MZ Layer Graphics

This plugin allows you to use graphics as layers on the map. The layers can appear at different height levels (below the map, below characters, above everything, etc.) and can move in different ways. This was designed to be used for layer mapping (aka parallax mapping) as well as fogs and other effects.

In addition to map layers, layers can also be created in battles, allowing fogs and other effects.

VERSION 1.1 – RPG Maker MZ
Download Plugin file

Download my master demo to view examples of this plugin from:
Galv’s MZ Plugins Home

18 thoughts on “MZ Layer Graphics

  1. rick says:

    Hello Galv, I know this probably won’t mean much but I want you to know that I truly appreciate what you have done for the community. some of the plugins you have given us are the best by far for my game purpose. Thank you kindly. you are appreciated.

  2. Tyruswoo says:

    Very cool! I’m hoping lots of creators will make cool parallax mapping with this!

  3. kyle says:

    yey! looking forward to the other ones. great work Galv

  4. Amyrakunejo says:

    Sounds pretty sweet, on top of having multiple map layers.

  5. camerontucker says:

    Awesome, thank you :-) However when I include the note in the map properties everything works perfectly. But when I do it as an plugin command in an event it doesn’t. Tried every possible way now, also had a look into your demo, but it’s simply not working. I’m using the same as the note in the map properties. Do you have any ideas what is wrong?

  6. Shellwin Dallwin says:

    Woohoo, Galv is making plugins for MZ, some of my most used plugins came from you. Hopefully you port shards to MZ ;)

  7. I was waiting for your plugin! Thank you!
    However, I was unable to switch layers during battle.
    It works if you set it on the map and then start the battle.
    But I want to switch during Battle.

  8. BustLove says:

    Thank you a lot Galv!
    I hope your awesome MV bust menu plugin will be ported soon to MZ!

  9. John says:

    Love your work but having a weird issue. I followed you demo, which helped a ton getting my static layer to stick, only one problem. When I walk past about half way down my map(its 27×17 sized) the layer disappears. When I go back up, it comes back. I used Z layer 0 like your demo. When I set it to different Z layers it stays on but it causes me to walk behind parts of the layer. Does it matter what layers I use building my map in MZ? I noticed in your demo you have the walking area at layer 1, back round trees on a new layer and foreground trees on another layer. Is that maybe the issue? Thanks and sorry for the wall of text lol. Also I have my game set to display 1280×720 for widescreen so its not a full 48×48 grid if that matters.

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