MV Simple Crops

This plugin allows the player to plant and grow crops in designated plots by selecting seeds from their inventory. It’s labelled as simple crops because the gameplay is simple, not because it’s simple to set up. You’ll need to use eventing and database item knowledge to control how it works.
When paired with my MV Tools plugin, you can set up tools to control planting/watering and other manipulation of the crops (also with eventing).

VERSION 1.4 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo

37 thoughts on “MV Simple Crops

  1. Mike says:

    Cant wait to give it a try!!

  2. Mike says:

    Galv, can you implement drying of the watered plots? They should be dried on the next day so you can water them again. Also they grow even if I don’t water them, is this okay?

    • Galv says:

      Yes, they grow when you don’t water them. Watering them takes time off of how long they take to grow (see plugin settings you can set that).

      You can also set how long they remain watered before drying in the plugin settings

  3. Galv says:

    They dry after a period of time or days currently. Do you want to make some kind of hair dryer tool to use to dry crops?

    • Mike says:

      Haha, would be fun I think :) But no…
      Thanks, don’t know why I didn’t noticed that about time period. But it’s kinda weird that they still wet when I switch to day variable mode.

  4. Galv says:

    Updated to version 1.1. Added the ability to change crop priority (under/same as player) during stages of growth

  5. Andrew says:

    Galv_SimpleCrops Error when ever i save, then load my game.

    TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at Scene_Map.setupCropEvents
    at Scene_Map.start
    at Function.SceneManager.updateScene
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain
    at Function.SceneManager.update

  6. bingbing says:

    Good material thank you. However, if you add a plugin and load an existing save file, an error will occur.

  7. ShellFLare says:

    Hi, I’m having some issues with this plugin. using the latest version, and what I try to do is plant a crop, save, but then if I load that save with a crop, it will give me an undefined error.

    I tried the demo and you can save/load there, I disabled all my other plugins but nothing.

  8. Zen says:

    Hi Galv… I’ve read the plugin help and reviewed your demo. But it’s not clear to me how to specify the amount of time that a crop needs to grow in seconds. All references I see are in days (varDays). I don’t want players to wait for realtime days to harvest crops….

    • Galv says:

      Real days isn’t mentioned anywhere – it’s not a thing in the plugin.

      I think I missed documenting something, though. The first map in the demo uses in-game time crops. View the events (including the autonomous custom move route) for that setup. The second map uses a method based on changing a variable to control days passing.

      I will update the demo with missing documentation and better examples when I can.

  9. Luis says:

    Hi Galv. I love your plugin.
    Sorry, i cant speak english.
    I would like to know how to make more than one fruit each crop.

  10. If I have an event that has it’s own image, that overlays the crop image called by the script. Is there a way I can make the script crop image replace the event’s normal image? Hope I’m making sense. Thanks.

  11. Galv says:

    I updated Simple Crops to version 1.2 now – it has a new plugin option you will need to set to true and it should fix the priority of the front/below event issue for when a crop event is in front only

  12. zerphoon says:

    Hey Galv I love the simple crops but im having trouble, I’m using OrangeTimeSystem and I wanted to have crops grow by the in game day but I cant seem to get them to grow by the in game days variable, would you have an idea on how I could fix this?

    • Galv says:

      The demo has an example on how to use variables for the crops on the second map you teleport to via the orb.

      If you are on the same map when the variable changes you’ll need to use a script call to manually update the crops to tell them the variable changed (also in the demo).

      • zerphoon says:

        Still not having any luck getting it to work, I have my player in their room and when they go to bed the next day comes and the crops show progress but its not changed?
        The carrots and grapes grow the same amount of time which is 10 days, but i put in the seeds note tag for the carrots and for the grapes and I thought originally that the crops might not be updating properly so I have a toggling event on the map that calls to update all crops on the map

      • zerphoon says:

        Sorry but for the carrots on the arrow brackets i put growTime 4 and for the grapes growTime 8

        I would add the < marks but they dont load in the comments

  13. Jorge Waggoner says:

    Galv, would it be possible to write a Havest amount variable into this script?

    Say, have the script just look at one particular variable and give that number of the assigned plant? That way people could set how the variable acts using their own systems but just have it give the number that variable has at the time of harvest?

    And maybe just have it so you can set it in the script call or something like you have with the time by in game variables rather than seconds?

    • Galv says:

      I don’t know what you mean, sorry – but the plugin is what it is as I don’t have time to update it for different stuff I’m afraid.

      • Jorge Waggoner says:

        I’m trying to edit the script by setting a new variable in place of the 1 in the harvest section, I’m trying to set it to a variable in the game so that it gives you the amount of crops harvest that the in game variable is set to

      • Galv says:

        Doesn’t sound like the plugin wasn’t set up to do that, sorry.

  14. Kf says:

    Hello,Thank you for this great plugin!I’m trying to set it to work.but I found that when I plant a seed, it won’t change picture as growing up.Even when it can be harvested it still keep showing a seed.
    Is there anything I did wrong with it?

    • Galv says:

      It sounds like you did something wrong, yes.

      Make sure to read the plugin documentation and download the demo.
      Examine the demo events carefully including looking at their autonomous move route.

      • Kf says:

        I found there is a script in event of demo and pasted it into my event.Now it’s working perfectly.Thanks very much!

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