MZ Character Shadows

Character Shadows Screenshot

This plugin allows you to add a simple shadow to events and player/follower characters on the map.
Shadows can be specified via notetag in an event, or a comment on an event page if you need only certain pages to have shadows.
You can disable all player or event shadows with plugin or script commands.

VERSION 1.0 – RPG Maker MZ
Download Plugin file

Download my master demo to view examples of this plugin from:
Galv’s MZ Plugins Home


4 thoughts on “MZ Character Shadows

  1. hidebu says:

    Thank you for your plugin.
    I found one problem.
    When I view the event using the switch, it is not shaded.

  2. hidebu says:

    I saw it happened in your demo too.
    I added an actor for events.
    first switch on, then from a transparent event into the second person appear but the shadow isn’t.

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