New Item Indication

New Item Indication

Display a little “new” image next to items in your inventory that the player has recently acquired or has not looked at yet (a couple of options of ways for it to work).

Get it here >


20 thoughts on “New Item Indication

  1. chaos17 says:

    I tested it with : Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Item Menu and the picture doesn’t show up.

  2. vee says:

    Nice Script Galv Thank :D

  3. estriole says:

    option/config to automatically erased the ‘new’ when we leaving menu will be useful. instead of hovering all the new :D. or if you want more advanced thing. set config variable to only list x newest item. :D
    ex: list 5 newest item. (example).
    gain short sword, gain armor x10, gain potion x 100, gain ether.
    all will have new.
    then gain eternal sword, gain miraclex10, gain spider.
    so short sword and armor will erased it’s new. :D.

  4. Yu Mi says:

    It doesnt work. i put this script below “ace engine script”. But i have also ace inventory script above this indicator script.

  5. Hey, nice script! I just wanted to let you know, it seems to be incompatible with Yanfly’s Adjust Limits script, something to do with the overwrite method: max_item_number. I got an error on that line of Yanfly’s script when using yours.

    • Galv says:

      I tested both just now with no errors, seemed to work fine for me. More investigation is required to poinpoint the cause of the error..

    • Btw, it only happens with Method 2. Method 1 works, but I get massive lags when moving the cursor over items, new or not. Probably another incompatibility/inefficiency with one of Yanfly’s scripts (I use a LOT of his).

    • I’m sorry for spamming you like this … I just figured out that the lags only occur on items considered as enchant runes from KREAD-EX’s Runic Enchantment script. If you think this is trivial, then you don’t have to solve it, as it ONLY happens with KREAD-EX’s script. Method 2 problem still occurs with Yanfly’s script though.

      • Galv says:

        That info helped, thanks
        Sorted the yanfly script compatibility and updated the script on the page (but not the demo). I don’t have time to look into why it lags with the kread script though

  6. bloodyliao says:

    Unfortunatly, this awesome script can not work with Too Much Information Item Scene by Mr. Bubble, reguardless the order of these scripts. When I put them together, get an item and open the item menu, the game stucks and shows stack level too deep. Hope you can fix when you have time>.<

  7. foure says:

    HI, do you have plans to convert this to MV? It will be really cool to have this in MV.

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