MV Character Frames + CF Step SE

Enables charactersets to use more than the standard 3 frames by adding text to the filenames. These frames will show in
1-2-3-4-5-6-1-2-3-4-5-6 order, instead of the standard 1-2-3-2-1 order.

A separate plugin ‘CF Step SE’ enables you to set stepping sound effects that will play for specified frames on certain terrains. This plugin requires the Character Frames plugin.

RPG Maker MV
Download Character Frames Plugin v.1.3 file
Download CF Step SE Plugin v.1.2 file
Download Demo (Includes both)

Additionally a demo containing 4 plugins: ‘Diagonal Movement’, ‘Character Frames’, ‘CF Step SE’, ‘Character Animations’ all working together can be found here:
Download Mix Demo


100 thoughts on “MV Character Frames + CF Step SE

  1. JC Malapit says:

    ..great plugin! this, along with your diagonal plugin and something like an “automatic sprite scale according to Y coordinates” plugin and we can have a pseudo-3d game! :)
    ..btw, hoping to have this same effect (more character frames) to battle sprites! :)

  2. alopexdog says:

    Ahh this is wonderful. I had been looking for something like this in VXace, I think I’ll be switching over entirely to MV now as it seems you can do a lot more with JS than you can with Ruby! Thank you for making this!

  3. Oni says:

    Great job ! you creat this just when i shearch!
    with animation charas is so beautifull!
    May be when you have time you can complete this great work
    with an other script who reduce charas when a go a bottom and growing if if come down. (lock x camera)!
    if u do this script it’s will be fantastic for full custom mapping i think!

    ps: Sorry for my english, i m french!

    BRAVO For all your work for MV and ACE

    • Galv says:

      Thanks for the nice words. I am unsure what you mean – do you mean the sprite gets smaller when moving to the top and larger when going to the bottom?

      • Oni says:

        Yes that’s it.
        will be great to turn it on some map . but I do not know if it is feasible but if it was the I will use it .

        Thank you for answered so quickly.

        your work is great keep it up .

      • Galv says:

        I have a big to-do list so I wont be able to do that any time soon, but it sounds like an interesting idea I’d like to do one day

  4. Zach says:

    Hey Galv! Been a huge fan of yours since you started scripting for Ace (You and Yanfly are my heroes). Of course I have to have this script, I was wondering if you plan on making, or know someone who has made, a visible equipment script that is compatible with this? I am attempting to make a huge script resource for this using layering and Gimp, with (soon to be completed) half kaiser sprites with diagonal idle, dash, run.

    • Galv says:

      That sounds awesome – unfortunately I haven’t looked at much of what others have been doing (so many javascript coders out there making plugins :D) If you don’t find one compatible, I might write my own one day

  5. Minnix95 says:

    Nice :) Do you have also a plugin which allows us to have more than 3 frames (like 20-30 frames) for complex Idle animations for sideview battlers? Would be soooo awesome!

  6. baxter says:

    Galv, Please help!!! i cannot for the life of me get my sprite sheet for my main character to work with your three plugins, its 12 frames of animation wide and 8 directions tall (directions are in same order as per your arrow template) the sprite is bigger than standard size. i name it correctly but it always displays as a double sprite (one on top of another) and when i move the order is also screwed up. ive tried your plugins, extramovementframes and the victor engine stuff, always the same result. if the sprite sheet is 12 wide by 4 deep (just up.down,left,right) it works just fine. ive been at this 15 hours straight :(

    • Galv says:

      It sounds like you have set up your character file wrong. Using $ in the filename will make RPGmaker see the charactersheet as a single character. Without $ in the filename, it will see the charactersheet as 8 characters (which is what you need). Use my demo as an example.

      If I can see your charactersheet and the filename, I might be able to help further.

  7. baxter says:

    ive tried the file name several ways,

    non of them fixed the problem, any thoughts?

  8. baxter says:

    Ok i fixed the sprite sheet. didnt realise it had to be a whole 8 character sheet. One other problem I have now encountered, I cannot use your plugin Diagonal Movements with the quasi movement plugin. Its an issue with the diagonals, when i depress the keys to move diagonally the player moves super fast across the screen, everything else seems ok. is it possible to have a plugin that forces the sprite sheet (to place after quasi movement) but without the extra diagonal movement command that is causing the conflict?

    • Galv says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have time to make compatibility with Quasi movement plugin. The plugins were made for the default movement.

  9. baxter says:

    Can you send me an email with a price and time scale to make the plugin compatible? Don’t expect you to work for free. Thanks

    • Galv says:

      I appreciate that. Not sure when I’d be able to have a look as I’ve got plans for all next month. I will get back to you when I have some time free up.

      In the meantime, I wonder if you ask Quasi to make the diaonal charset functionality into his plugin.

  10. Wiskers says:

    Forgive me if you have already answered this, but, how many frames can this accommodate, and does this plug-in work with nonstandard size sprites?

    • Galv says:

      As many frames as required and yes, any size sprite. Just make sure to set your spritesheet up like the default charsets but instead of 3 frames per character, increase it to as many frames as you are using.

  11. John says:

    Hi Galv, First of all I want to let you know that your plugins are awesome and they were the reason I decided to buy rpg maker MV. I made a custom sprite based on your demo(approximately 97px high x 125px wide) everything works and looks beautiful, but for some strange reason when i set up the event “set movement route>change image…” the player disappears for 1 frame before changing to the other sprite sheet. It seems to be doing it to the bigger sprites. I wanted to use this for example when the player climbs a ladder and the sprite changes to a different animation. Any guess to what I may be doing wrong? Thanks again Galv!

  12. D.U. says:

    Hi Galv, I can’t express how much I love your plugins, they open the door to so many new possibilities and new ideas!
    Thank you : )

    Now that I am familiar with this Plugin, I’ve been trying to find a way to modify the speed of animation of individual characters. Is that even possible?

    In RPG Maker XP, Shaz made me a Script that allowed me to change the animation speed of a character by simply calling the script ”@anim_speed = x” in the Set Move Route command, Really handy!

    Now, for MV, I’ve found a way to modify the speed of ALL characters by changing the variable 43 and 13 in this section of the plugin below ”rpg_objects.js” ->

    Game_CharacterBase.prototype.updateAnimation = function() {this.updateAnimationCount();if (this._animationCount >= this.animationWait()) {this.updatePattern();this._animationCount = 43;}};Game_CharacterBase.prototype.animationWait = function() {return (9 – this.realMoveSpeed()) * 13;};

    Alas, what I’m really looking for is to modify the animation speed at which an INDIVIDUAL character move.

    Would you have an idea how?

    • Galv says:

      Sorry, I don’t have time for modification requests unfortunately.

      • Logan says:

        hey Galv, i was wondering if i give credit, may i use your original sprite or would you like me to modify it? and thank you for this wonderful plugin!!

      • Galv says:

        The black and white extremely poor quality sprite? That was just an example… I intentionally made it shoddy quality so nobody would use it.

  13. Brandon Eberhart says:

    Hey, thanks dude, you rock-
    My question is why is the “test” sprite sheet in the demo larger than 48×48 per frame. Can’t figure it out-

  14. Brandon Eberhart says:

    The offset of the demo- the bottom of the player sprite doesn’t match up to NPCs. The player sprite is also bigger.

    *Sorry if this is a dupe, my first comment, didn’t see it appear after I typed it.

  15. Brandon Eberhart says:

    Tried adding a “!” at the beginning of the ‘test’ sprite sheet but then it just won’t load when I try to run it.

    • Galv says:

      You changed the filename but not references to the file itself.

      • Brandon Eberhart says:

        If you mean I didn’t select the renamed sprite in the database, I did. Stil won’t load. As soon as I remove the “!” it loads fine. In my own game I have several sprites with the “!” and they load fine. When I drop them into the demo they won’t load. Odd.

        Also, turned the plugin on/off and it doesn’t matter.

        Gonna go way back to try and so,ve this another way. Thanks for your help, though.

  16. Hey, thanks so much for the plugin, and for the hard work, Galv. It works, after having had some problems with the double-sprite issue, then after fixing that, I couldn’t get the animation going. Then, as you said in the plugin description, ordered this plugin above the diagonal plugin. Now it works. C:

  17. Matt says:

    Loving the plugin, but I have a request! How difficult would it be to enable this for events? Walking around with 8 frames looks great, but kinda diminishes when every NPC around you uses the standard 3 frames. I’d be willing to commission something like that!

  18. Anonamix says:

    Thanks for all of the awesome work! I am trying to get my NPCs to show the idle frames.. Any tips would be great. Thanks again!

    • Galv says:

      character animations don’t work on events, just the player party

      • AA says:

        I just tested and it seems that character animations actually works for events, but not for idle status.

        Because in the charset we need to have four animations: idle, walk, run and ?!? animations, for events to walk using multiframes we need to replace the first idle set with the walk charset.

        But regarding what Anonamix said, about idle animations, those doesnt seems to work.

        Is it possible to make events to use same charset (idle/walk/run/?).


      • Galv says:

        No, sorry – they don’t work for events.

  19. Galv says:

    Updated CF Step SE to version 1.1 properly – fixed an issue that might cause steps to stop temporarily.

  20. I had an idea.
    How difficult would it be to set the Frame Speed modifer up differently for each character by way of the Note box per character?
    The basic idea is that.. a shorter character for instance would have a faster frame speed than a taller one… or that’s one effect.
    Or like, if someone is VERY tall, and they would animate slower cause they take fewer steps to move at the same speed.

  21. Tricimir says:

    Great plugin!
    Thank you for all your hard work and also for sharing it with us.

    I had a question, Is there any way for this to support larger than the default sprites?

  22. Ju Reis says:

    Please, help me. I don’t knwo why, but everytime I teleports, or I trigger an event with a key, the sprite animates without walking. I can’t fix this. Please, help. I use the more frames and the idle/run/walk plugins. Please answer me back! Thank you!

  23. Wendell says:

    Thanks Galv I Love It. i will give crédit for you

  24. jo smith says:

    I wonder if you can help me with your step sounds plug-in. It works great if the character is moving in open space. But when I push up against a wall the sound effect (set for frame 8 of 18) repeats rapidly…Is there a way to change this?

  25. jo smith says:

    No issues in the demo. I turned off all my plug-ins except two, your character frames and step sounds. Still having the same issue when I push against walls. I’m new to this. My only thought is maybe 18 frames is too many….Any ideas?

  26. jo smith says:

    I got it passably working. Here’s what I learned: In the plug-in settings, if the step frame value is 1 the SE plays on the first frame. If I raise the value to 2 or more I get the rapid SE when I push against a wall. Same in your demo. If the value 1 is included in the step frame value, it works. Remove the 1 and you get the rapid-fire footsteps.

  27. jo smith says:

    …so if (as in my case) I want a SE on frame 9 (silence up until frame 9), I’m not actually able to do it. A quick fix would be to add a small block of silence before the SE on the .ogg file so the SE lines up with frame 9….I might try that if you don’t see a better solution…thanks again!

  28. Galv says:

    Ahh, I see – you did indeed find a bug – thanks for working out what you did. I’ll see what I can do to fix it

  29. jo smith says:

    Yep, that does it, working great. Thanks for your time, happy to help! :)

  30. Dove Jumper says:

    Hi Galv, Love the plugin! I’m a bit confused over the frame rate modifier settings though. I would like my character’s animation to run a bit slower in general, however I’m a bit confused on how to apply this modification to my sprites. (where is the formula entered, etc.) Any help is appreciated, I’m a bit new at this.

    • Galv says:

      Trial and error. Put something in and see what it does. :)

      • Dove Jumper says:

        Forgive my stupidity in advance -.-‘ but put something in where? Do I enter formula on the actual plugin’s page (I’ve tried many different ones, even slowing to 20%, and nothing seems to affect my sprite’s animation speed) or do I enter it through some sort of script call? Just not sure where to use the formula….

      • Galv says:

        From the plugin manager in MV, you should be able to edit the plugin setting.

  31. Skrot21 says:

    Bro, I can not use your plugin
    this is the image I’m trying to use.


    the name I am using is “Anbu1% (4)”

    Do you know what could be going wrong?

    • Galv says:

      Don’t put a space in the filename. You need to put $ at the start of the filename if your characterset only has one character in it.

  32. Dungeonmind says:

    Hi there Galv. It seems CFStep SE isn’t compatible with the latest version of rpg maker mv anymore. 1.6.1. I have created a new project with your plugins and they dont play no sound in 1.6.1. Your sample project is 1.5.0 and it works.

    • Dungeonmind says:

      PS: I also left everything default for simplicity. Have both seperate projects identical except for rpg maker version. I just created a new project with rpg maker mv 1.6.1 and replicated everything from plugins, database ect and placed images in the correct folders. So it has to be the new version of MV broke the plugin. Thanks, I really hope you can make it compatible because I absolutely need this plugin in my game! :)

      • Galv says:

        So I just went and and tested this and it seems to work fine for me in version 1.6.1…
        I do not know where to look for the problem.

      • Dungeonmind says:

        Okay I started a brand new project and the sound did not want to play. Spent hours trying to get it to work. I’ll try again and create a brand new project and add your plugins again. Thanks for looking into this for me.

      • Galv says:

        If you can, also try updating the demo you have and see if that works as well. I don’t know what to look for to error trap this.

  33. Dungeonmind says:

    Okay so I verified this again by creating another brand new project and copied over your plugins directly from your demo project into the newly created 1.6.1 project. The sound does not play. I have uploaded you the project for you to see for yourself. The sound does not play.

  34. Katrick says:

    Hello, I’m having trouble with this plug in, where can I send you the video, and the sprite sheet I’m using?

  35. oates says:

    Hey, used this plugin for a few projects!
    I’m using enlarged pixel art (x3 enlarged portion) in my project and I noticed that when the pixel art is blown up, the animation both in the vanilla engine and with plugins causes the graphic to stretch/distort, but the multiple frames cycle correctly.
    Was wondering if you knew how MV handles it’s animation or how the plugin handles sprite sheets?
    I was thinking perhaps the tiles or maths stretch the image by a pixel or 2 to accommodate divisible dimensions maybe… just a shot in the dark.

    • Galv says:

      I can’t think of a reason the character graphics would stretch or distort – perhaps another plugin changing the sprite size during game?

  36. Vladimir says:

    Hello GALV! Thanks for you work.

    But, i have a problem with Jumping+more frames. In my project 8 frames on character, and all okey, before i press the jump button. In jumping i lost 4 frames. Have you any thinks about solution of this problem?

    • Galv says:

      Have you tried changing the jumping graphics to be in different order? Or focusing displaying the graphics only on the frames that are displaying for you?

      • Vladimir says:

        Hello, thanks for the anwer. I was try to do somthing different. And now i know what jumping animation use only 4 first frames from all 8 frames. But idle, walking, running animations works correctly and use all 8 frames. I think we can remade animation, but really wants to use all 8 frames (8 if it possible.

  37. Kakunakuna says:

    Hi Galv! Character Frames works perfectly for the player, but I was wondering if NPCs could have both idle and walking animations? I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but my NPCs only seem to be able to have either a walking sprite non-stop even when standing still, or the idle sprite that just hovers forward when they’re supposed to walk.

  38. Kakunakuna says:

    ^Sorry I meant Character Animation. I understand it doesn’t have separate NPC idle and walking animations, and the idle sprite has to be part of the walking animation, is that right? Bummer because it doesn’t really work for four legged characters.

    • Galv says:

      Please read the documentation – it should work for events if you use in the event note field.

      • Kakunakuna says:

        Ahh I don’t know how I missed that, I did read them (at least I thought so) but seems my focus was more on the demo :’) Awesome, I got it working, thanks so much for your work!

  39. James says:

    I love the plugin, but I’m having one problem. When I upload to for browser play, I get this error “ is This/www/img/characters/!$Alion%(12).rpgmvp”: invalid URL escape “%(1”
    From what I understand, it doesn’t look like it will let me use the plugin because the filename has a % in it. Is there any work around for this on the plugin end of things?

    • Galv says:

      Edit the plugin file (with notepad or similar) and look for 2 instances of the text:

      Change the % symbol for another symbol you want to use. Then update your files as needed.

  40. confused beginner here: i started testing my sprites on the demo that also uses the character animations plugin and it works perfectly, but since my sprites are mostly just small ones thinner than 32×64 that i had to transfer to a 64×64 grid i wanted to scale them so they’re half a tile taller. problem is i cant seem to find a way to do so. adding $ to the file name suddenly makes mv ignore the %(x) which divides the sheet to 3 columns 4 rows again, and the only rescaling plugin i’ve seen is done event based which i am yet to start learning. is there a way outta this?

    • Galv says:

      Your character sheet can be any size, the plugin uses math to cut it into the specified amount of frames you used for each character position. There might be tutorials on how charactersheets work out there you could look at.

  41. Taylor Vought says:

    No matter the number of frames, the 2nd frame in each row will still be the idle animation each character to returns to after stopping correct?

  42. John says:

    This is on pretty much a default version of MV. The plugin doesn’t seem to alter the selection box to encompass the full character sheet when selecting the character in Database>Actors .

    I’ve set the image name to test%(9), yet the selection box only selects about 2×2 character frames. Your demo works fine though.

    • Galv says:

      Yes, unfortunately the plugin cannot alter how RPG Maker software itself works, only how your game works. So you won’t see the frames correctly when selecting them there.

  43. FriKitty says:

    Hello, I’m leaving this comment just to see if you approve them before they appear, or my previous long comment got lost misteriously. Sorry if it’s the former, feel free to ignore this comment then x)

    • FriKitty says:

      I think my previous comment got lost, as I can’t see a preview. Sorry if you see my message twice, I’m being a little clumsy here. What I wrote:

      Hello Galv! I love this plugin, but I’m having a bit of a problem. I hope it’s alright if I ask it here, I don’t know where else to contact you.

      I’m interested in using Character Animations (the one that makes me able to use idle, walking, dashing and jumping animations for each character), as well as Character Frames. I think the functionality is perfect for my project.

      However, the problem for me lies in… the speed. First of all, I unfortunately know nothing about code (that’s why I rely on plugins), and I’m rather bad at math in general. So, when I saw that the normal equation in RPG Maker default code was (9 – this.realMoveSpeed()) * 3, I was already rather confused. Then your parameter formula confused me even more.

      As I understand, RPG Maker’s default way of handling animations works in such a way that slower movements will also show the pictures at a slower pace. That’s good and all, but being an artist myself, the only thing I want is to see the sprite in game moving the exact way I’m seeing it move in my art program. So, if for example I make an animation at 8fps, I want the game to show 8 pictures every second. So, 1 picture every 7.5 (or 7?) frames in game. (60 / 8, right? I think RPG Maker MV goes at 60fps?)

      So, well, this would mean that, if I configure my character to walk very slowly, they would still have 8fps, and thus it would look like they’re “stepping in place”, instead of walking slowly. But I’m okay with that! If I ever needed, I could make a different sprite sheet, or simply go with that. I think that, for me, it’s more important to be in control of how the sprite looks, no matter how much it’s moving across the screen.

      As I understand, this would mean rewriting how RPG Maker handles animation, and then your formula in the parameters wouldn’t work, as it’s substracting from it. I tried several things with a friend, who knows about coding but not about JS or RPG Maker (so while he’s better than me, he’s far from an expert). He deleted one line so that we could use just the formula written in the parameter, without substracting anything. But we can’t seem to make it work, as we don’t know what to write to make it do what we want… Perhaps he didn’t edit the correct line, perhaps we don’t understand the parameter formula, or perhaps it just isn’t possible entirely.

      So yeah! I’m asking if there’s a way to do what I described while using your plugin. If it’s too much trouble I wouldn’t ask you to rewrite it or anything, but maybe there’s an easy fix, so I thought I’d ask. If not, I think I will try finding other plugins (though I like this one a lot! I wonder if a different Frames plugin will work with your Character Animations plugin?), and if everything else fails, well, I guess I’ll use yours, just trying to make it look as similar as possible to my art program, if I can’t make it identical.

      Thank you so much and sorry about the long post x’) I tried to explain myself clearly, haha

      • Galv says:

        That was a long one! Haha – unfortunately I don’t have free time these days to modify plugins and I think what you are asking might need that, sorry.

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