MV Actor Equip Items

This plugin makes changes that make each actor able to equip and hold a certain amount of items. In battle, actors only have access to the items that they currently have equipped. Outside of battle the party inventory works as usual. A new scene can be added to the menu for the player to equip items to their actors.

VERSION 1.5 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

45 thoughts on “MV Actor Equip Items

  1. Cvrtis says:

    Hello! I’m sorry, but I want to report two bugs )
    If I add all amout of any item in Pocket – the characters are not attack with that item.
    For examle, if I add all 80 Test Shuriken, or all 30 (3×10) Potions, and so on…
    Characters just miss their turn withiout any notification.


    First time I saw this bug during the battle, but with the sword icon (I think it was a standart skill “Attack”). It was accidentally.
    Second time I get the same with a “Spark”, but only AFTER battle (I just tried to hit the enemy by “Some Thing” during the battle, and eventually killed him by “Spark”).
    I tried to call both situations again, but withouth any results… Sorry, I don’t know how to call it, but I hope something in my explain will help You.

  2. Galv says:

    I cannot reproduce the error. Could you please do what you did in the plugin demo and tell me if it happens? You might need to test for plugin conflict

  3. Galv says:

    I found the first bug – I’ve updated to version 1.4 which should now allow you to use items from Actor pockets without requiring an item to still be in party inventory.

    Still haven’t reproduced the second bug

  4. xRacso21 says:

    Hi Galv, great scripts, I love to use them for make an RPG Maker game most playable and unique. I need to tell/request something about this script if is possible… In this version you can assign what Actor can take a limited number of objects in Note with but… i think this option in Armor notes would be ideal, because you could wear an armor called “bag” with notetag and later equip that same character with a “big bag” for example. I explain correctly? I wish you include this in an update for this plugin. Sorry if my english is so bad, and very thank you!

    • Galv says:

      That functionality is on my to-do list already but I have so much work that I don’t know when I will get to it

      • xRacso21 says:

        Thank you for you fast response! I’ll be waiting notices, Cheers! Do you best! :)

      • MakerZeroOne says:

        Hello GALV, i don’t mean to hijack this comment, but i was wondering if you’ve thought about adding the itemslot quantity to specific pieces of armor yet. that would be amazing! Also, is it possible to make another plugin, like Yanfly’s skillcostitem plugin to reference the pocket inventory from this plugin?

        I want my actors to have to eqiup utility vests in order to be able to equip items, and for certain skills to use those items. I.E. if i want my characters to shoot, they need ammo. i don’t know a thing about JS, so i apologize if i seem ignorant.

      • Galv says:

        Unfortunately I have no plans to change this plugin, sorry.

  5. ganelan says:

    Hello! I wanted a plugin like this for a long time! But have a problem.

    I can’t equip any object, no matter what, do not leave me any object. Do I have to do something special?

    • Galv says:

      Yes, actors must have the right armor type to equip an item. Have a read of the plugin settings and the help file

      • ganelan says:

        Dont know how armor type to use. And the file i dowload not have help file

      • Galv says:

        I am talking about the help documentation that is found when in the plugin manager you click the ‘help’ button. It has information required such as note tags for items.

        The plugin settings there also contain descriptions when editing each of them.

        There is also a plugin to download that can be studied to see how it works.

  6. Hi Galv. This plugin is super! One question though, in my case I want to restrict the item stacks to 1 per slot, so I don’t really need the numberWindow step. Is there a way to disable it and go directly from the itemWindow to the slotWindow?

  7. cuulio says:

    Hey Galv, is there a way to insert the `pocket` window into the equip_scene window?
    Like adding a new buttom next to equip / remove, etc..

  8. Stearns says:

    Hello Galv,

    I was wondering if there is a way to tie the number of item slots to equipment? My thought was to have players be able to equip backpacks that would raise their maximum item slots, instead of having it only tied to the actor.

    This is a great script!

    Many, many thanks.

  9. J says:

    Hey Galv, for some reason, if you use non-consumable items with this script, they become consumable. Is there are way to use items and they won’t be used up with this system (if they are set that way in the database)?

  10. Kovak Domeq says:

    The only thing that bothers me is the fact that i don’t know whose inventory it is as soon as i change to the next or previous inventory in the same scene.

  11. Tevak says:

    Hi Galv, I’ve been having an issue with this and Yanfly’s Equip Requirements:
    “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘equipRequirements’ of undefined”
    Which causes the game to crash. Is there anything I can paste into the code or somesuch?

  12. Khyle says:

    Hey Galv, I like your plugins very much but I have a question,
    I’m using SRD_AltMenuScreen_KH and I need the symbol
    to add in the description. would you mind telling me the
    symbol? Thanks.

    • Galv says:

      I’m not certain what you mean by symbol, but if it’s the scene name you need it’s “Scene_EquipItems”

      • Khyle says:

        it still doesn’t work though, if you have time can you try it out on your own? like create a new project and add these two plugins
        and try to know the symbol. but it’s ok if you can’t since i’m not forcing you to do it. great plugin by the way.

      • Galv says:

        I recommend asking in a forum. I don’t have time to do this for everybody out there, I’m just one person :(

  13. Diego Nieves says:

    Hey Galv :)

    Your pluggin is amazing but I have a problem so I hope you could help me.

    Everything goes ok but when I turn on the YEP_QuestJournal pluggin I can’t equip/see any item in the pocket.

    Have you any idea of what is going wrong or how could I solve that? Thank you!!

    • Galv says:

      I don’t know, it sounds like they are not compatible. Try swapping the position of the plugins (if this one was above yanfly’s, try putting it below). If not, unfortunately I don’t have time to do compatibility.

      • Diego Nieves says:

        I realized the problem wasn’t yanfly’s pluggin. I guess there’s a problem with the MadeWithMV’s pluggin.

        Just replied if someone has the same problem in the future :)

  14. Icey says:

    hello Galv, I’m having a problem using this plug in with Yanfly’s Item core plug in. This plug in makes the items also show up inside the armor slot. when I try to open the window to look at ether the items or the armor it crashes the game. with the [TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined] I tried to make another item type to see if I can change it but it still shows. any help would be great. I really would like to use this plug in to put more thought input for battle prepping.

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