Jump Ability

Jump Ability

Pretty simple. Press a button to jump.
– Actors and equips can give bonuses to the jump distance.
– Set jump distance and sprinting jump distance (allows player to jump further with a run up)
– The jump will be as far as possible to furthest non-blocking tile. (eg. the jump will be a small jump if tiles block your max distance)
– Use regions to block jumping (so you can stop the player jumping over a wall inside a house for example).
– Set a jump sound effect.

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66 thoughts on “Jump Ability

  1. […] Galv’s Jump Script catches my attention because of its features. I can give jump bonuses, set sprinting jump distance (which is so cool), and I can set unjumpable regions. Looks like Victor’s Free Jump’s a competition. I also use his Character Animations script, which allows me to have an “idle”, “walking”, and “dashing” sprite (for which I created sprites). It’s really cool that I can customize this script that it does so much now. […]

  2. Hi Galv! I’ve a problem With the jump! When i start the game, it gives me an error at line 110 with an alert message “no-equip”
    What does it mean?
    The problem occure when i change leader member with another member (Tha party is composed by 1 character), either leader members have same equipment but with the error they doesn’t jump.
    What’s the problem? :O

  3. aasdf says:

    can you remove the bonus jump? EX: I have a heavy armor and it prevents me from jumping

  4. SiIence says:

    When I tried to plug this in I get errors around line 62.
    something about tIDENTIFIER

    • Galv says:

      Please be specific if you want help…
      My only guess is you might have copied the script with the numbers. Don’t copy the line numbers from the page.

  5. SiIence says:

    I didn’t copy the numbers I click on the # when I copy.

    This is my issue

    • Galv says:

      Try copying the script again and make sure you have copied the whole script (get it from the demo might be easier). Make sure to put it under Materials and above Main. Test to see if it isn’t conflicting with other scripts in your game.
      I believe the error is caused by something in the code changed or the code not copied in it’s entirety.

      • SiIence says:

        Thanks it worked, i have one question is there anyway to have the jump key disabled until you get to a certain point in the game? or maybe by toggling a command like disable?

  6. Galv says:

    Please read the script’s settings. You can set a switch to disable it.

  7. SiIence says:

    sorry but i dont know what you mean it doesnt say how to add the DISABLE_SWITCH to the event

    • Galv says:

      You set the DISABLE_SWITCH to the switch number you want to use. For example:
      You then use the event command “Control Switches” and if you turn switch 1 ON, then you cannot jump.

  8. James says:

    What is the triggering button to jump?

    • Galv says:

      Please read the script settings. There is information in there and things you can change.
      BUTTON = :X # Button to press to jump. :X is “a” key.

  9. SlyandTaco says:

    Hey Galv… Don’t know if you going to read this so i’ll post it in two places. I’m able to jump onto walls. I’ve taken a picture to show you what i mean. I was goofing around when i found this so if it’s intentional then aight but just look at the image.

  10. culai03 says:

    Can you make it so you can’t jump on certain maps like on world maps?

  11. Chameleon1333 says:

    Just wondering if there’s an easy way to change the sprite while jumping. I see you have a script that sets different sprites for things like idle and dashing, but will that work as a solution to adding an animation for this script or is there another script out that that would work for this? or would it just simply adding a $game_actors[x].set_graphic() somewhere into this script?

    • Galv says:

      That’s on my list of things to look into when I am not busy (so not for a while). But I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard if you request a script in the forums for that :)

  12. Noir says:

    Is there any way to make it compatible with your Pearl Battle Script? When a follower dies and you jump anytime afterwards, the dead followers will jump with you, even from across the screen.

  13. Noir says:

    Duh, sorry about that :p

  14. Moglii says:

    Great script, thanks! ^.^

  15. Yin says:

    Hey again Galv, I have a question and I’m sorry if this has been asked/answered already, but is there a way to have certain events activate even if you jump over it?

    • Galv says:

      Hmm, I dont think touch event activate while someone is jumping. You could use a parallel process to check positions perhaps?

      It would be a good idea to include certain events activating, though… just no time to incorporate it at the moment

  16. Ziliot says:

    Is there a way to make the walking animation go away? Make it into a “Hover” type animation.

  17. MacheteLove says:

    The script is awesome. When I first start the game and there is only one actor it works perfectly. But, later when I add an actor and they follow me, I can no longer jump. Help?

    • Galv says:

      I am guessing you turned the disable switch on during your game.


      DISABLE_SWITCH = 1 # Cannot jump when this switch is ON

  18. Hi Galv :)
    Is there anyway to make it so I can jump region to region?
    Because, say I want to be able to jump from one ledge to another, but not be able to jump or walk up TO that ledge from the ground. I’ll do a little… “drawing” to demonstrate.
    1 = higher floor. 2 = lower floor. 0 = stairs.


    Basically, if you’ve ever played Oracle of Ages or any Zelda games that have ledges and stuff in their dungeons, this is what I’m going for. :)

  19. Kory says:

    I think I got an error for line 111 (I think.) I think it might be do to removing my “main” character from the party (My first character is actually an empty slot.)

    • Galv says:

      The script requires a party leader to work.

      • Kory says:

        But I wasn’t even jumping. This was in the starting scene where I do an intro. And right after I change my party members the game crashes. It would make sense if the game crashed while not having a lead character while using jump.

  20. Galv says:

    It doesn’t only check things while jumping. I didn’t code with no characters in the party in mind unfortunately so make sure to always have a character in the party. Make them invisible if you need to perhaps

  21. Kory says:

    I got it to work. If you delete the paragraph for 111 and 106 about bonus equipment the script runs fine.

    • Galv says:

      Glad you got it working. If you deleted 106 then there was no need to delete 111. But deleting that means that the actor’s jump bonus and any equip jump bonuses will no longer work.

  22. Xenox says:

    Hey Galv, I’ve been trying to get this script to work for a while but I keep getting the following errors:

    This error occurs when I open and close my menu

    and I get this error…

    Occurs when I press the ‘jump’ button.

    I have linked the disable_switch to an event and I have confirmed that it is off.

    When I switch the disable switch, I no longer get an error when I press the ‘jump’ button; however, I get the same error for line 111 when I open and exit my menu.

    Please can you lend me some advice on tackling this problem, it would be much appreciated!

  23. Karsomir says:

    thanks you very much for this script Galv,but сan you modify it so that the jump understood not only the length but also the height of the jump.It would be more realistic and cool.I hope you understand what I mean)

  24. Karsomir says:

    it’s ok i’m understand)

  25. hi, thanks for the scrip but it have a bug with monogatary menu system, jump bonus dont work can you fix it please?

  26. freezegazer says:

    It’s GREAT! I have no words how it eased my life! Thank You!

  27. Iliketea says:

    Hi, first of all, this is a great scribt! I love it!
    I just have a little problem, maybe someone knows the solution?
    I am using this scribt as well as Yami’s Overlay Scribt.
    But somehow, eversince I started to use the Overlay I can’t jump anymore.
    Once I delete the Overlay scribt it works but I don’t want to delate either one of the scribts.
    I already changed the line @ground.z = 1 to 0 but that didn’t help.
    Can someone help me?

    • Galv says:

      I am guessing both scripts use the same switch number (maybe variable?) to do things. And one is affecting the other.

      Make sure in the settings they use different ones

      • Iliketea says:

        Thank you so much! That was problem. I changed the switch settings in Yami’s Overlay and now it works again :D

  28. Runako says:

    Hey Galv! Lovely Script, very beneficial for a more complex gameplay. I do however have one concern. I notice that by pressing the jump command, the on-map player is not effected by slip damage, HP regeneration, or HP degeneration. In other words, the user can continue to tap the jump command and completely avoid on-map slip damage or regeneration. Is there a way you could possibly make the two compatible?

  29. R. says:

    I can’t make it seem to work? … How can I trigger the ‘switch’? :(

    I have tried it a few times and I am so very disappointed how I can’t seem to make this script work…

    • Galv says:

      A “switch” is a very basic functionality in rpgmaker. I recommend checking out tutorials on how to trigger them.

      There is a demo you can download above the script code that contains examples of how to do things. I make demos for those who don’t understand – please download it and check it out.

  30. LeCoco says:

    Galv! Hey! Is there any way I can randomize the sound effect when the player jumps? I used common events and parallel processing in combination with another script, but it’s just not practical because the sound sometimes is not synced with the jump

  31. itsMiatch says:

    Hello almighty Galv!
    I have been using this plugin for a while now but am using a game that features voice acting–including per-character jump sound effects.
    I was wondering how to set up a plugin command that changes the jump sound effect?
    My apologies if I seem a bit dim, I don’t have the best knowledge but would love to know nonetheless!

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately there’s only the one sound effect set up at the moment – I’ll look into adding that option to the plugin when I get time one day

      • itsMiatch says:

        Thank you for the fast replay as always–and did I accidentally post this to the VXAce Script as opposed to the MV Plugin? Oh dear!

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