Variable Timer Functions

1. Use a variable to control timer speed and if the timer is counting up or counting down.
2. Choice to disable ‘battle abort’ when timer reaches 0 in battle.
3. Ability to hide timer while it’s still running with a switch.
4. Ability to add a graphic that appears behind the timer.
5. Ability to change font, font size and font colour of timer numbers.
6. Script calls that allow you to:
– increase/decrease timer by seconds or by a variable.
– set the timer to a variable.
– freeze/unfreeze timer

All the normal event actions work (start, stop, conditional branch, make a variable equal to timer, etc.)

Get it here >


2 thoughts on “Variable Timer Functions

  1. can2x1 says:

    Hi, just wondering can I put the timer in the center of the screen, or anywhere to my liking? I’m making a timed dialogue choice. Thanks! It’s a very handy script! ;)

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately not without modifying the script. I currently don’t have time for requests but you could ask in an rpgmaker forum to see if someone will help :)

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