Visual Novel Choices


A purely aesthetic change. Changes the “Show Choices” function to look like the screenshot in a visual novel style layout.
– Use a custom graphic that is displayed behind each choice.
– Also added text code to use to change the custom graphic for individual choices if desired.
– Uses a graphic for the cursor.
– Settings that allow you to tweak sizes and positions for using your own custom graphics for everything.

Get it here >


54 thoughts on “Visual Novel Choices

  1. Yifei Zhang says:

    Thank you for your wonderful scripts!

  2. Marcos Luna says:

    Thanks you very much Galv! I love this script,sorry to bother you…
    It is posible to change the “x” and “Y” cordinates of the choise window?
    Excuse me for my bad English.

  3. Galv says:

    Not easily. Line 119 ‘update placement’ is the code where it’s drawn. It wasn’t designed to be moved about anywhere else other than the offset settings I included. Where did you want to move it?

  4. Marcos Luna says:

    I want to change a little the position,because it is interfering with the message name window.

  5. Galv says:

    Change line 132 to:
    self.y = @message_window.y – contents_height + item_height / 2 – 20

    And line 134 to:
    self.y = @message_window.y + @message_window.height + item_height / 2 + 20

    (change the number ’20’ at the end of these lines to tweak it. Make sure the code doesn’t wrap like it does here haha)
    That’s the easiest fix to move it above the namebox.

  6. Marcos Luna says:

    You are the best! Thanks you very much Galv.

  7. Sig says:

    Prob a dumb question, but if I have an image of a actor and a background set using standard commands such as picture 1 for the background and 2 for the actor it covers up the chat bubbles. Is there a way to set the precedence of the decision bubbles to supercede that background image?

  8. Galv says:

    You will see in the script settings:

    CHOICES_Z = 50
    # The z value of the choices window. Try changing it if pictures or other scripts appear over or under the choices window to how you like.

    Try changing that value to a much higher one.

  9. Sig says:

    Wow, sorry bout that some reason I was thinking Z coordinate
    instead of it changing what it does. Worked perfectly, dumb mistake on my part. Thank you however for your timely response and these scripts they are fun to mess around with :).

  10. hiromu656 says:

    Awesome script man! It looks really great.

  11. I’m using Khas Awesome Light Effects, any way to fix that?

  12. Lance says:

    Hey Galv! just been playin with this novel choice’s script, and it seems like a nice added affect except when i click “yes” example. it turns my Yami’s Overlay off and i can’t switch it back on. I don’t know if you are familiar with Yami’s Overlay script and i don’t know if you will do a compatibility patch but if you do and if you want to help me out, investigate and see what I am talking about and I will be forever grateful. :)

    • Galv says:

      It’s not a compatibility issue.
      Both scripts either have variables and switches they use. These are set in the script settings. I am guessing you are changing one of those variables when you press yes. Make sure it’s not the variable from Yami’s script that you set up…

  13. Lance says:

    I was doing more tests, its with every choice i choose it turns my overlay off automatically and i can’t activate the switch thats suppose to turn the overlay back on, even in events with no switches, conditional branches or variables i still lose my overlay after choosing any choice in the novel choices. I actually just had Tsukihime update his party manager script to flow nicely with yami’s overlay too lol. Maybe Yami should be investigating her script a little more lmao but who knows maybe its not a compatibility issue, but i believe it is. Something is going wrong somewhere. I will look more into my event’s and report back if i find anything else that may be an issue or if i find a solution. Thank’s Galv :)

  14. Lance says:

    Hey Galv! So I took out the Novel choices script just to see and it made no differnce. Your script not issue :/ Thanks for your time. Now I am going to have to break it all down to see what is causing my issue

  15. Edsephiroth says:

    I’m testing your script and this error is happening:
    Line 167: NoMethodError ocurred.
    undefined method `collect’ for nil:NilClass

    This error happens even when I copied the images to my project or simply copy and paste your settings and messages.

    Can you tell what I am doing wrong?
    I’m using your script along TDSA Book System by thiago_d_d.

  16. Nosleinad says:

    Hello Galv, i just found a bug that happens when one of my choices leads to the load scene. If the player then presses ESC to go back to the choices, this crashing bug appears:
    Script ‘Galv Visual Novel Choices’ line 168:No MethodError occurred
    undefined method `collect’ for nil:NilClass

    • Galv says:

      Please test out your setup in a new project and see if it still happens. If it does, PM me a screenshot of how you set up your event (in the forums might be best) as I cannot replicate this crash.

  17. DarkElbony says:

    can you help me? i want to make my choice at left side like this one :

  18. Kazenna says:

    Alright, here comes a retarded noob question (Sorry if this is a burden) but the cursor2 image won’t show up in-game. I used my own image for it; does it need to retain the same dimensions for it to work or something? My custom image is actually smaller >.<

  19. mentaldrama says:

    It seems like the turn off switch is not working.
    For some decisions in my project I need the standard choice options (because during a fade out the VNO does not show).
    Also I would liek to know if there’s a way to chnge the number
    of the cursor and textbox graphics, because when I show a pictures, the Graphics are hidden behind the picture.

    • mentaldrama says:

      Update, the switch works “sometimes”. doesn’t seem to work when I set up a variable before (<150) or in a parallel CE.

      • Galv says:

        If the choices already show the switch won’t do anything. I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish with it in a parallel process.

    • Galv says:

      Please read the script settings. You can do what you said by changing:

      CHOICES_Z = 50 # The z value of the choices window. Try changing it
      # if pictures or other scripts appear over or under
      # the choices window to how you like.

      The turn off switch works fine, I don’t know what you are doing. Use ‘Control Switches’ event command and change the switch you have chosen in the settings ON.

      • mentaldrama says:

        Must have been blind regarding the z value…
        I kept testing since my last comment and here’s what I did:
        Make a cut scene as a CE.
        The cut scene is called via call common event command,
        fist thing it does is turning the switch (I chose switch 1030) on,
        then follows a fade out
        and then you are asked whether to watch the cut scene or to skip it.
        During the fade out the choice box is not visible, although still there, as I can hear the sound effects.
        Your debug script tells me the switch is ON.
        Then I tested the switch WITHOUT the fade out, and you were right, the switch works.
        But the (now standard) coice box is still invisible during the fade out, which it was not before I added the script and removing it shows the choice box during fade outs.

  20. mentaldrama says:

    Nevermind, looks lkie changing the z value did the trick during fade outs. ^^°
    Thank you for your reply.

  21. nvsg says:

    When I’m using this script all the text within the choices-window is a little bit too far on the left. I wanted to change it’s position but I can only find the y-variable. Is there a way to change the x-position of either the text only or the whole choice-window?

    • Galv says:

      You’ll need to modify the script. I am too busy for requests at the moment, I recommend asking in an rpgmaker forum for help

      • nvsg says:

        thank you for the fast reply! I think I’ll try to solve that on my own first. A good occasion to start scripting. If It turns out to be rocket science I am gonna ask in the formus.
        btw: thanks for your scripts, they are very helpful for customizing rpgm-games!

  22. Swawa3D says:

    Excellent script, thanks!

    One minor issue I noticed is that it does not seem to center or left justify accurately or consistently. This is especially noticeable with short answers like just “yes” & “no”. The length of other choices & use of standard escape characters seem like they may effect the alignment. I noticed this not only with my game but also with the default demo (other than just setting up different choice answers). I seem to be able to fix it by adding additional spaces before and/or after the choices but it can take a lot of time to tweak.

  23. i wonder if u can export this on MV
    it’s very nice and no one is making plugins like this >_>

  24. sammaiden88 says:

    Has anyone ever found this? I played through my short game and the menus showed up fine.

    Replayed it another time, with no changes. And the first few choice menus appeared, but then it reverted back to default choice window.

    Is it possible to put in a script in the event to force it to use your images?

    • Galv says:

      In the script settings:
      DISABLE_SWITCH = 1 # Turn this switch ON to disable this script

      It will revert back to the default choice window if you turn the switch you specify here on

    • sammaiden88 says:

      So i figured out it’s conflicting with an item name popup script.
      The menus work fine till i open a chest and the name of the item pops above my character’s head. After that, your options revert back to the default.

      Would you be able to help me identify or fix this as i would ideally like both scripts to work.

      This is potentially a big project for me, and i will be willing to donate if you are able to help me out with this problem.
      Here is the name popup script that’s conflicting:

  25. sammaiden88 says:

    Oh so if i set that to switch 0500, which i’ll never use, it will always be on?

  26. sammaiden88 says:

    Hey Galv are you available for commissions?
    I have a small mini game i would like scripting for a project.
    Let me know if available. Email me at

  27. Ivan Ponce says:

    When you try to open the menu during a choice it crashes :v

    • Galv says:

      By default you cannot open the menu during a choice, so I do not know what you mean.

      Here’s a list of error-trapping ideas.

      • Palm says:

        It’s usually a VN function to open a menu during choices, with that there are scripts that can do that, like Regendo’s Open Menu during Choices and Galge conversation, so it’s a bit complicated that the VN choices give that error… I remember setting something to make that work with your no-wait message script but I can’t remember how exactly

  28. uli6636 says:

    where is the link to the demo download? i can’t find it

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