MV Jump Ability

Allows the player to jump at the press of a button.
Block off player jump accessibility using regions as well as events that can block/unblock it.

VERSION 1.6 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


116 thoughts on “MV Jump Ability

  1. Galv says:

    Oops! Fixed some bugs in this. v.1.1

  2. Suzio says:

    Whenever I try to jump when I’m on an event(a passable event), it gives me this error: Cannot read property “list” of undefined.

  3. Quix says:

    How can I stop players from jumping up cliffs?

    Only seems to happen on top-left and top-right corners where impassibility is set to those directions. Despite the blocking region, the actor can still jump onto it!

  4. Galv says:

    Thanks for this, this is very helpful – I’ll try and work out why it’s doing that and fix it :)

  5. Galv says:

    Also updated to v.1.3 – fixed another bug and also made jumping add steps so the player cannot dodge random encounters.

  6. Alex says:

    Hey Galv, I found out this script is incompatible with Yanfly’s KeyboardConfig plugin. I inserted the KeyboardConfig plugin into the demo to confirm that it is the culprit; just turning it on disables the jump function.

    I have a lot of custom scripts installed in my project, and KeyboardConfig is the only one that interferes with this plugin. GamepadConfig has no effect as far as I can tell, but I haven’t tested this glitch with a gamepad.

    • Galv says:

      I will do a test and make them compatible when I can – thanks for telling me

      • Alex says:

        Thank you for the wonderful script, by the way. :)

      • neroterumi says:

        (I’m sorry for my lame english. I’m still improving my mastery of this language, but I’m still making a lot of mistakes, mostly grammatical, but to some people it could be… “Infuriating” is the word? Anyway, sorry for all my mistakes n.n)

        Have you solved this problem? I still have the same issue. I tried to, somehow, “combine” the two plugins, but it ended bad… So, if you have any solutions, I would appreciate it.
        Thanks for reading this! If you readed it…

    • I also had that problem, but i found a way aroud it. In keyboard options, there are 2 options: cancel/menu which is normally X and cancel which is normally not assigned. If you assign cancel to any button, this button will work ingame as jump. Its propably not the best solution, but it works, if you want to use both plugins.

  7. Galv says:

    Had a look at Yanfly’s config – I’m not sure how to add additional commands to it without overwriting his plugin. I wont do that as I want to make it compatible with others, too – I will look into this more, perhaps I can ask Yanfly a good way to do it :)

  8. Hello! I’ m glad that you have made this script. And I have a question. I noticed that the script not have any bonuses: for and for items/skills.
    Have You it in the plans?

    Thank You.
    And sorry, if it dubble post.

  9. kyle says:

    are there any js tags which are included in this that would allow me to make it so that jumping is only possible when one character in particular is in my party or leader?

    • Galv says:

      Not currently, but it’s on my to-do list

      • kyle says:

        awesome, as an additional suggestion(i am not a coder so im not really sure how much work it would be so ignore it if it seems daunting) but i would suggest an option to, when you jump over unpassable terrain, leave behind any party members that can’t also jump. it would be great for dungeons and puzzles to have to go ahead with a smaller party and unlock the way for your less athletic companions!

      • Galv says:

        unfortunately not going to do that one. It’s a good idea, but there is no functionality for followers – they are basically just representations of who is in your party and not physically exist on the map

      • kyle says:

        yeah that is more complicated now that i think on it, because it would have to remove them entirely from the party otherwise you could just rearrange party and add them back yourself. ohwell, fun to try and think of new things to do, jumping is a great effect in game irregardless! thanks!

  10. Haris Begic says:

    I was thinking it would be good to implement an option which lets you turn the jumping ability on/off in-game with a switch or perhaps a script call, I hope you will add this soon. Btw, great work here ^_^

  11. raymi186 says:

    Great plugin, Galv! The only issue I have is that when I turn on Yanfly’s Keyboard Config plugin, it renders this plugin useless :( Is there something I can do to fix this issue? (I dunno if this already commented, so sorry if it did)

  12. Meh says:

    Awesome plugin, thanks for putting in the effort and kindly sharing. I just want to let you know there’s a bug with the floor tiles not always allowing to jump up, but always allows down. If using wall tiles can always jump down but never up.

    • Galv says:

      Floor tiles shouldn’t have an effect on anything. But the “top of walls” tiles might act as you describe as default rpgmaker functionality does some interesting things with those. I’ll check it out when I have time.

  13. Galv says:

    Updated to v.1.4 to fix an issue with not being able to jump on events that are “lower” than player (which could normally be walked on)

  14. tengg says:

    I’m not sure whether the qustion is silly or not but is there any possible way to change character sprites while he is jumping?

  15. Runako says:

    Hey Galv, i meant to post that this plugin for rpg maker MV , looks over slip damage, hp regeneration, and degeneration when jump is used, allowing the player to continuously tap jump without consequence.

  16. Galv says:

    I’ve fixed slip damage, but to keep maximum compatibility each jump counts as 1 step. So this would still allow players to jump everywhere but will not skip over the slip damage check calculation in the default code.

  17. Andre Zhang says:

    Thanks for your sharing!
    Download Plugin File Link → Link to DEMO
    Download DEMO Link → Link to Plugin File

  18. ganelan says:

    Nice plugin! But in my project press “c” (Default key) and not jump… i need other event or someting?

  19. MoonlyteDemon says:

    Hey Galv, this is a great plugin! I did find a conflict with another plugin though. TurnInPlace by mjshi. I didn’t know if this would be something easily fixed on your end, or whether I should contact him and try from that end.

    Again, great work! :D

  20. Rui Palma says:

    Hey Galv, I have a little problem with this plugin.
    When in or out a cliff the only way I know to avoid jumping in or jumping out of it, is by blocking regions, however this also blocks my jumps to the other ways.
    I send a dropbox link with the image.
    The green arrows shows whats working good and the red one shows whats the problem with the blocked regions.

    • Galv says:

      The perspective of the cliff in this mapping is strange as the player should be able to walk behind it, not get stopped on it and able to jump 1 tile onto it.

      You could perhaps use events and turn the blocking page on/off depending if on ground level or on top of the cliff.

  21. francisco says:

    Brother, did I get him to jump something moving?
    I like it a lot, want to know if he can not jump on something that rocks and fuses him together and if he falls from the end of the game.

  22. francisco says:

    The wooden bridge, where it jumps, if it were in motion,
    To try to jump on the moving bridge
    If you can not fall into the water and drown.
    a ponte de madeira, onde ele pula, se ela estivesse em movimento,
    para tentar pular na ponte se movendo
    caso nao consiga caia na agua e se afogue.

    • Galv says:

      You can activate a ‘player touch’ event by jumping on it. If you want to be able to jump onto a water tile I recommend asking in a forum to learn how to do that in RPG Maker

  23. francisco says:

    ja tentei, sim por evento ja ativei mas queria que ele ao cair em cima do evento o evento moveci le tem como?

  24. francisco says:

    I edited his project he does not jump in the event, if he bulase in the evendo would like the event moves it in the same direction as the event is moving

  25. Is there any way to modify the jump distance? In the ACE version there were many ways to customize this feature. Each character could have their own jump properties, items could affect your jump ability, and most importantly you could create jump sprites by using a conditional branch that asks if the player is jumping, I would like to know if any of these features are available or will become available?

    • Galv says:

      They aren’t available in this version and unfortunately no plans to implement them unless I can get much more support on my patreon

      • Is there a way I can directly commission the work from you via PayPal?

      • Galv says:

        Unfortunately I am too swamped with other tasks that I cannot take commissions at this time, sorry.

      • Sorry to bother once again, I just really want to use your script if I could, otherwise I will have to find another way. I was only wondering if there is something I can do using this part of the existing script? Perhaps is it possible?

        Galv.JA.getDistance = function() {
        // For adding distance bonus modifiers
        return Galv.JA.jDist;

        Just a short explanation of how I could use this function for an item or character would be much appreciated. And in the near future I would love to begin supporting your Patreon, I recently started mine and I definitely want to start showing support to the community resources I’m using. I already have a few patrons and once I reach my first goal I will have the ability to do that.

        Another short question I have as well… If I want to use script regarding the jumping character such as a conditional branch that asks if the player 1 is jumping, would it be this way?


        In the old one, I would use $game_player.jumping?

      • Galv says:

        $gamePlayer.isJumping() is correct :)

        That function was for me when I had time to improve the plugin. One day I’ll get around to adding jump bonuses to equips and such

  26. This is a really great, easy to use script – I’m just having a bit of a confusing problem. It works normally on tilesets, but the character only jumps straight up on parallax maps. Is it a compatibility issue or am I missing something? >_<

  27. nyob says:

    cool script works perfectly on keyboard but not with xbox 360 controller.I trtied every button but none will trigger jump.
    Only used the demo so no other scripts at all.

    • Galv says:

      The demo has a key setup that is not on the gamepad – you need to change that to a key that relates to the gamepad (more info on that I believe can be found in MV help file).

      • nyob says:

        I tried them all. I even set every single possible controller
        button and keyboard key to only jump just to be thorough.
        But the controller acts like none of the settings were changed
        and functions as though no changes were made. Sorry for trouble
        and terrible English. Im nyooby still. Thank you for time though.

  28. I’m trying to set the jump to a controller button, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried A, B, X, RB, even Y despite that being the menu button. I haven’t exhausted my options, but it’s fairly certain that it’s not working. I’ve got a Game Stop X-Box/PC controller I bought sometime before 2009. Do you think it’s a controller compatibility issue or something?

    • Galv says:

      You need to use the keycode, not the button not. For example in the plugin doc:
      * ok // A
      * cancel // B
      * shift // X

      To use the A button, you need to use the text:

      • Thanks, man! But for some reason it only responds when I set the key to a-z or 1-0 on the keyboard. All other keys, keyboard or otherwise, so far don’t respond. Could it be that typing “ok” confuses it, making it think to look for “o” and “k” pressed simultaneously? Or it could be another plugin is messing it up? Maybe it’s in the wrong place in the plugin list? I’m not sure why that would matter whatsoever, but I see people talking about arranging them in a certain order for some reason.

      • Galv says:

        Sounds like another plugin as normally you cannot use a-z or numbers in RPG Maker.

  29. yee says:

    Hi Galv, I have a problem:
    The character can jump in a large zone, but he can’t in a smallest one (composed of 1 tile)
    Here is an image:

  30. abgluglu says:

    Is there an option (via plugin or script commands) that allow us to change the jump distance according to the party leader?

  31. Alex says:

    I’m also having trouble with making this plugin work with my gamepad. If I type “cancel” or “ok” without the quotes, then it doesn’t work either with my gamepad or the keyboard. It only works if I set it to something like “c” or “x” and almost any keyboard input. I’ve tried it on a new project with only this plugin and it’s the same result.

    • Galv says:

      What version of MV are you using? Does it work in the demo?

      • Alex says:

        It’s the same thing with the demo. I can get it to work only on keyboard with a direct keyboard input. If I set it to “ok” or “cancel”, then it doesn’t work at all, keyboard or gamepad. I’m using MV 1.5.2.

      • Galv says:

        Ahh, yep… looks like I broke it with an update a long time ago.
        If I ever have time again I need to fix it.

  32. Alex says:

    That would be greatly appreciated :) In the meantime, I’ll just use the keyboard while I’m making my game.

  33. kartacha says:

    If you can dynamically change if a region blocks jumping or not it can solve my issue with being able to jump on cliffs from below. I guess people would be able to use that to block access to cliffs in the first place and then allow it when you climb on them with a ladder or something. Could I do it or could you help me do it?

  34. I have a question. Will you ever update it so the party followers don’t all go to your tile when jumping?

  35. Titanor Soulstone Star Blaze says:

    i am trying to configure this to go to a controller button by typing cancel in the key slot and it does not work, i also tried changing the key in the demo for this plugin and it does not work

    i am using a Nintendo pro controller and the rest of the game works just fine with it

    is this a bug or am i doing it wrong

  36. Bostonian Jake says:

    This is a fantastic plugin and it will give me so much to work with! However, whenever I jump, a sliver of my characters sprite appears right above him. I tested the plugin with a default actor to make sure I didn’t do something wrong with my sprite sheet.

    It’s not a gamebreaking glitch or anything, but it’s noticeable enough for it to be distracting.

  37. Honor says:

    Hi, im actualy working on a action platformer game on MV and im using 2 scripts, Galv jump ability and superorangemovementEx, i’ll give you the 2 links:
    pixel movement:
    so, my problem is pretty simple, with this 2 script, when i jump, the jump cannot be executed corectly because pixel movement script i know the solution, but i dont know anything about script,
    Please galv just modify the jump ability script for me, i need a comand replace the character exactly on the case before the jump cause pixel movement is blocking the jump test the 2 plugins together please you will understand the problem i realy need a answer.
    Thanks ^^

  38. Pat says:

    Hey, the jump works great, thanks for that. Is there a way to change the distance of the jump on the fly? So, if I were in a vehicle id be able to jump further? Thanks in advance.

  39. Blackthorn says:

    This is my favorite script you’ve made. I’m also waiting for gamepad compability and wish there was some kind of workaround, like using the “if key is pressed” and execute this jump via a script call.

    • Sarry says:

      Hi, I’ve found a workaround for the gamepad, go to the rpg_core.js search for the input mapper of the gamepad and for exemple, for Y it’s written ‘menu’, all you have to do is write ‘jump’, and it will work just fine.
      Hope I helped you with this.

  40. sunbo says:

    Is it possible to alter the jump vertically, Awesome plugin by the way

  41. Hi, is there a way to jump backward, Similar to a back step or dodge?

    • I almost got it by modifying the directions at the bottom of the script. The left directional jump sends the player to the right and the upward jump sends them down and visa-versa.. that’s what I’m looking for the only problem is that the player faces the same direction that they jumped which gives me a back and forth effect when I repeat the jump sequence.

  42. Nissan says:

    Hi galv, hope you doing well, I wonder if you could add ‘diagonal’ jumping? I’m using 8d direction movement in my game (mv).

  43. Hi Galv, is there a way to jump backward, Similar to a back step or dodge? I almost got it by modifying the directions at the bottom of the script. The left directional jump sends the player to the right and the upward jump sends them down and visa-versa.. that’s what I’m looking for the only problem is that the player faces the same direction that they jumped which gives me a back and forth effect when I repeat the jump sequence.

  44. Alexandre Bernardino says:

    Hello Galv! I would like to know something: after completing the jump, is it possible to make the hero wait a few frames without being able to move? How do I do that?

  45. noBody says:

    Is there a way to bind the jump button to gamepads? (Making not to overwrite other trigger). Because it is not work with gamepads (ALOE_VirtualButtons plugin)

  46. Nazuth says:

    I found some bug in this section. “Galv.JA.canJump” all directions must + i,dir but down and right is -, that cause the player can jump to outside the screen in that direction.

  47. Dimas says:

    I was thinking, all of a sudden, it would be great, in an eventual update or in a version for MZ, to implement a fall function, not like in a hole, but as if we jump from a high place, the player falls all over the “wall” marked by a region. Imagine that the player intends to jump from a 5-tile building and its wall is marked by the fall region, in practice, whenever the player jumps in this region, he will move down, still in the jumping action.

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