Use Item on Event

Use Item on Event

This script allows you to bring up the “Use Key Item” box on the press of a button. When you select an item, it then activates the event directly in front of the player.
Using EVENTING knowledge, you can set up conditional branches that contain ‘script’ condition to tell the event what to do when the item the player selected is used on that event.

You can use the other categories (items, weapons, armors) by scrolling between them in the item window. ALL items are capable of being used unlike the regular use key item event command.
This was designed for a more “adventure” style game.

Get it here >

31 thoughts on “Use Item on Event

  1. djDarkX says:

    Very nice. Funny, I was talking to a friend of mine about adding something like this for chests and now I can. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Marie says:

    This script is just what I needed for my Rune Factory based game :). Thank you for the effort in making it. I had one question though about the “use_key?” part of the script. Even though let’s say someone shows an item to a villager that doesn’t need what you are giving them. Can you still set it so that this person can take the item anyway at random? Or do I have to preset all the items in order to do that?

    • Galv says:

      There’s no method to remove the item used as part of the script. It sounds like something handy to have, I will add it when I have time

  3. Mitchell says:

    This function doesn’t work on events that don’t have the Same as Character property. Might you be willing to change that?
    Also, there’s a bit odd of a function when it comes to items while facing things that are below or above characters.
    Instance Example:
    Say for example I have a door event one tile below the character that’s Above Character and under that event is a impassable tile. I’d have it so beneath the character’s feet is an event where the character must be facing down to activate the event, the event being if you have a key and Switch 1 is on (meaning the door is locked) and you use the key while over that event, you’ll unlock the door, and if you have a key and Switch 1 is off (the door is unlocked), and you use the key while over that event, you’ll lock the door. That won’t work for me. Now, if I turn this event to Same as Characters, it will work and you can lock/unlock the door.
    -But I can stand one tile above the Below Characters event that is used to unlock the door, and use the key to lock/unlock the door. Which means you can use items on events you are normally supposed to be activate-able when “above” or “below” you.

  4. Tyler Borgeson says:

    Hello Galv, I was wondering if it was possible to use healing items on the player character with this script?

  5. Evolto says:

    Hey Galv,
    is it possible to manually activate the window by calling it via a scriptblock in a event?

  6. Evolto says:

    Ok, no Problem. If I found a solution that works, I send it to you, if you want.

  7. CM Games says:

    Is it possible to combine 2 items to make a new item using this script? thanks. CM.

    • Galv says:

      This script brings up a menu that allows a player to choose an item and use it on an event. Anything beyond that – if you cannot do it with eventing – sorry, nope.

  8. Mztivin says:

    Hi, so this script is colliding with another script.
    When I bring up the menu and select an item, it brings up another modded menu.(A relationship screen I added)

    I was wondering if you could point me to about where I could look in the script to fix this.
    If not, its okay =)

    • Galv says:

      In the script settings you’ll need to change the button

      BUTTON = :X # Button to call Key Item window (:X is “a”)

      Press F1 when playtesting your game to see what control button relates to keyboard key

  9. Wendell says:

    Hey galv, just a little help? How can I change the window to the middle or bottom of the screen instead of always at the top? Thanks

  10. Leo Tang says:

    Hello Galv, this is such a nice script I’ve been looking for! Just wondering instead of pressing A button to summon up another menu to use the item, can I use the item directly in the item menu? Thank you!

  11. yungace says:

    Hi. Is it possible to call the item menu via script call instead the button?

  12. grem333 says:

    Hi Galv, Is it possible to change the pop-up box color somewhere in the script? All of my message windows are a nice brown color, so the default blue is a bit jarring! Thanks!

    • Galv says:

      If it doesn’t say you can in the script description then I don’t think I added that. Doesn’t it use default window colors of your message windows?

  13. PittLegend says:

    is it possible to call the window directly in the event

  14. Rafael Rodrigues says:

    Is there a chance to make this Script to >>>> RpgMaker MV <<<< ?

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