Cam Control

A simple script that allows some controls over the screen position/camera. It allows you to:
– Pan the camera and then lock to x, y coordinates.
– Pan the camera to an event and then follow that event
– Pan the camera back to player
– Can also snap the camera instantly to event, player or x,y location

NOTE: This script only works correctly with default screen size. An improved version has been written here.

Get it here >


5 thoughts on “Cam Control

  1. Serase says:

    It works amazingly. It’s really helpful for events.
    If only it worked with other screen sizes, though… I hope it works in the future.

  2. Mitchell says:

    For purposes that are a little harder to explain, I’d like to see what you think on the camera following a set follower, or maybe even a set actor. Victor has a script where you can have move routes control followers and given actors. So that helps in my attempt at making follower functionality.
    Uh I guess if I would explain I could say my game’s half open-ended, half not, so you choose who’s in the party and what their position is. So eventing scenes is harder when it varies from who’s on the team, so say you’re in a barbaric village and you’ve got an ogre on your team and you as the main character approaches a village orc but the main character isn’t relevant to the conversation so you have it that the ogre walks up to the orc, regardless of what position he’s in, and the camera focuses on him, aka Actor 3.
    I would have events just follow the lead character on the map in use for events, but the scripts for events following other events are a bit shakey and don’t make the move route smooth.

    • Mitchell says:

      -Well I forgot Tsukihime Event Followers if you were gonna suggest that and have the camera just follow the event but thing is with that it makes situational follower move route eventing slower, like, if the ogre atr is in index 1, then make Event 1 move towards the orc event, or if the ogre’s in slot 2 then have Event 2 move toward the orc… and soforth. That’s why I stick to Followers Control, so I can just have it so Actor 3 walks up to the orc.

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