Event Pop Up

Event Pop Up

Just another pop up script (it’s been overdone, but I am still learning so doing it again). Manually create a text pop up or automatically whenever you give the player an item via event command – it pops up the item’s icon above their head with amount gained.

Get it here >


16 thoughts on “Event Pop Up

  1. HerSo says:

    how i can put item names into the popup??, can i make a popup automatical for party entry?? sorry by my poor english and thanks!!
    Nice scripts!!

    • Galv says:

      Item names should be automatic. And I didn’t include party entry as automatic.

      • HerSo says:

        as I see it, when you take an item out the icon and the amount received, I’m interested if you could do that also show the name of the item, on popups party, I’m using the custom text popup function, I added the faces of the characters in the icon file, and is actually very good, just missing that little detallem me as I searched for the script and I see how to add the name too, the idea would be (icon) name_item (amount) in instead of (icon) (number)
        thanks for everything!

      • Galv says:

        Sorry, I am very busy lately and don’t have time to edit the script anytime soon. You could try a forum and ask others if they would edit :)

  2. HerSo says:

    I encontado the solution was simple … add only a small part …
    line 181
    return @amount >= 1 ? “x” + amount : amount
    return @amount >= 1 ? @item.name + ” x ” + amount : amount
    i’m so more little scripter, i not have an idea but i make some thinks xDDDD

    Thanks for all!! now it’s perfect this script,!!

  3. Harbo says:

    This script is a lifesaver. Is there any chance of adding an option for changing the color of the popup text? I have an animal protagonist and he can graze plants for heals — right now I have “+5” pop up, but only in white, when green would be more consistent.


  4. mjshi says:

    Hi! Do you plan on eventually converting this to MV?
    I much prefer this one’s animation for popups than the ones already present within the community.

    If you’re busy, I understand. Thank you for your time!

  5. Date Majima says:

    So I want the game to not popup text when gain/lost item, just when I use script call. What I have to do?

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