Messages Without Wait

Messages do not stop the player from moving and will disappear if the player walks a certain distance away from where the message was activated (much like Chrono Trigger).
– During the game, you can change the message-close distance by using a variable.
– Can turn the no-wait feature on and off with a switch.

I kind of gave up on this script as I failed at working out how to do things I wanted to.
– While event commands after the message don’t wait for the message to finish, the demo includes evented ways around it.

It may come in handy, so I thought I would post it anyway, but use at your own risk.

Get it here >


4 thoughts on “Messages Without Wait

  1. zalerinian says:

    This is pretty impressive. If I may ask, where did you learn how to script these? Or are you one of those people that just took other scripts apart and learned that way?

  2. Galv says:

    Thanks – I learned basics of Ruby first, then studied other people’s scripts to learn a few things and then from there I tried to work things out myself without looking at other scripts (as a way to try to teach myself). Lots of trial and error and reading the system scripts to understand how they work.

    • zalerinian says:

      Ah, alright, i’m trying to get into scripting myself. I’ve done a bit at which is pretty interestign and interactive, but I’ve yet to do anything much with RGSS3. Thanks for the quick response.

  3. Galv says:

    That’s cool – I enjoy scripting. So much stuff I don’t understand that I am trying to learn haha. I wish you luck as well :)

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