MV Animated Splash Screens

Create multiple images that display one after the other in order before the title screen appears. These images can have an animation played on them, which allows you to create static or animated logos or other images as splash screens.
Includes options to skip each logo individually, skip all or disable skipping.

VERSION 1.1 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


16 thoughts on “MV Animated Splash Screens

  1. Jim says:

    I wonder if the same effect can be done with Loading screens…

  2. Antipater says:

    good job man

  3. Antipater says:

    i has some problem,
    how to how to determine the order animeid ?
    on yours demo i just see 1 file in animation folder but in your demo you has 2 animation with name id “1” and name id “2”
    so confused with numbering animeid
    please teach me, thank you

    • Galv says:

      The order of the splash screens is the order they are written in the settings. The first one you read comes first, then the next. The animation ID isn’t order – it’s the ID of an animation from the database.

  4. I like this plug in, but I was curious if it was possible to make it so that the animation can be adjusted separately from the image? I saw in the code where it had a positioning for the graphics, but it affected both the position of the image and the animation both.

  5. Gin-Shiio says:

    Dear Galv,
    the new RPGMaker MV update has made it so that using this plugin starts the full game on a battle test rather than just the battle. I know it’s in fresh, so I thought I would let you know. Good luck!

  6. Gundriveth says:

    After update to 1.3.4, the animation before title screen is not played. Is there any fix to it? Thank you

  7. Tatsumaro says:

    HI i´m using GALV_AnimatedSplashScreens and than SumRndmDde release this great plugin SRD_PreloaderCore, and my problems start. I cant make them work together. Please help me find a solution or redirect me to a solution. thanks

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