MV Custom Title

This plugin provides a lot of settings to change the appearance of the default title screen. Features such as:
– Title color, position, font
– Command menu windowskin, position, size, text color and font
– Add as many animated sprites to the screen as desired that can loop and play database animations
– Add as many moving parallaxes to the screen as desired
– Enable a “press start” option to require player to press a key before menu appears

VERSION 1.4 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


21 thoughts on “MV Custom Title

  1. sebastian says:

    hi galv. i checked out your demo and liked it a lot, but when i try to use it an error screen shows up in the game telling me it cannot read the property ‘split’ of undefined

    • Galv says:

      What line is the error on? (press F8 to open console when the error happens).

      Did you change anything in the file? Did you rename the file?

      • sebastian says:

        TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
        at Sprite_TitleSprite.createImage (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:607)
        at Sprite_TitleSprite.initialize (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:574)
        at new Sprite_TitleSprite (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:565)
        at Scene_Title.createSprites (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:483)
        at Scene_Title.createBackground (/C:/Users/SebastianPhilipp/Desktop/rpg%20projects/Project%20Sherley/js/plugins/GALV_CustomTitle.js:435)
        at Scene_Title.create (rpg_scenes.js:246)
        at Function.SceneManager.changeScene (rpg_managers.js:1769)
        at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (rpg_managers.js:1753)
        at Function.SceneManager.update (rpg_managers.js:1680)

        I did not change anything. All i did was copy the plugin and the press start png as well as the sprite animation character.

      • Galv says:

        In your plugin settings, can you copy/paste what you have in the “Animated Sprites” parameter?

        It seems to not see a specified x value

      • sebastian says:

        it is empty, then the error occurs. I tried “titlegalv, 6, 6, 0, 0, repeat,0,” guess I am doing something wrong

      • Galv says:

        Actually you found a bug – the crash happened when no sprite settings existed. I’ve fixed this now in version 1.2 – thanks

    • Galv says:

      Also make sure you didn’t put a | at the end of any data set. It should only be between them.

  2. Galv says:

    updated to 1.3 to fix issues in the MV 1.3.0 update

  3. Hi Galv, an small question, there’s a way to change the button to skip the press start button? In pc I have to pulse “Enter” but in my phone If I click the screen nothing happens.

  4. Ye Gaung says:

    Sorry for my noob question…but what is the cmd window…I mean i have changed font file of CMD window…but I can’t find nothing change.. :D

    • Galv says:

      On the title screen it’s where “new game” and “continue” commands usually are. If nothing changed then you might not have added your font correctly or might not be using the correct font name.

  5. TrimVanelsa says:

    this plugin can change command window font with image?
    i need change all command something diffrent …
    for change command title window font to Image …
    like press_start

    • Galv says:

      I am not sure what you are asking but this plugin does change font for command window. Check the plugin settings and make sure you are using the font’s name correctly.

  6. Bennu100 says:

    Hi, i have a problem, animated sprite just appears after i press “options” button + “esc”.

  7. narome2b says:

    Hello Galv !

    First of all, thank you for you plugin, it is very usefull !

    Then, I saw that this plugin doesn’t work with your Credits plugin. When I click on “Credits”, the screen freeze during 1 second and comes back to title screen. It’s impossible to see the credits.

    It is normal or not ?

    Regards my friend ! :)

    • Galv says:

      Works fine for me. Put the credits plugin underneath the custom title plugin. Make sure your settings are all correct… dont forget credits plugin needs an external .txt file.
      Check for other plugin conflicts if you have any.

  8. Raen Andaleio says:

    This is great and works nicely. Is there any chance on you adding the possibility to use custom graphics for the new game, continue and options menu points?

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