Keypad Input

The keypad is just a fancy version of the ‘Number Input’ event command.
It outputs a number to a variable based on what was input.
From then on, it’s up to your eventing skills what to do with the number.

Set a variable for it to use and maximum numbers allowed to be input.

Get it here >


8 thoughts on “Keypad Input

  1. Baqiao Liu says:

    I don’t think this is very useful when we can use variable input.

  2. Galv says:

    It just changes the way the number input works. It’s an aesthetic script, not a “useful” script.

  3. Johnny says:

    Great script, Galv!

    But I noticed an issue:

    I play a BGM in an event at the beginning.
    I insert keypad input somewhere in the event.
    When it jumps to the keypad input part, the music gets cut off suddenly.

    Is there anyway to allow the BGM to keep playing even when the
    keypad input screen comes up?


  4. Johnny says:

    nvm, i got it fixed.


  5. Waldo says:

    Hey just wanted to say your scripts are amazing as always! keep it up mate!

  6. PBXD says:

    Hey, there, I have a question. How can I delete one number by pressing X instead of leaving?

  7. Karsomir says:

    Galv,all yours scripts are very useful,thanks a lot dude

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