Actor Duel Mini Game

Actor Duels Mini Game

This script adds a scene where you can face two actors against each other in a mini-game duel that plays similar to a fighting game.
You can do Player1 VS AI or Player1 VS Player2 (on same computer).

The combat itself is fairly basic, you can move, jump, attack and block, using the actors’ stats and hp to determine damage. Each actor also has stamina that can prevent them from attacking when it gets too low.

How to Use
1. Get holder style battlers (
2. Import battlers into /Graphics/Battlers folder
3. Copy kombat_bar.png from /Graphics/System folder to your project
4. Put this script below Materials and above main.
5. Read all instructions and settings
6. Remember to start a NEW GAME instead of loading a save file that was made prior to adding this script

Get it here >

123 thoughts on “Actor Duel Mini Game

  1. phoenixrossy says:

    Hey Galv, awesome idea for a script. Though I am having one issue, and I’ve tried everything I can think of to resolve it. For some reason, my battlers won’t appear in the battle scene, though it is still playable. There are just shadows…

  2. phoenixrossy says:

    fimage: Elicia
    fatks: 4,6
    fse miss: Wind1
    fhit: 19

    (I copied the notetags, but wordpress assumed it was html)

    • Galv says:

      Well, without seeing what you’ve done I can only guess from here. You need to error trap what’s wrong.

      I’m still thinking it has to do with your battlers in the wrong place or notetag setup. They don’t appear if they cannot be found.

    • leafs says:

      I think you’re using victor’s actor battlers cause I experienced that too. I tried to remove it and it works perfectly now.

      • Galv says:

        You are right, compatibility will be fixed for this in next version, whenever that may be. Before that, though, add this after both scripts:

        class Sprite_Fighter < Sprite_Battler
        def update_origin;end

        Oops that won’t work on it’s own, wait for v.1.3 I will try to put it up today sometime

  3. Sebangu says:

    Truly magnificent. You’re a genius, Galv. In the next version (if there is one) adding things like different stamina regen/cost for each players and the use of an healing item by pressing a key would be fantastic. Good work ! =)

  4. Neko says:

    Hello Galv ‘!

    I have create a forum intended to list scripts and resources.
    Could you make it a small tour(ballot) and say to me if I can share your scripts?
    Thank you very much for all your great scripts (without bug in more;)

    Sorry, it is a French forum >. <

    ( Saddened for this somewhat useless English but I use a translator because I am not a professional
    On the subject)

    ( )

    Do not hesitate to make it a tour !

  5. Marlock says:

    its not compatible with Victor Actor Battlers :D

    • Galv says:

      Oh, dang. I will make it compatible if you can provide a project with it already installed I could take a look, I don’t have time to install and setup to test a fix.
      Feel free to PM me on or

  6. Xzeph says:

    Something went wrong when I battled the same actor together!
    Anyway, AWESOME script as ever!

    • Galv says:

      Hehe, yeah… sorry can’t make actor fight themself with this script :D

      • Xzeph says:

        Maybe you can make the script prohibit “self fighting”… lol
        I tried altering your script but can’t do it right.
        So I did it with a whole bunch of eventing and common event calls. lol

  7. Grayborders says:

    Galv you amazing bastard, pls help me out here. How do i change wich row is used for what pose? i`m not using Holders setup but i dont see the option to change it.
    I dont have to hardcode it right? XD

    • Grayborders says:

      Actually i solved it, however i got a tiny problem, i have a scfipt htat changes the death status to be turned on not when hp reaches 0 but MP so i cannot lose the dueleven if both players are at 0 hp the duel wont end. Any way of changing this? this is a specific thing i know, but if i provide the mp death script can you tell me how to fix this?

      • Grayborders says:

        I found this part of your script:
        def end_match
        @fight_pose = 0 if !dead?
        this is what the defeat condition is right? is there a way to change this so defeat occurs when state X is applied?
        (sorry for the many posts i love this script and your scripts in general, they are to the point and always nice ideas!)

      • Galv says:

        Unfortunately I don’t have time to look into this at the moment. Feel free to ask in an rpgmaker forum, someone might be able to help faster :)

  8. Grayborders says:

    Oh ok, in that case can you just point me towards the line in the script that defines the defeat condition? I can freestye it from there.

    Also i see quite a lot of potential in this script, if you were to add Ai costumisation and different stamina costs for diff attacks and stuff this could be a pretty decent fighter game!

  9. bloodyliao says:

    Hello Galv!
    I have some problems. The Actor Duel Mini Game is interesting, yet it is not compatible with your Animated Battlers. When I mix them together, the Animated Battlers wroks perfectly in a battle, but the Actor Duel Mini Game has a problem.Though it is still playable, and the battlers appear in the battle scene, I can hardly find the effects, like animations and sounds. As I hit the opponent , thers is no hitting animation and the hitting sound. When I cast the fire balls, the fire balls do appear and fly, yet again there is no effect and sound as the fire balls hit the opponent.

    • Galv says:

      I have tested this out and it works fine for me, please do some more tests in a new project to try to make it happen.

      There was in fact a compatibility bug – now should be fixed

  10. Linda Y says:

    Hullo, thanks for this script! It looks pretty kewl :33
    Um, whenever I try to test this script in the test player, I get this error:
    The line ‘169’ is not changed from the original, turned on ‘ON’, so may I ask why this might happen?

    • Galv says:

      There is no ON constant in the settings.
      If you are trying to turn it off/on
      QUIT_SWITCH = 1

      Means you would use event command Control Switches to turn switch 1 ON.

  11. Shasow says:

    Hey, this is a really great script. I’m using it as my main combat system and it works pretty well. But I have a question:

    Is there any way to set the battler image through a script call, variable, or anything else other than note tags? I want it to allow the player to select different battlers when creating a character, and it doesn’t look like I can currently do that.

  12. Ashton says:

    hey I used you Menu theme script and I used it to call common event and the common event leads to the battler took me ages to make people able to choose the fire ball , fire wave , and buff , and , recovery when I finish it I will send it to you so you can try it out but 1 thing how do I edit the script so I can make the battle back copy the map properties Specify battleback

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, too busy for requests and changes at the moment. But that’s a good idea to be able to have it do that. I’ll update it when I get some spare time (no idea when that will be though)

  13. Ashton says:

    I see that you said you are busy my I ask what your busy doing

  14. Christian A says:

    I’ve been using your script as a mini-game and it works great, but i recently installed Yanfly’s Visual Battlers script so that my game had a slight FF feeling, and every time the script call for your mini-game is activated, the game crashes due to conflict. Is there a way to temporarily disable a battle system? If not, i’ll just delete Yanfly’s.

    • Galv says:

      Someone in an rpgmaker forum might be able to help you with a compatibility fix – unfortunately I am too busy to do this at the moment

  15. Christoher says:

    Hey I was looking at this and wondering if you could it be modded for side-scrolling RPG’s such as Maple Story ?

    • Galv says:

      It would take a lot of work, be nearly like writing a whole new script. But yeah that’s possible.

      • Christoher says:

        So it couldn’t just be expanded upon using the calls already in place? Just adding more. IE

        Battle back scrolling

        then adding enemies on said background.

        The problem in my opinion would be adding enemy A.I.

      • Galv says:

        Enemy AI would definitely be a big one. And a lot of stuff has to be changed like player direction, attack direction (currently based on 1 opponent), checking for projectiles and attacks hitting multiple things.

        So it’ll be a lot of work

  16. Tyler says:

    Oook soo i just wanted to say first that you have some amazing work. but my question i how do i change where if the player dies it goes to save or something and for the enemy the enemy would die and disappear
    instead of still being there after the battle thx for the scripts.

  17. James says:

    Hey I wanted ti say this is very nice e I actually wanted to use it as my main battle system like tales of grace is it a way I can make a item usage and scenes after a battle like if you win or lose something different happens

  18. James Huang says:

    Hi, Galv! I must say it’a brilliant system! Is it OK if I translate it into a Chinese version so that more rpg-makers could appreciate it?

  19. James says:

    Is there a way to make item usage in the battle

  20. Dallas says:

    How would I go about having to win against the enemy in order to advance. i am having trouble with this.

  21. Darth_Tacit says:

    I know this is probably not gonna fly, but will try to ask anyways.
    I am trying to use the Actor Duel Mini-Game in conjunction with Tankentai/Journey Battle system. The duel starts up all well and good, but then I get the following error:
    Script >Journey System< line 4295:RGSSError occured.
    failed to create bitmap.
    The line in question says:
    self.bitmap =,
    Any suggestions on how to circumvent this?

    • Galv says:

      Yeah sorry, I just don’t have time for compatibility

      • Darth_Tacit says:

        Understood, thank you all the same. The Invaders, Shop upgrade, and Menu Themes all work flawlessly!

      • Darth_Tacit says:

        And wow… apparently I was missing adding some animations and skills, now it seems to be working great. And just wanted to say, you have some amazing scripts here!

  22. XPhater says:

    This is awesome. I especially like how the sound effects play a random pitch, as the female characters in my game use the Cat sound effect for special moves. It sounds just like a real Japanese fighting game!

  23. kuzai says:

    This is an awesome script I will definitely use this, I also will see if I can add a character selection, Right now I am trying to make a game that works like mortal kombat but online multiyplayer. Just where two people can connect and select there character and fight it out.
    I was wondering if it is possible to do that and if so do you happen to know if there are any scripts that can allow a simple online or ?LAN? combat system.

  24. Kelsey says:

    Hello Galv! this script is amazing it is a perfect example of RPG maker being more than capable of just making games outside the RPG genre. Anyway I am commenting because I am having a problem not with your script but with something else recently I have got a character selection screen so that you could select the character you wanted and set a conditional branch which character you chose to intitate a battle with said character however the only way I can almost get this to work is by setting the condition too see if the character you selected is in your party but when you select your character it just goes to the main map you have to go to the character select and select the character again to initiate the battle. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on this issue or If you could make a character selection script for your mini-game. Thank you for reading this and I can’t wait to see a reply! Thank you!

  25. bleachbummer says:

    Really like this script but have a questions about it. Is it possible to use variables and conditional branches without editing the script to make rounds for AI battles? Sort of like say arcade story-modes in say like BlazBlue for example. If so, I plan to test it before since that was something I had planned for the game I am making, using this as a Mini-Game you can play aside from the main story that will focus on some traditional RPG elements.

    • Galv says:

      Haven’t played BlazBlue but if it’s not in the settings then you can only do what you can do with your eventing knowledge :)

      • bleachbummer says:

        BlazBlue was just an example. Traditional arcade story mode refers to you beat 1 AI opponent, your character is then fully healed and you move on to the next out of a set amount until you reach the final AI opponent. Usually the AI opponents get harder the further you go, but I don’t think there is a way to make AI opponents more difficult without modifying the script. (By more difficult, it could mean they time their guards more and wait until you create an opening usually and such)

      • Galv says:

        Correct, the AI is basic and I didn’t include advanced options to change it

      • bleachbummer says:

        Alright, so then now I just need to figure out how the variables work for AI since the goal is to have another fight trigger after you beat the AI opponent. Don’t suppose you can explain the variable for AI battles? Or is it about the same as Player vs Player battles?

  26. Twod Studios says:

    Dear Galv,
    I’m creating a street fighter game with your fantastic script, i use it andbit’s okay, but there’s a problem. I set a SE sound with the voice of character when attacking, ma the voice is modified from a random pitch of sound. How i can stop the pitch to change?
    (If i talked bad english, sorry, i’m italian)
    Waiting you answer.

  27. sammaiden88 says:

    How come when i put this script in my game a load is missing from the demo? I can’t do combos, even when i copy the characters notes.

    The AI does no skills too and normally just backs off to the edge of the screen, occasionally coming into the middle.

  28. sammaiden88 says:

    Oh my bad, i just noticed the event out in the sea giving players skills. D’oh!

  29. sammaiden88 says:

    Hmm so i copied across the exact script from the demo, used all the same character notes for actors 1-4, copied the exact events, imported all resources into correct folders.

    Game starts fine, i action on the battler vs ai crystal, fight begins, a second into the fight i get this error:

  30. AeroRaiser says:

    Amazing script. I’m using it to make a fighting game but I have a few questions. I’m pretty sure the battle system adopts the HP, ATK, DEF, MAT, and MDF stats. So do the AGI and LUK stats affect anything in battle? Also, is there a way to set the characters to have different max SP. (Example: Actor1 has 300 max SP and Actor2 has 300 max SP?

    • Galv says:

      I can’t remember exactly but I don’t think agi and luk do anything. And if there’s no setting in the help file for SP then I didn’t include make it separate for each player, sorry

      • AeroRaiser says:

        Alright thanks, I wanted to be sure before i took time setting those stats. And that’s fine, I was just wondering. If you ever have the time to however that would be a nice feature to add to the script.

  31. Galv says:

    Unfortunately I don’t plan to update this script, but I will be creating a much more advanced plugin for RPG Maker MV one day. (Not any time soon, will be a big task!)

    • AeroRaiser says:

      That’ll be fun to look into once completed, I’ll be moving over to MV once I finish my VX Ace Projects. New question though, I ran into a slight problem. I can’t seem to get any skills working. I’m using the script calls to teach the skills and they’re set up the exact way as in the demo. However in battle no one can use the skills, Any Idea on what the cause could be?

  32. AeroRaiser says:

    New question. When setting up the skills, If i set the actors to be weak to a certain element. Would a skill set as that element do more damage like in the normal battle system. Or does the script ignore those elements?

    • Galv says:

      Don’t remember – try it out and see :D

      • AeroRaiser says:

        Alright I will, itll work either way, ill just be able to be more complex with the skills if it does lol. Other than the skills and cleaning up the single player mode of the game. It’s pretty much finished.

  33. AeroRaiser says:

    Hey got another question. I see where i need to add animation for new skills, but am I limited to just that one spritesheet? If so, that means I could only use 14 different projectile skills?

    • Galv says:

      Please make sure to read all the settings.

      SKILLIMAGE = “FightSkills” # name of skill spritesheet in /Graphics/Battlers/
      SKILLCOLS = 4 # Number of animation columns in skill spritesheet
      SKILLROWS = 14 # Number of rows in skill spritesheet

      You can change to however many you require.

  34. bleachbummer says:

    I figured out how to make it chain battles, however, I suddenly got this error. Can you help?

  35. Galv says:

    Do you have the latest version of the script? If so, unfortunately it looks like it still has issues with Victor’s battle script and I won’t be looking into making it compatible any time soon as my to-do list is far too long.

    • bleachbummer says:

      Yeah, it is the most recent version from the looks of it. It’s odd because I didn’t have this error before. All 9 battles I linked together ran just fine and then suddenly this happened the next day or so.

      It’s just weird, the only time this error popped up before was when I tried to use this with more than five party members at a time (as in add everyone and just let the battles go from there. The game would get an error by the fourth fight)

      If it is still a compatibility issue, then I’ll hold on this for the mini-game I had in mind. Thanks for the help.

      • Galv says:

        If you haven’t already, try moving this script below all others and see if it still happens. It does seem very odd what you describe and might take a while to pin down the exact cause. When I have free time one day I can look closer

    • bleachbummer says:

      I found the solution. I had to decrease the amount of party members joined for when you start the game down to three.

      To explain, the main game uses five party members that aren’t among the ones for this mini game, so the mini game actors are completely separate from the main game actors. I already tested way back and learned the game will get an error if that actor isn’t in your party, so I made it so that whenever you start this mini game the actors will be added to the party until the mini game ends.

      As I mentioned though, as soon as it went past a certain number, the game got the error again. For reasons still unknown, only the last fight got an error when I added four of the mini-game actors to the party among the main game actor (I’ll need to test this when some of the other main game actors join the party though and fix it accordingly) but when I reduced the amount added from 4 to 3, no errors happened.

      It’s still weird, but somehow works that way perfectly. Maybe it could relate to the fact I edited the default and Victor scripts to allow 5 party members in battle and this duel mini game is set to 4 party members? That’s just a guess though, I don’t know what caused the most recent error but it is fixed now by adjusting the event.

    • bleachbummer says:

      Nope again, it WAS the fact I went over the maximum in party, which can work at 5. I forgot to show some of my friends helping me with the game I added another party member to the system. So that was me being forget full -_-

      At least this taught me something that I’ll need to prepare for when the other main party characters come in. Sorry about that

  36. AeroRaiser says:

    Just here to say thanks for the awesome script, I finally finished that fighting game with this script and it looks pretty good.

  37. Ronald says:

    hey galv how to remove the skill that i add on the actor?

  38. SAM MAIDEN says:

    Hey Galv, is this script FREE TO USE 100% for any project?
    Email me if not.

    • Galv says:

      Yep, this one is. I just ask to be credited for the work :)

      • sammaiden88 says:

        Ok thanks a lot Galv.

        Also, sorry to trouble you. I have an issue where the variable to control the battle outcome is always being triggered for the highlighted area. Whether I win or lose :(

  39. Galv says:

    Make sure you set the same variable in the settings as you used in your event. You’re using variable 1, so you should have:
    VICTOR_VAR = 1.

  40. sammaiden88 says:

    Yea, i changed it to variable 500 in the event and also in the script and it still does the same thing. Has this problem occurred before or am I the first one?

    Is it possible to go around this another way?

  41. sammaiden88 says:

    I just realised the two variables aren’t player win or AI win but name of actor who wins.

    Is it possible to get it to game over if anyone but actor 1 wins?

  42. infernumgaming says:

    Hey quick question.
    Are you able to change the sounds of each individual characters attack – so for example Eric’s attack sound is different to Elicia’s. Additionally can each character have a different set of special attacks – so Elicia might have the fireball (as is) but i want Eric to shoot something else or do something else with that attack.
    Help is greatly appreciated thanks.

    • Galv says:

      Yes, view the demo to see an example of both of those effects. Study each skill and character and make sure to read instructions

  43. Chazmyster says:

    Can you add more stuff as in difficulty and arrow sprite compatibility along with something I can use in game to tell me if the actor won or lost?

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, I’m not doing any modifications to this script.

      You can tell if the actor won or lost already, see the demo for an example of that in action.

  44. Chazmyster says:

    Oops sorry I found the stuff now… Sorry for wasting your time….

  45. Theo James says:

    Is this also going with RPG Maker MV?? Hope Yes…

  46. Hello there Galv!! Once I asked you about adding a new layer to the duel. I’ve managed to do it somehow!! ^^. I’m also using Moghunter’s BattleBack Ex. But for some reason, in normal battles the script add new layers of battlebacks with some effects yet it doesnt work in the Duel. I think its a viewport related thing thats is causing this, since i’ve added a new layer of battleback to the duel by creating a new one inside your script. Can you tell me if there’s a way to write the battlebacks layers of moghunter’s script in a viewport created in your script? Thanks and keep up the good work!

    (pastebin for Moghunter’s script )

  47. Hello again Galv! 1 year and 14 days after the last post in this topic, here I am again to ask some enlightenment. I want to know if there is a way to make “tint screen” work with this script, when i start a fight, it wont effect characters or the background.
    Sorry to bother again, and keep up the good work!

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, if it doesn’t work in your tests then the script doesn’t have that incorporated and I don’t have any plans to do modifications to my Ace scripts.

      • I understand =/. Yet, i would love to expand this script since its amazing. Maybe we can agree to a comission, or maybe, if you are willing, i can buy a enhanced version of this script. I wish we can talk more about it. Looking forward to your answer.

      • Galv says:

        Unfortunately I too busy to take on more commissions these days and I don’t do VX Ace anymore, sorry.

  48. Steve says:

    Hi Galv! I know you aren’t supporting VX Ace anymore, but is there any way you could help me figure this out? I’m still getting incompatibilities with Victor’s actor battlers. It keeps directing me to a specific line and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Should I give it up at this point?

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have time to do compatibility stuff. I recommend asking in a forum to see if someone else is willing to help.

  49. Louis says:

    Hello Galv !

    First, congragulations for all those scripts and plugins on your site, they are excellents.
    I have to ask : is a MV version of this duel minigame planned or not ?
    If not, do you know another plugin that do the same things but for MV ?
    Thanks for help and have a good day !


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