Cam Slide Control

This script is an improved version of Cam Control that also incorporates a sliding camera effect to normal player movement.
– Pan the camera to x, y coordinates.
– Pan the camera and follow an event
– Pan the camera back to player
– All with the added camera slide effect

Get it here >


7 thoughts on “Cam Slide Control

  1. Leo Tang says:

    Hello, The camslide is awesome! but i got an error on line 98 when I setup for the targetcam slide “undefined method ‘screen_x’ for nil:NilClass”, any solutions?

  2. Leo Tang says:

    opps! just solve it, guess i got the wrong event number.

  3. Alexander Ferguson says:

    There’s a problem with the camera slide; It just shakes around forever and ever pans to its destination.

    • Galv says:

      Hmm darn I thought I worked out that issue for this. Can you replicate it exactly or upload a demo for me to see what circumstances it is happening under for you?

      • Alexander Ferguson says:

        Never mind, I fixed it. It was because I had it on an event with two script calls, and the event was on auto-run so it looped endlessly.

  4. Frozen Squid says:

    Hey, there. I got a question about this script.
    I’m planning to try this script in my game but this script causes any animations played ingame (on map and events) to be endlessly moving away from the designated event.
    And after several try in a new game by adding all scripts I use,
    apparently using VX Ace Mode 7 script (a script to make a map e.g world map looks 3D) and this script causes the trouble, because when I removed Ace Mode 7 while this script exists, the animation went normal.

    Any suggestion fixing the issue?
    I might upload a demo map if you want

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