Region Effects

Specify effects you want to happen on designated region tiles.
Region effects can include:
– A sound effect (automatically varies volume and pitch so not to be repetitive)
– An event that appears at the player’s location (for example, footprints. These events are stored on a designated map)
– Activating a common event
I figure with access to these three things (and some eventing knowledge), you can create a region effect that does nearly anything you want so you don’t have to spam events everywhere.

Get it here >


42 thoughts on “Region Effects

  1. Thank you very much for this script! It works so awesomely <3

  2. Yin says:

    Can this work for events too?

    • Galv says:

      I have no plans to make it work for events as well, no. It could become very laggy and also not work properly if multiple things are trying to run common events and spawn effects at the same time.

  3. Yin says:

    Yeah I get what you are saying. What about auto changing an event to have a certain suffix in his name It would avoid having to spawn events. I can have an event with a grass suffix and that would change his graphic to that whenever it is on tall grass or something.

    Come to think of it, it can also work for the player :|
    It’s a suggestion :P I’m not exactly expecting you to do this, but if you do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! It would help out a lot.

  4. O says:

    Incompatibility with Khas’ Sapphire Action System IV. Apparently because of Khas’ script that modifies the player movement the regions in this script becomes off or rather out of place. I don’t know if that’s the right term.

  5. Dane says:

    Hey, at first it worked for em the randomly I get this error “Script ‘Game_Event’ line 24: NoMethodError occurred.undefined method ‘id’ for nil:NilClass. I’m sorry if this is a common questuion, I’m not that good with rpg maker :/

  6. Royzarboy says:

    Hey I’m actually having some problems with it and I’m hoping you can help, it works perfectly with the sounds but the stepping animations don’t work right, the picture for them pops up and then just follows the player where ever they go, I’ve tried everything I could think of please help

    • Galv says:

      What do you mean follows the player wherever they go? Did you make an event that follows the player? Gonna need more info on how you set it up before I can begin to work out what you mean

  7. Royzarboy says:

    Sorry it’s hard to explain, I’m using the events from the demo you gave and haven’t changed them, ie. the water effect appears when I step where it’s set up, but for some reason doesn’t work the water effect just stays there and if I walk down (or wherever) it moves along with the map. I’ve checked the script and events and I can’t figure out what’s wrong what other info do you need? I’m not sure what else to tell you.

    • Galv says:

      I still am not sure what you mean moves along with the map. But go through this error checklist:

      See if it’s a script conflict causing the issue maybe?

      • Royzarboy says:

        Ya, I went through that already I didn’t want to bug you unless I had to. And I recorded what it looks like is there anyway I can send you the video so you can see?

      • Galv says:

        Uploading to youtube would work but as I cannot replicate anything that sounds like what you are talking about you will need to do more tests to try to discover what is wrong.

        8. Have you checked for compatibility issues?
        You could also test the script in a fresh project as you might have modified one of your base rpgmaker scripts (which is not recommended).

        I don’t want to waste my time in error trapping for you if you haven’t done -everything- in the URL I sent you.

      • royzarboy says:

        haha oh duh! thats the link thanks again i really appreciate this!

      • Galv says:

        That does not happen in a default project.

        I don’t want to waste my time in error trapping for you if you haven’t done -everything- in the URL I sent you.

        I can only guess it’s a script conflict – which is one of the things to test for in the URL I sent you… which you said you did :(

      • Royzarboy says:

        Ok I’ll double check then, there must be something, I’ll let you know if I find anything thanks again

  8. BenHo says:

    Is there a way to install the scripts without using the maps from the demo? I’m trying to avoid using art assets from the default engine and I only really need this script for a few minor effects (mostly footstep noises).

    • Galv says:

      You’ll need to specify a map that it can take event region effects from even if you don’t use them. You can make a blank map for that and set the settings to use it. You can change all the default region effects so you dont need default assets.

  9. Alberto Cerrone says:

    i tryed using this but not work

  10. GrawelHGS says:

    Hello Galv, the script works perfectly but randomly gives me this error:
    Script ‘Galv magic script tile’ line 188: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method ‘refresh_region_effects’ for nil:NilClass

    I not undertand what is it, is completly random.
    I see the script and this method exist.
    Can you help me?

    • Galv says:

      This could be a script conflict. You might need to error trap your game to work out which script makes it happen. As it is random it might be difficult

  11. Kiki says:

    :/ I must be missing something, because despite how many times I read the script and the instructions I can’t figure this out.
    Works fine in the test map, but when I put down anything that has the event tied to it nothing happens on any other map? No sounds, no movement, no clouds?

    • Galv says:

      Do you mean nothing happens at all? It sounds like you have turned on the switch that disables region effects. You set which switch does that in the script settings:

      REGION_EFFECT_SWITCH = 1 # Turn this switch ON to disable the effects.

      • Kiki says:

        No no, I mean it works fine in the area’s specified in the test map but not anywhere else. Added a bit of grass in the test map and it didn’t move, etc etc.

  12. Galv says:

    Did you add regions to your new maps? It’s the regions that control the effects, not the grass itself

    • Kiki says:

      Ah! I got it! I tried fiddling a lot and yeah, regions. This is why I shouldn’t work while tired. I thought Terrain ID was Regions. My mistake. It works, thanks for that, and sorry :p

  13. Noir says:

    It clashes with Falcao Pets Servants System 1.3 UNFORTUNATELY.

  14. Amyrakunejo says:

    It is pretty cute, I’ll admit. Reminds me of the Pokemon games from the third generation onward.

  15. SymbolsWriter says:

    Hi, Galv!
    I believe I encountered a problem with this script.
    If I set a common event for a region, it prevents any random encounters from happening while walking through this region.
    Random encounters happen just fine if only sound effect is set, but no common event.
    I tested this in an empty project, so it’s not a script compatibility issue.
    Could there be a way to fix this?

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately not without script changes as the common event is running an event – and you cannot get random encounters during events.

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