MV Invader Mini Game

A top-down shooter mini game with complex customization and setup. This plugin is not plug-and-play, it requires a lot of work to set it up and good knowledge of eventing (a basic knowledge of javascript will also help a lot).

Customization includes building your own enemies, objects, weapons, levels, bosses etc. An xls file has been included to assist in creating the script calls required to use in RPG Maker MV for each customization step.
Touch screen capability is active but limited as this is designed for keyboard/gamepad play.

Keyboard controls:
Left/Right/Up/Down keys to move
Space/Enter – fire main weapons
Shift (hold) – charge up charge weapons
Shieft (release) – fire charge weapons

Future updates include:
– A scene where player will be able to equip modules to their ship and play the mini game with their own ship layout.
– Extensive “How-To” tutorial for setting up the mini game (pending patreon support!)
– Much more!

Download Plugin File
Download Demo (29Mb download)


35 thoughts on “MV Invader Mini Game

  1. BUGS:
    1:A object(enemy) whitout modules don’t spawn, create enemy whitout modules is useful to create asteroids
    2:You can’t die whit collission

    • Galv says:

      Thanks for the bug reports! Have updated to 0.6 and fixed those bugs

      • a800627 says:

        Hello,Galv ~
        your Script 「MV Invader Mini Game」,not sound effect.
        I need to “shoot sound”, how do?

        Sorry ~
        I is Taiwanese,English is poor.

        Help me,Thanks ~ :)

      • Galv says:

        This is a complex plugin and is for advanced users. I’m sorry I don’t have enough time to teach everyone individually. Please take the time to examine the documentation and plugin to see where you might have gone wrong.

      • a800627 says:

        It does not matter, I know you do not have time.

      • a800627 says:

        Come on, you can do it ! :)

  2. dr.spider says:

    Nice script But I have just a question

    Where can I change the animation when an normal enemy is going dei?

    Bug: (I think) when im playing on my mobile it work greats till the boss is coming up then all is going very slowmotion ( I don’t know its a bug or not maybe its a problem of my phone LG Leon 4g)

    Sory for my bad english.

    • Galv says:

      You need to change the “dieAnim” attribute for that enemy object.

      The boss I made probably has too many projectiles happening at once for your phone to handle.

  3. Galv says:

    Updated to 0.8 – many things added including freedom of movement, charged weapons, armor and more. New demo download to show the new stuff.

  4. Andi N. Dirgantara says:

    Wonderful and awesome. Just wondering, why you choose RPG maker to create game like that? I think using other JS game engine like Phaser will be more easy.

  5. Galv says:

    updated to version 1.2 with fixes that caused crash in new MV1.3 update

  6. Elros says:

    how much?
    where i can buy it? (sorry for my bad english D: )

  7. Galexireb says:

    I’m not very fond with scripting, but that never stopped me from trying.
    That could be the first time X°D
    Trying to replicate your game (to use as a basis to understand where to put things and how move them) it ALWAYS gives “Cannot read property ‘splashImage’ of undefined” and since it’s UNDEFINED I can’t actually understand where the problem is. I tried a lot of things on eventing, even deleting all parts where the word splashImage appeared, but still nothing…
    It’s your mini-game, so you could perhaps understand where the problem is. I have the latest version and I changed the animation invoices in the scripts and plugin preview to use those I have. I also copy-paste every image and sound in the demo…
    Please help T.T

    • Galv says:

      This is a very complex plugin and for advanced users. Unfortunately I don’t have time to error trap everyone’s project for them :(

      You can see where the problem is if you open the console (F8) for more error details.

    • Dray013 says:

      I know I’m well over a year late on this, but for those of you trying to get this to work now and are receiving the ‘splashImage’ of undefined, it’s most likely because you are likely copying the common events that are used in the demo, but nowhere in the game are you creating an event that actually calls those events to actually build the modules/objects/phases/levels. Create an auto run event with a self switch at the end on your map, and then your mini-game should not have this issue.

  8. Tudar says:

    how can i remove player’s acceleration?

    • Galv says:

      Removing the player’s acceleration would mean it wouldn’t move at all.

      The acceleration code you could play with is here:
      Sprite_InvaderObject.prototype.setSpeeds = function() {
      this.accel = Math.round(((this._obj.horzSpeed + this.maxHorzSpeedBonus) / 100) * 10) / 10;
      this.vertSpeed = this._obj.vertSpeed + this.vertSpeedBonus;
      this.maxHorzSpeed = (this._obj.horzSpeed + this.maxHorzSpeedBonus) * 0.5;
      this.horzSpeed = this._obj.horzSpeed;

      I haven’t included any settings to change the acceleration or momentum, though – I might one day but not soon.

  9. GALV-FAN14 says:

    hey galv how are you,2 quick things please

    just wondered what the steps would be to have the mini game end and tranfer you to a cutscene or something on a map when you hit a certain score

    also how would you make it that the projectiles shot by the eniemies do not take away your hp when they hit you

    thank you

    • Galv says:

      The first one would be done using eventing after you finish the game. The demo has examples of using the score in eventing.

      Projectiles doing no damage you need to change the projectile settings to do no damage. How to set damage is in the documentation

      • Galvfan14 says:

        Thanks for replying dude
        I’ll have a look and get to the bottom of this
        Thanks again for all your work.

      • Galv-fan14 says:

        Hey galv sorry again to bother you. How would I remove the score hud from the screen ? Thanks

      • Galv says:

        Unfortunately if there’s no setting in the documentation then I didn’t set up the ability to remove it. Maybe one day when I have some time I will make that modification

  10. Bbaek says:

    I’d like to buy it.
    Please tell me how.

  11. Ian says:

    How do I disable the momentum, to make the player move like the Ace version?

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately I did not include the functionality to disable the momentum. If I get enough support for an MZ version, I might go back and add that to the MV version also.

  12. Hey Galv,

    Any chance you might port this to MZ?



  13. A.R says:

    I gave modified your script slightly and would like your permission to send you the changes. And secondly, I would love to collaborate with you on a designer for setting up the modules and everything. I believe RegEx is the best option to use when it comes to parsing.

  14. A.R says:

    Additionally if you’d like help porting this to MV, I would be more than willing to assist you.

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