Variable Instance Bars

Variable Bar

First things first. This script is purely cosmetic. It doesn’t control or look after whatever it is you are increasing/decreasing and using the bar to show.
Eg. If you’re bar reaches full, YOU will need to set up using events what happens after it gets there. (See demo with an example of this).
An exception is the variable bar (see below).

The script can call a bar that will animate decreasing or increasing by certain amounts based on your input and then disappear again afterward. You can call a custom bar or a variable bar.
The custom bar increases/decreases depending on the settings you give it. (It will not automatically adjust any parameters, experience, etc. for you. You do that manually).
The variable bar will adjust the chosen variable automatically by the amount you set in the script call.
These bars only work on the map.

Get it here >


10 thoughts on “Variable Instance Bars

  1. I like the idea, that would help for my game that uses a variable for slot machine coins to show how much you get relative to your max.

  2. Agger says:

    Would you be able to make a skill out of this? Like woodcutting, fishing or crafting ? It sounds awesome

  3. Cheeky Moon says:

    It would be cool, if you can draw a text with the variable text instead of the bar. Kinda like:
    Score: 250
    Hope I writen it good. ;) (\s/)

  4. Eduardp says:

    Hey there Galv, how are you doing? Is it possible to make a bar that is fixed on the map, and dissapear only when i call a script or something ? Thanks

  5. mdqp says:

    Can I ask you how hard would it be to have the bar be vertical, instead of horizontal (or even have a choice between the two)? It’s a pretty nice script, and I was wondering if it would be hard to adapt in such a way, for presentation purposes.

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