Ace Save Engine – Confirmation Add-on

Add on for Yanfly's Save Engine

This script is an add-on for Yanfly’s Ace Save Engine. It adds a confirmation step when saving, loading or deleting (and new game plus if you have that yanfly script also). This confirmation will only occur when necessary (if overwriting a save file, loading a game while playing, etc.)
Paste this script below Yanfly’s scripts.

Get it here >

7 thoughts on “Ace Save Engine – Confirmation Add-on

  1. Jillie says:

    For some reason, it causes in game loading saved files to crash (only if you do it in game. Fine from the title screen.). I tried with only YF battle engine, YF menu engine, YF save engine, and this script below that. The game froze. I took out this script. I could load saved files in game again. So it wasn’t YF’s scripts.
    Hate to have to remove it. It’s such a nice touch!
    This should be solvable, right? Thanks.

  2. Galv says:

    There’s always a way, but unfortunately I don’t have time for script modification requests. I recommend asking for help in a forum :)

  3. Seabiscuit says:

    Hey I was wondering how much do you charge for custom scripts and thanks for the scripts

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