MV Map Animation Effects

This plugin adds visual effects to maps using animations with the following features:

1. Settings for idividual animations
– Change z value to play under/over map objects and characters
– Play animation at x,y position and not follow target’s movement
These settings are done using a tag in the animation name in the database

2. Region animation effects
– Set “Region Effects” to display when event or the player contact
– Use event note to control what region effects they can activate
– Set global region effects for all maps the in plugin settings
– Set local regions events for each map in the map’s notes
– Choose a common event to run

Combining these things, you can create map effects such as stepping in shallow water, kicking up dust or anything you imagination can create using the MV Animation editor in the database.
The ability to run a common event further adds to the region stepping functionality

This is an intermediate plugin – beginners may find it complicated.

VERSION 1.4 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


24 thoughts on “MV Map Animation Effects

  1. Unmercyful says:

    Hi there, Thank you for this wonderful plugin! Is it possible to allow the animations to work with land vehicles. I have a map that uses a horse as vehicle but the animations do not show when running across them on horseback.

    • Galv says:

      I didn’t actually take into account vehicles. I’ll add it to my extremely long request list :)

      There’s no land vehicles by default – are you using a plugin to achieve that?

  2. Fatalys93 says:

    Wonderful script as always Galv, but… also in this demo there’s the Mv’s save bug.
    While running a parallel process with balloon or animation, game doesn’t save and sometimes delete data.
    Galv, you’ve encountered this error before, right? Have you find a way to fix that?
    (There are so many topics about this problem, but 0 solutions) ._.

    • Galv says:

      Actually I have not encountered that problem – thanks for letting me know, though, I will do some tests to try to replicate and find out why it’s doing it

  3. foure says:

    Hi, Thanks for plugin! As i can see animations can`t play above pictures. Is it possible to change it?

  4. Unmercyful says:

    I love this plugin have been using it since you released it. I do not want to have to give it up but I might have to. Hime released the Party Manager plugin earlier today and in no way shape or form can I get it to work your Map Animation plugin. The Party plugin is a must for my project but I really , really , really want to have your animation plugin to work. If there is a setting I missed your if is possible to make it work some how together, could you enlighten me please? The error comes up as “Cannot read property of note” and when hit F8 it shows as galv’s map animation plugin line 385. Thank you so much for time and awesome plugins and sorry for the long message.

    • Galv says:

      Sounds like there is a mistake in one of the plugins if that is the case. First up, do some tests – here’s a checklist:

      In particular, try changing the position of the plugin order. And make absolutely sure this error happens with Hime’s Party Manager plugin. After you’ve confirmed that it is a problem, I will look into it.

  5. Galv says:

    Updated to version 1.3 – compatibility fixes

  6. when active your plugin.
    We can not do test inside game ?
    i get this error.

    tank for help
    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘match’ of undefined
    at Game_Map.setup (/C:/Users/jonle/Documents/Games/UONESENCE%20THE%20ORBS%20QUEST/js/plugins/GALV_MapAnimEffects.js:314)
    at Game_Player.performTransfer (rpg_objects.js:7448)
    at Scene_Map.onMapLoaded (rpg_scenes.js:378)
    at Scene_Map.isReady (rpg_scenes.js:370)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateScene (rpg_managers.js:1782)
    at Function.SceneManager.updateMain (rpg_managers.js:1754)
    at Function.SceneManager.update (rpg_managers.js:1680)

  7. Nova7o9 says:

    I just wanted to say that I love this plugin! It took a little practice for a noob like me to configure, but you made it so much easier by providing a demo. Now I can really work with it. Thank you so much!

  8. Mattias Forsberg says:

    Sweet Java Script, but can you please make it work with the Diagonal Movement Java Script as well, it would be sweet. ^_^

  9. Moemoe says:

    is it possible to make the animation play in front of the player. One tile away from where the player is facing?

  10. Ally says:

    Does anyone have the animation of the steps?

  11. Does this plug in also use footprints? (like left in snow, or by wet feet?)

  12. Ffej720 says:

    Hi Galv ! Great plugin and thx for that. Just wanna know if it’s possible to attribue Z position to event? Say my animation have it goes under event, is it possible to define the of that event only?

  13. Ffej720 says:

    I mean, can you setup the layer of an event independently?

    • Galv says:

      Events have different y position depending if they are set to below, same as or above characters. That’s all you can do without a plugin.

  14. Kouta says:

    Dont work with your pixel moving=(

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