such as:
– Title color, position, font
– Command menu windowskin, position, size, text color and font
– Add as many animated sprites to the screen as desired that can loop and play database animations
– Add as many moving parallaxes to the screen as desired
– Enable a “press start” option to require player to press a key before menu appears

VERSION 1.5 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


61 thoughts on “MV Custom Title

  1. sebastian says:

    hi galv. i checked out your demo and liked it a lot, but when i try to use it an error screen shows up in the game telling me it cannot read the property ‘split’ of undefined

    • Galv says:

      What line is the error on? (press F8 to open console when the error happens).

      Did you change anything in the file? Did you rename the file?

      • sebastian says:

        TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
        at Sprite_TitleSprite.createImage (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:607)
        at Sprite_TitleSprite.initialize (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:574)
        at new Sprite_TitleSprite (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:565)
        at Scene_Title.createSprites (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:483)
        at Scene_Title.createBackground (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:435)
        at Scene_Title.create (rpg_scenes.js:246)
        at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (rpg_managers.js:1769)
        at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (rpg_managers.js:1753)
        at Function.SceneManager.update (rpg_managers.js:1680)

        I did not change anything. All i did was copy the plugin and the press start png as well as the sprite animation character.

      • Galv says:

        In your plugin settings, can you copy/paste what you have in the “Animated Sprites” parameter?

        It seems to not see a specified x value

      • sebastian says:

        it is empty, then the error occurs. I tried “titlegalv, 6, 6, 0, 0, repeat,0,” guess I am doing something wrong

      • Galv says:

        Actually you found a bug – the crash happened when no sprite settings existed. I’ve fixed this now in version 1.2 – thanks

    • Galv says:

      Also make sure you didn’t put a | at the end of any data set. It should only be between them.

  2. Galv says:

    updated to 1.3 to fix issues in the MV 1.3.0 update

  3. Hi Galv, an small question, there’s a way to change the button to skip the press start button? In pc I have to pulse “Enter” but in my phone If I click the screen nothing happens.

  4. Ye Gaung says:

    Sorry for my noob question…but what is the cmd window…I mean i have changed font file of CMD window…but I can’t find nothing change.. :D

    • Galv says:

      On the title screen it’s where “new game” and “continue” commands usually are. If nothing changed then you might not have added your font correctly or might not be using the correct font name.

  5. TrimVanelsa says:

    this plugin can change command window font with image?
    i need change all command something diffrent …
    for change command title window font to Image …
    like press_start

    • Galv says:

      I am not sure what you are asking but this plugin does change font for command window. Check the plugin settings and make sure you are using the font’s name correctly.

  6. Bennu100 says:

    Hi, i have a problem, animated sprite just appears after i press “options” button + “esc”.

  7. narome2b says:

    Hello Galv !

    First of all, thank you for you plugin, it is very usefull !

    Then, I saw that this plugin doesn’t work with your Credits plugin. When I click on “Credits”, the screen freeze during 1 second and comes back to title screen. It’s impossible to see the credits.

    It is normal or not ?

    Regards my friend ! :)

    • Galv says:

      Works fine for me. Put the credits plugin underneath the custom title plugin. Make sure your settings are all correct… dont forget credits plugin needs an external .txt file.
      Check for other plugin conflicts if you have any.

  8. Raen Andaleio says:

    This is great and works nicely. Is there any chance on you adding the possibility to use custom graphics for the new game, continue and options menu points?

  9. Katie says:

    Hi Galv,
    I just installed the plugin and I have no idea how to use it.
    Is there any way for me to get the help file? I can’t find it anywhere and I’m pretty sure I checked everywhere. If it was right in front of me the entire time, I’ll go bonkers, but can I have some help?? Thanks!!

  10. Lushi says:

    Hay Galv,
    I made my title and added sprites the sprites don’t show up they used to before i updated MV now there just not there in less i go into options and back to the title screen and some times it just sits on the loading screen and does nothing. I am on MV 1.5.1 i used this to update my project to 1.5.1,

    “If you have an old project that needs updating, do the following:
    Make a backup of your project.
    Create a new project or go to the NewData folder in your RPG Maker MV root (where MV is installed) folder.
    Copy the new js files (RPG*.js and Libs Folder) and replace the one in your -old project.
    DO NOT COPY plugins.js (the script file that stores all your plugin settings) or it will replace your plugin settings.
    Copy the new index.html file to your current project.
    Update gamefont.css just in case.
    It should now be updated!”

    and i still have this issue. there is no errors in the debug log ether, got any ideas? cause i am stumped for once?

    • Galv says:

      This seems to be a caching issue that some people experience (and I do not) but I think I’ve worked out how to fix it.
      I updated this plugin to v.1.5 now, please get it and let me know if it fixes the issue for you.

      • Lushi says:

        Strange, the title when it loads does now have the sprites. However, it still does the thing where when i push play it just hangs on the loading screen more often then not and never goes to the title. I did however find out that is not your script. its an error with yanflys custom fonts script it says it cant find one of my fonts that is in the folder which i can fix thank you for the sprite fix the script is working perfectly thank you for your fast reply.

  11. AA says:

    I have the previous issue, but I tried to comment out the scripts and no longer gives the error.

    Scene_Boot.loadSystemImages = function() {
    	for (var i = 0; i < Galv.TITLE.spriteData.length; i++) {
    	for (var i = 0; i < Galv.TITLE.layerData.length; i++) {

    When I run as it is in my project, I get this error:


  12. AA says:

    Thanks, you are right, didn’t realized that I have to upgrade the project this way. Problem fixed!

  13. AA says:

    This plugin seems to have issues with TDDP_MouseSystemEx.js
    If I add a Title Font Name (both plugins enabled) then it will display an endless “Now Loading” message.

    • Galv says:

      Try putting the mouse plugin below this one and see if that works. If not, unfortunately the way they were coded is not compatible with each other.

  14. Adrian says:

    hi, i couldn’t change font type i use this font
    could you help me
    i put in the script
    Title Font Name Final Fantasy
    Title Font File finalf.tff
    also tried
    Title Font Name finalf
    Title Font File finalf.tff

  15. Emily says:

    Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

    I keep getting this error. I used f8, and apparently the problem is in line 352. I went to see if I could find the problem in the plugin but I don’t know enough to know exactly what I’m looking for

  16. cedr777r777 says:

    I just want to say thanks for the great plugin, Galv-sama.

  17. cedr777 says:

    Can I request a plugin command that can change the Layer Graphics midway into the game? I want to be able to have a dynamic Layer Graphics as the game goes on (for plot reveals, etc.) similar to what Yanfly’s Dynamic Title Images does.

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, I am not currently doing updates to my plugins. I haven’t implemented a way to change these partway

      • cedr777 says:

        Aw that’s too bad, and it’s okay, I understand. But just to inform you, I made a request at the RPGmaker forums hoping if someone can add an extension to your plugin.

  18. cedr777c says:

    I am also using Galv’s Layer Graphics, maybe there is a way to make it work for the title screen?

  19. cedr777 says:

    Hello again, Just informing that it has been filled:

    Thanks again for the great plugin!

  20. Drew says:

    So I’ve added my Font into “Title Font File” line but My Title has not changed to that Font. What have I done wrong?

    • Galv says:

      I don’t know, I cannot see what you’ve done. Assuming you’re in Windows – try right clicking on the file, going to ‘Properties’ and click the ‘Details’ tab and seeing what the ‘Title’ is. Try using that when referring to the font. Also, make sure the font is in the correct folder. I’ve only tested with .ttf fonts.

  21. Kay says:

    Hello,how can i remove the default glow animation on the title options?

  22. galv fan says:

    Hey Galv, awesome to see responses in 2021 for a plugin from 2016, truly amazing support.

    I wanted to have a title screen that shows the main characters sitting around a bonfire, though i wanted to make it so each time the game is loaded it chooses randomly from lets say 3 variations of this or different animated title screens. is this possible and would this plugin help me achieve this?

    • Galv says:

      Random or different title screens isn’t possible in this plugin, sorry. Just the one. You could do the animated characters sitting around a bonfire, though.

  23. SA says:

    Hi! thanks so much for all your awesome work.. sorry for the newbie q.. but I’m getting an error that says this:
    Cannot read property of ‘width’ of null
    when I try this plugin. I’m using rpg maker 1.6.2 and I’m using a handful of other plugins which I imagine it may be conflicting with.. any suggestions? thanks a million.

  24. Sorry to ask for help but I’ve been using many of your scripts for a long time now and I just come up with 1 problem :/
    For some reason I can’t change the X and Y position of the Title Command… It’s possibly a conflict with another plugin but, well… I got so many :/

    • Galv says:

      You would need to do tests to try and discover if it’s a conflict or not. Unfortunately I cannot help with that.

      • Daryl_Havdard says:

        Well the weird thing is that I tried on another project where I’m using the exact same plugins turned on and it works. There’s just that one projects :/ Which is my main one…

      • Galv says:

        Yeah, you’ll need to test things to try and find out what’s different that is causing the issue.

  25. Hello, Galv. Thank you so much for providing the plug in. I’d like to ask something about the color code for with window command. Do you know what are the codes for the color, aside from the default #ffffff one? Thanks!

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