Battle Pets

Galvs battle pets
Galvs battle pets

This scripts allows you to equip pets to your actors that grant skills and abilities. These pets will appear alongside animated battlers (if you are using a compatible animated battlers script). A menu scene is also available to equip, feed and view your pets. Feeding a pet increases their level and also the bonuses they give to actors.
The script uses Holder’s Mag series of battlers.

Currently tested and working with:
– Galv’s Animated Battlers
– Victor’s Animated Battlers + Actor Battlers (both required)
– Yami’s Battle Symphony

This script is NOT plug and play or friendly for new users. It requires a lot of setup and understanding of rpgmaker database.

How to Use
1. Get holder style battlers + mags (
2. Import battlers into /Graphics/Battlers folder
3. Put this script below Materials and above main. Make sure it is under any battle scripts in the script list also
4. Read all instructions and settings
5. Set up desired pets in the PET SETUP section
6. Set up LEVEL TYPES for those pets
7. Set up the armors assosciated with those pets
8. Remember to start a NEW GAME instead of loading a save file that was made prior to adding this script
9. Keep in mind I spent ages writing detailed info on how to use this. Before you ask how something is done, please read over it!

Get it here >


41 thoughts on “Battle Pets

  1. John Doe says:

    Hi! Thank you for the Battle Pets, however it has compatibility issues with Victor’s Damage Popout. The work around I was able to find was this script by Yanfly extracted by a someone named “Helladen.” Please refer to the link below.

  2. joe says:

    Hi I’m obviously creating a game (lol). My mission is to use this pet script which I’ve managed. I have a little request. I’m looking into creating an evolution/merging option. Somewhere in my game I would like the option to combine say two fire spirits to a more powerful spirit that can learn new abilities.
    know of any script that I can use, or know how to do it with conditional branches or something. Thanks. PS great add on!

  3. joe says:

    yea thats what I’m asking you, have you heard of a script, If i could i would write one myself but I’m hopeless with scripts. Artwork I can do, but scripts.. prrf no idea! ha!
    I will try and have a go and see if I can do with with perhaps variables or something. Also Would it be possible to change the script to have the pet in front of the character and it uses abilities and would it be possible to make both character and pet attack using the script? Any good script tutorial sites?

  4. whiterabbitjoe says:

    Yea I was just wondering if you have seen something that would work. It would be great if it would work with your script. I can’t write scripts I’ve just never found a good tutorial before. Most people just don’t seem willing to help. I can edit scripts a little and manipulate simple things like positions of the pets but nothing amazing. I will try and set up some variables that work with armor perhaps that would work say, you must have pet A and item B to combine and create a powerful monster, think Pokemon and eevee.

  5. Galv says:

    There aren’t any scripts out there that add to this script (that I am aware of hehe), sorry I can’t recommend anything and don’t have any time recently to do edits I’m afraid

  6. BlackAce says:

    Hi Galv, and thanks for your great! I really like your script but I have a problem: I’m using victor’s Map turn battle script and when the battler isn’t at the right, it logically has the same X offset. Is there any way to change the offset while the character is at the other side of the screen? (the sprite isn’t a problem, it changes)
    Well, Thanx Galv. Sorry for my english(if you speak spanish, please don’t make me write in English like a fool XD )

  7. Max Nguyen says:

    Can you use this with your Menu Themes Script? It doesn’t seem like I can make an action that lets you organize you pets.

  8. Max Nguyen says:

    Now it says ‘unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting ‘]’
    SHOW_TP = true # Show TP if actor…
    On line 105 of the Menu Themes Script

    • Galv says:

      Sounds like you removed a bit of the code you shouldn’t have or didn’t use quotes perhaps?

      • Max Nguyen says:

        I didn’t use any quotes. And I tried pasting that part of the scripta again but it still says that.

      • Galv says:

        Well, it makes it hard for me to error trap what you’ve done without being able to see it. Perhaps copy/paste the section of code from your project the error is referring to here.

  9. Max Nguyen says:

    SHOW_TP = true # Show TP if actor has ‘preserve tp’ feature true or false

  10. Max Nguyen says:

    I did that now it says
    ‘unexpected keyword_end
    end # GMENU

    • Galv says:

      I meant copy and paste it here so I can see.

      You have removed some code that shouldn’t have been removed, the only way I can help now is if I can see your code

  11. Max Nguyen says:

    I just want to fix my game!

    • Galv says:

      I cannot help you fix your game unless you can send me your code. You cannot send the code in these comments as the website formatting changes it so I can’t see it correctly.

      I am trying to help you! I just can’t do that without seeing what you’ve done.

  12. Max Nguyen says:

    Okay, but by code you mean the script?

  13. Max Nguyen says:

    Okay I sent a message. My name there is culai03.

  14. Max Nguyen says:

    I sent you another message on

  15. hainkiwanki says:

    Hi, great script. So I’ve installed it with the a custom battle system called Theolized Sideview Battle System (TSBS). But it doesn’t seem to show the pets in battle. So I wonder if I forgot something to do or if it just doesn’t work with that battle system.

  16. TrustNo1 says:

    Hi Galv, thank for all cool scripts, that you made.
    I have a question!
    Is it possible to display pets out of combat?
    What i mean, is – Pets will follow the player, just like all party mambers.
    Provided that the PC is only displayed.
    Sry for my bad English…

  17. twistedbeta says:

    Doesn’t it make you a little mad that most ppl are too lazy to study the demos and have bad understanding of the database.I’m friggin 12 and I have a huge knowledge of it (plus Ruby)

  18. ashm says:

    This work will with Theo SBS.
    Is it possible to make the pet auto battle with actor ?
    Let’s say they act 30% chance each turn and use random skill. And rather than use actor stat, they use their own stat (from armor tab, yeah minor damage… but they work as assist than damage dealer right)

  19. Fuuma Sasame says:

    galvs kun ,, i want to show state’s text only in battle,,, but in rpg maker mv only show state’s icon… how to show only state’s text at battle in rpg maker mv?

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