Pawn Shop

1. Sell only specified items by using the RPGMaker shop processing list and flipping a switch.
2. Set the selling rate of the items using a variable (so you can change any time in game).
3. Notetag armors, weapons and actors with bonuses or penalties to this selling rate.
4. Selling rate appears in the pawn shop scene and changes colors – to green if party has a bonus to the default or red if they are at a penalty.
5. Normal shop functionality remains the same while the switch is off.

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Random Loot

1. Set chests to give random loot through a customizable script. These random items are based on item rarity value with min and max level restrictions.
2. Tag items as “lucky” that will increase the chance of getting rarer loot from chests when equipped.
3. Set a troop ID and Monster-in-a-box chance. Set if it’s possible to escape monsters or not.

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Variable Timer Functions

1. Use a variable to control timer speed and if the timer is counting up or counting down.
2. Choice to disable ‘battle abort’ when timer reaches 0 in battle.
3. Ability to hide timer while it’s still running with a switch.
4. Ability to add a graphic that appears behind the timer.
5. Ability to change font, font size and font colour of timer numbers.
6. Script calls that allow you to:
– increase/decrease timer by seconds or by a variable.
– set the timer to a variable.
– freeze/unfreeze timer

All the normal event actions work (start, stop, conditional branch, make a variable equal to timer, etc.)

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