Substitute Functionality

Some extra options for the substitute feature, allowing you to specify states/actors/enemies that can only cover certain allies with the substitute feature. Can also specify states/actors/enemies that can not be covered.
Added notetag to remove cover states after they successfully cover an ally.

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8 thoughts on “Substitute Functionality

  1. Marcos Luna says:

    Sorry to bother you Galv,i get a error in the line 44 when i try to attack an enemy…
    Excuse me for my bad English and thanks for this great script,it makes me remember the passive skill “my hero” from Final Fantasy 9,a skill that only protect female actors.

  2. Galv says:

    You already posted this on the script page and I fixed it and replied to you…

    • Marcos Luna says:

      Please excuse Galv,i dont see the other message,maybe it is a problem with my browser,it will not happen again… Thanks for the fast reply and good night.

  3. darkhorsemen says:

    Hey Galv, the script designates who you can cover and can change the %, but is it possible to designate the ally to cover during battle? Such as when you use a skill (Ex: Heal) on someone, you’d cover only that specific actor. I can’t figure it out using this script or trying to edit it, but if it’s too much trouble it’s no problem.

  4. Mitchell says:

    How do you feel on a substitute-member-of-given-index function?

  5. Mitchell says:

    And/or an Unsubstitutable Skill function, like a spell that hits the entire field?

  6. Galv says:

    Not really sure what you mean but I won’t be making any changes to this, sorry.

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