Party Select

Party Select

Works like the “Select Key Item” event command, except instead of key items it displays actor faces.
Choose to either display only members in your party or to display a list of actors you specify in the script call.
It outputs the actor ID to a variable for you to use eventing to determine what to do with it.

Get it here >


7 thoughts on “Party Select

  1. Guillaume Gécé says:

    Hello from France, Galv ! And Good job ! I’m clearly amazed by your work … I’m actually using six of your scripts (seven with this one !), and i’m still waiting for the updates to complete my game !

  2. Galv says:

    Thanks – What updates are you waiting for? I have no updates planned for this script

  3. Guillaume Gécé says:

    – I’m so sorry, I wanted to say that I was waiting for your next scripts !
    (I must admit that my english is not perfect, aha !)

  4. Hi Galv, i looking for a favor.
    Need to combine 2 script i found, 1 for menu style and 1 for party unlimited, Both work on menù so i need the formation system of the second script combined with the first script for menù style, Could you help with this please? I’ll be very happy if can realize it.

  5. autophagy says:

    Hey, I modified your script a little to also show the actors’ names. If you want you can post it. I hope you don’t mind. It’s here:

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