MV Move Route Extras

This plugin adds script commands you can use in ‘Move Routes’ that enable you to do extra things during autonomous and forced movement such as:
– jump forward x spaces
– jump to an event or x,y position
– step toward/away from event or x,y
– turn toward/away from event or x,y
– turn on/off self switches
– fade opacity in/out
– move random only on chosen regions
– wait a random amount of time
– repeat commands a number of times
– play balloons/animations
– set graphic to a particular frame

VERSION 1.1 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


38 thoughts on “MV Move Route Extras

  1. koldsack says:

    thank you!

  2. I came looking for this, but thought it would be too good to be true! Thanks!

  3. Yin says:

    Looks like it’s missing one of the functions: set_char that lets you choose what specific pose the character will be in. Am I overlooking that?

  4. Both links send me to an OOPS page. Are the downloads down?

  5. Carrotman says:

    Can this have an event move diagonally towards a player? I have some floating eyeballs that currently “Move Lower Right” and then “Move towards Player” and it looks and feels really gimpy.

    I’ve just glanced over the features and didn’t see any way to do that, but if someone could clarify I’d be really grateful.

  6. Galv says:

    Updated to version 1.1 – Added ability to set a character to a certain frame of a characterset.

    I have not added moving diagonal toward as I don’t believe RPG Maker MV does has code to check if even/player collide with things on the diagonal. I will look into that some time later

    • burny says:

      Thank you for sharing your great scripts with us.

      Hopefully you find some time to look into the moving diagonal towards player feature. I would love to see my events act/move just like the player does.

  7. Ana says:

    So I tried to use this on an event I was working on, where I use another plug in so I can set movement routes for one of my followers insted of the player, but when I use the script command this.step_toward(i); it’s always the player who does the movement, doesn’t matter if the other plug in is working correctly ;-;
    and also when I use “this.step_toward(3);” it only does one step, and I was wondering if there was some way of using a command so that the event or character or follower could just move random times (as much as necessary) towards the event I want it, and only stops when it has arrived at it, because that would be everything I need for the system i’m wanting to stablish on my game! Thx

    • Galv says:

      1. The follower plugin sounds like it’s not compatible with this one. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or support to look into compatibility.

      2. You could work out a way to use the step_toward function via eventing. You could put it on repeat x number of times perhaps – as it shouldn’t keep moving once it runs into that event.

  8. Jily says:

    this.jump_to(x,y) function works perfectly with TYR_Followercontrol plugin! Now I can make my followers jump to exact spot. Thank you for this awesome script I think you are the most talented scripter in MV community. BTW step function doesn’t work guys.

  9. Manuel Bellinati says:

    Hello. Sorry for my bad English.
    I would need a plugin for RpgMkr MV that allows me to change (permanently) the graphic to a specific event page, maybe that also allows you to select the Z axis priority (below, above, in the middle) of the sprite, the speed and frequency …. all with some script command.
    It is realizzable?

    • Galv says:

      To change something permanently you would use a switch or self switch. This plugin won’t do that or any sprite changes, sorry.

      • Manuel Bellinati says:

        Yes, I know that you can make permanent a graphic with a switch but that’s not what I need.
        I need to be able to permanently set at a later date (after the creation of the event) the sprite of each page.
        I have an event without a graphic indicating the place of a possible enemy in my batlle system events, I must be able to set the graphics of each event page in order to view a particular encountered monster.
        On Rpgmker Ace had a script that did exactly what I need, but on MV I can not find anything like it.
        If you could help me that would be great …
        The script on Ace was this:

        class Game_Event
        def page_graphic(page, graphic, index = 0)
        @event.pages[page].graphic.character_name = graphic
        @event.pages[page].graphic.character_index = index

        def page_priority(page, priority)
        @event.pages[page].priority_type = priority

        def page_move(page, speed, freq, type = nil)
        @event.pages[page].move_speed = speed
        @event.pages[page].move_frequency = freq
        @event.pages[page].move_type = type if type

        class Game_Interpreter
        def page_graphic(ev, page, graphic, index = 0)
        $[ev].page_graphic(page, graphic, index)

        def page_priority(ev, page, priority)
        $[ev].page_priority(page, priority)

        def page_move(page, speed, freq, type = nil)
        $[ev].page_move(page, speed, freq, type)

      • Galv says:

        This plugin does not do that, sorry. I recommend asking in a script request forum.

      • Manuel Bellinati says:

        I forgot, the commands to the script are these:
        – “Page_graphic (0,” Actor2 “, 1)” to set the page, respectively, the graphics and the index of pg
        – “Page_priority (0,0,0)” to set ID, page and z axis priorities

  10. Pep says:

    hey, i found a way to make event spawning at player using this script, but i have to use a jump, which is quite sluggish, any suggestions that won’t have the wait of a jump, say, just an instant movement to the event. Not sure how possible that is. :0

  11. Alex says:

    I’m trying to use this script to have the player move away from a given event, however the event is duplicated randomly by another plugin, so the event ID is always unknown.

    What ‘i’ would I use to call ‘this event’, just like how the ingame editor has a ‘this event’ option.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Galv says:

      I guess you’d have to store the id of the event you spawned in a variable and then use the variable in the step_away function. I recommend asking in a forum ways you can do that :)

  12. Just had an idea, having a move towards event function. Homing missiles, anyone?

  13. Aaron A Lewis says:

    What should I do in order to make an event move toward another event and stop when they get to it? As it is I have the move route set to repeat, but once the event gets to the other event, the movement freezes as the event is just continuously moving toward the other event (and it’s set to wait for completion) Also, thanks for the script!

  14. tabrls says:

    Hello. Sorry for my bad English.
    When I use this plugin with Galv’s Event Spawner.
    It doesn’t work ‘script call’ on move route at spawned events.
    Just only move route script call. nothing else.
    Can I fix this problem?

  15. puppabegie says:

    i also have an issue using this with with Galv’s Event Spawner: When i spawn an event who have a move route extra, it stays at the place it was spawned. Something i can do to make both scripts work together ? Thanks

  16. Nikos says:

    – I am using this Script call =
    and works perfect for me!
    – Is there a way to also refer to Map ID inside this Script?
    Something like $ gamemap(4).this.character(5).set_frame(“Pic_House”,1,3,4);
    – (Because i want to use this Script Inside to a common event ..)

    • Galv says:

      $gameMap.mapId() should do it

      • Nikos says:

        – Thanx for the FAST reply! :D
        – I tried –> $gameMap.mapId(9).this.character(2).set_frame(“$Wheat1”,1,3,4);
        – But it’s not working (Doing nothing)

      • Galv says:

        Oh, I didn’t understand what you were trying to do, sorry. $gameMap.mapId() returns the map id number only. You can use that anywhere you could put the map id number. If you run the common event call from the event’s commands, inside the common event you should just be able to use move route ‘this event’ as normal

  17. Nikos says:

    Ok I will try to fit this Info in my “Project-Issue”
    Thanx Galv – It was an honour talking with you – I am watching you (Around rpg maker MV) Many many Years! Great Skills!

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