Message Busts

Message Busts
Message Busts

Automatically show a bust instead of the face chosen in a “Show Message” window so you don’t have to keep using “Show Picture” every time.
– Set up how you want busts to be displayed in your game
– Revert to normal messages with a switch.
– Bust can be on the left or on the right mirrored using a script call before showing a message

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67 thoughts on “Message Busts

  1. lexietanium says:

    Hi just wonderin if there’s a way to just put the bust on the right but not flipped? Also can we only put 8 in a character faceset =x I’m afraid all the emotions I have isn’t gna fit @_@

    • Galv says:

      Look for the line that says:
      @bust.mirror = $game_message.mirror
      And remove it

      And yes, 8 faces in a faceset is the maximum, but you can make another faceset to have more.

  2. lexietanium says:

    =O i figured out how to put the pic on the right side w.o mirror, now my problem is that the picture “disables” after my first NPC encounter =( I’ve been trying to see what went wrong but no luck

    • lexietanium says:

      sorry to clarify what, the busts no longer shows, it’s just a small picture on the window now :( btw thank you for the reply =)

      • Galv says:

        In the script settings there is a switch that disables it. I believe you are turning it on somewhere in your game. You can change what switch the script uses.

  3. I’ve got a request / question of some sort.
    Would it be possible to animate the busts?
    If so, then I hope that this would be a good reference.,48031.0.html

  4. cairo-overcoat says:

    If it’s not too much trouble, could I have some help?
    Is there any way to turn off the transitions? (Busts sliding / fading in)
    Having one character say multiple text boxes in a row means they fade/slide in again (in battle, anyway, haven’t tested outside of it), and it’s a little jarring.

    • Galv says:

      Hmm interesting, the battle messages close after each one, which is why this happens. It doesn’t happen on map. Unfortunately I don’t have time to look into a solution right now, though.

  5. chameleon1333 says:

    I’m having the bust covering the text box right now and the text automatically moves over when the bust is on the left side, but continues under the bust if its on the right side? am I just doing something wrong here?

    • Galv says:

      Yes, you’re not pressing enter to make a new line :P
      There’s no word wrapping.

      • chameleon1333 says:

        ok that’s what I figured. just checking because is seems to do it from the left side.

      • Galv says:

        The left side is just indented. It doesn’t need to wrap on the left that’s the normal position for text. The right side needs to wrap in order to go to the next line, which this script doesn’t do and isn’t in rpgmaker by default.

  6. Gmer3000 says:

    Your script says that there is a demo to download if help is needed on how to use the script. Where can I find the demo? I would love to use this.

  7. LC says:

    I don’t really understand how to use it… :(
    I tried a lot of things but it just doesn’t work for me.

    • Galv says:

      Download the demo and see how it works

      • LC says:

        I did. It still doesn’t work.

      • Galv says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t know how to help you

      • LC says:

        Then, can you explain how it works a little bit more? I’m a little confused with the faceset and bust things. Also, what does the value of the DISABLE_SWITCH mean?

      • Galv says:

        Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean but I physically do not have time to teach everyone how to use each of my scripts (I don’t get paid for this you know :( ). I made instructions and a demo that you can open up and edit the events to see how it works and learn from it. If you still don’t get it I recommend asking on an rpgmaker forum

  8. jon says:

    Hi Galv – great script. I’m using the heck out of it.
    I have encountered a bit of odd behavior though, and I’m wondering if you think it can be fixed.

    When I have a conversation between multiple people using “normal” (not dim) text boxes,everything is fine. But if one of the boxes is of the “dim” type, the swipe transition happens. Now that would be fine – except that the previous bust shows, is swiped out, and then the next one is swiped in. I’ll try to outline it:

    face 1 – text -normal
    face 2 – text – normal
    face 3 – text – normal

    Not fine:
    face 1 – test normal
    no face – text – dim
    face 3 – text normal

    Between no face and face 3, face 1 re-appears and slides out. This only happens when the message boxes have different settings. It’s like the bitmap isn’t properly cleared at the end of the message.

    When I turn off the swipe transition, face 1 re-appears and then disappears before face 3 shows up.

  9. navest says:

    Hey Galv,, great script there, but could you add some setting that could change bust_Y_over in-game with switch?

  10. Mike says:

    Hey, I asked the question about the slide function a little bit ago.
    Just wanted to clarify that I’m not asking you to do any additional work. If there is a simple way to control what slides then cool. If not thats cool too.


  11. I have been using this script for long and i want to set compatibility tutorials with you and yanfly on my blog. Can i do so?

  12. Hey Galv,
    Just a quick question. I’m using your script, and it works perfectly, so thanks so much for sharing it! However, I recently added a light steaming effect to some of my maps, in the event/show picture form, and when on a map that has this light effect event, the busts no longer show up. It defaults back to the faceset.

    Is this normal, in that I can’t show 2 pictures at once, technically?

    Thanks again!

  13. TacoButter says:

    Is there any way to put 2 busts at once in a conversation?

  14. Wolffy55 says:

    I use time and other foot book run tu how to do?

  15. ultimacj says:

    I found an interesting (not sure if this a bug or not but i routed the problem on the next project I’m working on). If the switch is set to OFF for busts (using just a portrait) auto run events that contain “set move route” for the player or other characters will not execute. The game doesn’t lock up it continues events as is (example if you put Move U,U,U,U,U, Balloon, text. The event will run but the player will not move like there’s unmovable tile there even though there is not, however Balloon on the player etc or other npcs that’s associated with the auto run event will still continue to execute.) I found out that i had to turn the switch back to ON after a regular face portrait is displayed and the event would run as normal. The introduction to my next project has a lot of move routes for the auto event the this came up the moment I added the switch OFF event in there. Not sure if this is a bug or not or could be another script in my project interfering with it but I figure I’d point it out. The cause didn’t happen until I added this script. Great a script as long as the switch is turned off after regular face is displayed.

    • Galv says:

      It sounds like another script you have uses the same switch to disable movement or something else.

      It has nothing to do with this script. Check script settings and make sure they are all using different switches.

  16. champgaming says:

    Hey Galv,

    I am having a bit of trouble with this script, i am not sure if i missed something basic or not. When i switch the busts so they appear on the right side of the screen (when looking at game). Text is going behind the character bust, not automatically moving it to the next line. It seems the script is not accounting for the bust over the message box. I thought these being the same would correct this.

    bust z=1
    text x=1

    i am using yam message script and ma ats formatting also, however i do not think there should be any issues here.


    • Galv says:

      By default rpgmaker doesn’t have text wrapping. If the bust is on the right, you need to make a new line manually in the text box. The script wasn’t written with other scripts that do text wrapping in mind.

  17. Mukar says:

    Hey Galv, I was wondering if it was possible to manually change the y-value of the bust position.

    For example: Normally the two options are on top of the text box, or at the bottom of the screen; is it possible to put the bust in a y position between the two?

  18. champgaming says:

    Galv sorry to bother you again, is there any way to turn off the text indenting when the bust is over the message box.? I have run into a problem where it indents to far and just looks silly. I have been playing with the script but can no for the life of me find a solution. Here is an image of what is happening.

    I would be willing to pay if script alteration is needed.

  19. Hello Galv, I have a problem..
    I used your code, and it works fine. but when i add this
    TO my game to get names on my characters, it says there is an error with your script
    Scrip’Busts’ line 137: NoMethosError occurred.
    undefined method ‘bitmap=’ for nil:NilClass

    I don’t know why it says that and when i look at the line 137 i can’t see anything wrong :S can you help?

  20. Hey there,
    firstly, I want to say that this is an amazing script and it’s exactly what I needed in my game. Thank you for making it!

    However, I have a small issue – when I show choices to a player, they appear -under- the bust, not -over- it. Is there a way to fix it?

    I tried changing the z value to 0, -1, and even -100 but nothing worked, the busts keep appearing over choice window.

    I’m running the bust_mirror(true) command as well as using Yanfly’s Ace Message System (his script is higher then yours in the materials secton).

    Btw: the busts work fine with Yanfly’s name window and regular message screens. Only the choices themselves are problematic. Removing Yanfly’s scripts entirely doesn’t fix the problem either.

    • Galv says:

      Try making the z value a crazy number like… -999999 or something and see what happens

      • If you go that low the busts won’t appear at all.

        But through trial and error I finally found the magic number that works. It’s BUST_Z = -101. Go figure that just -100 wasn’t enough lol

  21. SkAlecsZ says:

    Do the busts have to have certain dimensions? If so what are they?

  22. ashi says:

    Hello Galv! This ia a very useful script, thank you for sharing :) I have a small problem. When I try to use the script call bust_mirror(true) to make busts appear on the right they still appear on the left. I’m sure I’ve done everything right, so what could be the problem?

  23. classygalaxy says:


    I realize no one has commented on this in a while, but I am running into an issue where the message busts only show up in the initial conversation. Once I take control of my character for the first time, and leave the initial place where you start out in, I cannot get the message busts to appear correctly for some reason. Any ideas?

    Everything looks right when I compare against your demo. Not sure what’s going on

    • Galv says:

      Look at the script settings, you will see:

      It is 1 by default. If you turn ON this switch number, the busts will no longer work. I believe you are turning ON the switch that is set here during your game.

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