MV Message Sound Effects

Add sound effects for when each character appears during ‘Show Text’ messages. This can be changed during game.
Add sound effect to when ‘Show Text’ message is closed. This can also be changed.

VERSION 1.4 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


37 thoughts on “MV Message Sound Effects

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, you’re so fast! Love your scripts. Maybe you can make “storage containers” for MV, too? :)

  2. Meruem says:

    Coooool ty!

  3. Galv says:

    Updated to add a delay between each sound effect. V1.3

  4. Qeltas says:

    another plugin was causing the incompatibility.
    thanks for this great plugin! :D

  5. MaidenM says:

    This is so neat! Been looking for something like this for a while. One question though, would it be possible to add a range to the pitch so that each letter has a random pitch? Or possibly add a different pitch to different letters? If you have played the Golden Sun games, that’s what I’m thinking.

    Thanks for all your work!

  6. Klubii says:

    Sorry to bother you, but the demo doesn’t work, when I open the project, it says: Cannot read file Actors.json. Could you maybe fix that? Or is it supposed to be that way and I’m just an idiot?

    • Galv says:

      It sounds like you are opening the index.html file in a web browser that doesn’t support local files (such as Chrome).

      To open it in RPG Maker MV, you need to open “Game.rpgproject”

      • Klubii says:

        I opened the project file, this isn’t really a problem to me now, I figured out the plugin, but for anyone in the future that is having this problem, I would like to try to find a way to solve it. You don’t have to figure it out though if you don’t want to. ;)

      • Galv says:

        There’s talk about it on the rpgmaker forums. From what I’ve gathered it’s certain browsers blocking javascript code from accessing local files. Nothing I can do about that other than say use the MV launcher :)

    • BK says:

      Make sure you aren’t opening the game file directly from the .ZIP, which is easy to do if your file explorer lets you look through it like a normal folder. You’ll need to unzip it first! That was what solved this issue for me.

  7. Night says:

    Is it possible to have characters sound different from another or use a different sound effect for one character?

  8. wize1 says:

    Thank you so much! You are awesome!!!

  9. PSI Rockin says:

    first of all: excellent plugin! but would it be possible to disable it during battle aftermaths? the text comes so fast, and when the script tries to play the sound over and over again in such a short span of time it just comes out as a single obnoxiously loud tone.

  10. WhiteLye says:

    Hey, this is an awesome plugin! I am having an issue, however, with adding more quick SE slots. I have them show up without causing an error, but they don’t play the sound effect. I just get quiet text! (^_^”) i went into the actual script to edit this, adding a fifth “case” line as well as going so far as to change the instructions to stay 1-5 instead of 1-4, but no luck yet. In fact, it seems that none of the text sounds are working anymore! (oh dear!)
    What are your thoughts on this issue? Did I screw up immensely, or is it a simple fix? (vote on your phones now)

    • Galv says:

      I cannot see what you did but it definitely sounds like you put something wrong in the code. When I have time I will update this to add more quick sound effects.

  11. thefarplane says:

    Is it possible to disable SFX on certain character and/or lines of text?

    Similar to the play msg script that comes with RPG Maker MV.

    I include character names on my message boxes and it doesn’t make sense for the character names to have SFX when being displayed.

  12. Thankswgwgwfhwh4 says:

    I just downloaded this and when building to HTML5 (and testing it in Chrome) the sound effect is really slow. It sounds like each message effect is queued, and they keep playing long after the message box is closed.

  13. Has the latest MV update broken this? The sound plays choppily for me when playtesting, and sometimes doesn’t play at all. I tried in a blank project too, so it doesn’t look like a compatibility issue.

  14. I’d just like to ask: Is there a way to set more “Quick SE” functions?
    I’d like to give all of my characters unique sound effects for their voices, but I’m a bit limited with just the four, and I can’t figure out if there’s another way to do it.

    • Galv says:

      You’ll have to modify the plugin to do that. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do mods for people these days, I recommend asking in a forum

  15. Hayden says:

    Loving this plugin. One question I have: is it possible to turn it off completely? I know there’s a command to turn it off, but the thing is I’m thinking of having the SE change for every character, so even if I were to use the command to turn it off, it’d just play again the next time it gets activated before a dialogue.

    I’m looking for a way to add it to the options menu so players can choose to turn it on or off permanently.

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