Double Message *

* usable but not fully-featured or customisable.
Double Message

This was an attempt at being able to show two messages at once. I couldn’t work out how to do it how I wanted and decided to give up.
It is usable in it’s current state, though. The current problems are:
– you cannot skip through the text while displaying the double message (You have to wait for it to type out).
– you have to add double message text with script calls which is painful and could be hard for beginners.

Still, it works and may actually be useful, so I thought I’d upload what I’ve got here.

Get it here >


3 thoughts on “Double Message *

  1. Couldn’t you mix a word wrapping script to make it easier to call a double message?

  2. Duncan says:

    Hotfixed a bug that caused scrolling text messages not to work with this script by changing line 137 to
    update_fiber unless $game_message.scroll_mode
    Thanks for the script, hope you come back to this one!

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