MV Single Actor Menu Target

This plugin changes menus (skill, item, main menu) to skip the actor select step when there is only one actor in the party.
This was a quick one designed for the default menus. Any custom menu plugins you have may not be compatible with this.

VERSION 1.0 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


15 thoughts on “MV Single Actor Menu Target

  1. Kegan says:

    I really like this one! Would it be possible to make one that would skip the actor select step in battle when using a skill that targets all enemies/allies?

  2. Chris Dougherty says:

    I have been looking for something like this!! One question. How would i adjust the script so that the actor select step is always skipped when using a menu eg. Skill regardless of how many members are in the party?:)

    Ps: Love your scrips they are a godsend

    • Galv says:

      Not sure what you mean. How do you skip the actor select step if it doesn’t know who to select?
      This plugin is for single actors, though, so it would be a different plugin to do what you’re after I think

      • Chris Dougherty says:

        What i am trying to so is go straight to the 1st actors equip screen, or skill screen ect when i select the skill/equip ect sub menu from the main menu. I am using a picture menu so when i select say the skill picture the select actor menu would pop up for you to select an actor. Instead i want to bipass that and go right to the skill scene for the first actor. Am i making sense or just talking garbage ? haha

      • Galv says:

        Kind of makes sense – I recommend asking in a forum, though :)

  3. Chris Dougherty says:

    Thanks for the advice :)

  4. ArcheoFox says:

    I have a major compatibility problem with the Yanfly plugin “ItemCore”. When I use an object, an error message appears and contains these errors:
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isDead’ of undefined
    at Game_Action.testApply (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_objects.js:1568:46)
    at Scene_Item. (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_scenes.js:997:23)
    at Array.some (native)
    at Scene_ItemBase.isItemEffectsValid (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_scenes.js:996:36)
    at Scene_ItemBase.canUse (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_scenes.js:990:52)
    at Scene_ItemBase.onActorOk (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_scenes.js:939:14)
    at Scene_Item.onItemOk (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0…20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/plugins/Galv_SingleActorMenuTarget.js:81:9)
    at Window_ItemList.Window_Selectable.callHandler (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_windows.js:896:31)
    at Window_ItemList.Window_Selectable.callOkHandler (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_windows.js:1165:10)
    at Window_ItemList.Window_Selectable.processOk (file:///C:/Users/Toni/Downloads/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV%20v.1.0%20(DEMO)/Single%20Actor%20Menu%20Target%20MV/js/rpg_windows.js:1150:14)

    I really need to use these two plugins, would it be possible to find a solution? Thank you in advance.

  5. ArcheoFox says:

    Ok thanks for the advice.

  6. Wintyr says:

    Super useful plugin, thanks a ton. :) Just a question–is there a simple way to add a confirm screen before you use a consumable item?

  7. Pasunna Kunmano says:

    why this not work in a fresh project form steam version?

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