MV Quick Arrange Party

Requested by James Westbrook.
Press a button on the map to bring up a list of up to 10 party members. Pressing the numbers associated with each actor allows you to change the formation quickly without pausing the game.

VERSION 1.3 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


10 thoughts on “MV Quick Arrange Party

  1. sixteen says:

    This plugin is very useful, but there is a compatibility problem with YEP_PartySystem. When changing parties with buttons, the position of the party has been changed on the inside, but the graphics of the party has not been changed on the outside. Can I correct this problem?

  2. sixteen says:


  3. sixteen says:

    Thank you for updating.
    Thanks to you I was able to share it with Yanfly party system!

  4. sixteen says:

    Sorry again.
    This plug-in is a wonderful thing, is not it compatible with mouse clicks when choosing a party?
    Please be able to correspond by mouse click if possible.

  5. sixteen says:

    Thank you. I will wait.
    Hoping that you will find the time

  6. sixteen says:

    Are you still working on this fix?

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