Quick Weapon Swap

Quick Weapon Swap

A simple script that allows changing the leader’s equipped weapon on the map. Pressing buttons, you can cycle the actor’s equipment left or right through weapons in the inventory and display a pop message of which item was equipped.

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18 thoughts on “Quick Weapon Swap

  1. Jason says:

    I found this and many other of your scripts very useful thanks a bunch, but I have a minor request if possible. I’m using this quick swap with your HUD and it won’t let me swap items if the HUD is on is there anyway to fix that?

  2. Galv says:

    They all work fine together for me. Make sure you aren’t using the same switch for disabling/enabling the HUD as you are for disabling the other two scripts.

    I just noticed the HUD doesn’t update the weapon when changed, though. I have added a fix to this script (make sure this script is under the HUD).

    • Jason says:

      Sorry I’m pretty new to all the scripts, I’ve changed the switch and now it works fine, thanks again.

  3. perijoy says:

    This is an incredibly useful script, especially for my harvest moon based game :) however I would like to ask if you could add a simple add on, which is:
    Instead of the image/ icon of the weapon fading after being selected, it remains on screen. If possible I would like where the icon is to be customised, otherwise could it simply hover above the players head.
    Thanks. :)

  4. chris says:

    Hi. i also am working on a harvest moon type game and love this script. but i have a problem with one part, it seems that when using this script the condition option to check if weapon is equipped doesn’t work. i can use the event regardless of the weapon i have equipped. if there is a way to fix please let me know. thanks

    • chris says:

      ok after messing with a lot of stuff and removing other stuff. i have found that it is not your script causing the problem but the problem is still there and if you could help would be very thankfull.

      • Galv says:

        If the normal condition branch option of weapon selected isn’t working then you’ll need to do tests on your game to try to work out why – removing other scripts etc. and test.

  5. jooowx says:

    Hi. I love this script, it works really well with what I’m trying to do. However, it doesn’t work with my Hunger/Thirst/Sleep HUD and I can’t figure out why (I’m still quite new to RPG Maker). It’s not a script, it was made with a common event ( It’s this HUD http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/11073-hunger-thirst-sleepsystem-without-scripting/ ). There’s no button pressing or anything in that, it’s just a common event (parallel process). Do you have any idea what it might be?

    • Galv says:

      In the script settings you will see:
      DISABLE_SWITCH = 1 # Turn swith ON to disable this.

      I’m guessing you are using this switch number in game? Perhaps disabling the script from working here. You can change this number to any switch you need

  6. chumbogogo says:

    Hi! How can you make a script like this but instead of swap weapons, the script could swap skills?, I guess the script would be pretty much the same but I don’t know how to change it

  7. Mike says:

    Would be so cool if you made it for RMMV.

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