Nickname Functionality

This script was made to give more usability/functionality to nicknames.
– Allows you to set bonus stats depending on the actor’s nickname. This could be used for a simple job, perk or race system.
– Includes escape codes to use actor nicknames in message boxes
– Also has script calls to more easily use nicknames within your eventing.

Get it here >


3 thoughts on “Nickname Functionality

  1. pinka says:

    Would be nice to add a simple window with all the nicknames you were able to collect during gameplay. For example, a title system. You gain a nickname, and you save it somewhere with a script call. You go to this window and it shows all the titles you got this way, allowing you to switch from title to title. Something like a title collector.

  2. Galv says:

    That’s a good idea. One day I will probably get around to trying this :)

  3. goliam says:

    wow, awesome script galv!!

    but, it would be best if you update it like what pinka said :)

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