Simple Debug

A simple debugging script that displays information to the console (or a window popup for options you desire) such as what BGM/BGS/SE/ME just started playing, when a switch or self switch is turned on/off or what a variable was changed to.
These notifications will only display during test play. Might be useful for trying to figure out why an event isn’t activating by viewing the console log of switches activated for example.

Get it here >


4 thoughts on “Simple Debug

  1. Agnes says:

    I started getting errors in BattleManager line 78 concerning argument errors (1 for 0) when I added this script. This error will happen upon concluding a battle during test play. If I test specific battles using the troops tab of the editor, it doesn’t show up. I tested this in a project devoid of scripts to make sure it wasn’t script incompatibility.

  2. Michael says:

    Geat script. Thank you for making the console window useful!

  3. koldsack says:

    had been using this for the longest time. Invaluable script also to check if your events are having switches/variables are incessantly updating/looping itself. thank you Galv.

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