MZ Move Route Extras

This plugin adds script commands you can use in ‘Move Routes’ that enable you to do extra things during autonomous and forced movement such as:
– jump forward x spaces
– jump to an event or x,y position
– step toward/away from event or x,y
– turn toward/away from event or x,y
– turn on/off self switches
– fade opacity in/out
– move random only on chosen regions
– wait a random amount of time
– repeat commands a number of times
– play balloons/animations
– set graphic to a particular frame
– play all steps of animation in for a characters direction

VERSION 1.1 – RPG Maker MZ
Download Plugin file

Download my master demo to view examples of this plugin from:
Galv’s MZ Plugins Home


4 thoughts on “MZ Move Route Extras

  1. Galv says:

    Updated to version 1.1 – added function to play all frames of a direction’s stepping animation.

  2. Faybs says:

    Hi Galv, I love your pluggins, yet I have one thing that I cannot do and that is how to use an Event ID in a move command. So for example instead of using “this.event” in your pluggin being able to use any event ID. So it would look like this: event($gameVariables.value(50)).step_toward($gameVariables.value(48),$gameVariables.value(49))
    but of course it doesn’t work ^^’
    Do you know a solution to my problem :)

  3. Faybs says:

    Hi Galv. I was wondering if you could use the Event ID with a variable to get a movement command. So you get something like this:
    But of course it doesn’t work. ^^ Do you have any suggestions for helping me?

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