MV New Game Plus

Adds a New Game+ feature to allow the player to start a new game that uses specified data (such as gold, items, variables, switches, actors, etc.) from a save file.
After the player encounters where you placed the activate code and then saves the game, the New Game+ option will be added to the title menu.
– The player can only start a new game using a save file that has had it activated during the game.
– Settings include lists of items, switches, variables, actors, etc. that allow you to control what data is and is not transferred over when starting a new game plus.
– The number of playthroughs is recorded to use if required during game.

VERSION 1.0 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

2 thoughts on “MV New Game Plus

  1. Ryan Ye says:

    so let’s say this is a prototype of Prestige features!!!

  2. Lun says:

    I really hope it can be used on MZ

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