Item/Bank Storage

Item Storage Bank
A scene that allows the player to store items and retrieve them later. Also now includes a bank to store gold.

Includes a variety of script calls for eventing purposes.
Includes options to customize the vocab of the scene as well as other options such as allowing the player to store key items or not.

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36 thoughts on “Item/Bank Storage

  1. chigoox says:

    is there a way to make an interest rate of the gold in your bank?
    so you gain a percent of money added to your bank after some time?

  2. Galv says:

    There’s no feature to do that as part of this script, but using the script calls I provided:

    You could use eventing knowledge and common events to make it happen.

  3. chigoox says:

    how do you count gold?

  4. Galv says:

    Using Control Variables event command you can use the ‘Script’ field in there and add:

    That will use the amount of gold you have in the bank in the variable.

    • chigoox says:

      oh so if you just put the bank_count command without the id and other stuff it will count gold?

      • Galv says:

        All banks use the same gold, I didn’t make the gold separate. Putting ‘bank_count’ returns how much gold the player has banked. Putting ‘bank_count’ in a variable allows you to do something with that number.

  5. chigoox says:

    kk cool, nd I’m only using one bank so ya… thanks bro.

  6. James says:

    Where should I put the script?

  7. wethefallen says:

    This script is pretty great and i look forward to playing with it, but i do have a question… is there a way to “add all” to a storage box via script call? I’m trying to make up a game where the main character changes at different parts of the story and am hoping to avoid the default shared inventory.

    • Galv says:

      Not currently implemented in this script. There are scripts out there made for party inventories that you mention. Tsukihime has written some you might be interested in

  8. i got the script in my game but how do i acces the bank in the game?

    • Galv says:

      The script calls you can use are at the top of the script.
      Tab 3 of your event commands is ‘Script…’ event command. Add:

  9. Ayri says:

    I can’t understand how to make more than one bank. I always opened the same >:

    • Galv says:

      There is a whole paragraph explaining it in the instructions :(
      And if you still don’t understand, download the demo and look at the chest events.

  10. Chris Allen says:

    When I try to run the script, it complains with this:

    Script ‘script name’ line 142: NoMethofError occured.
    undefined method'[]’ for nil:NilClass

    What happen?!

  11. Rainzo says:

    hi, is it possible to have alreadyone item of my choice in the bank the first time i open it ?

    • Galv says:

      Yes, it tells you how to add items to it in the script instructions

      • rainzo says:

        oh sorry didn”t see it ^^
        bank_add(X) works but store_add (“item”, 1, 10) don’t…why ?
        store_add (“weapon”, 1, 1) don’t work either….

      • Galv says:

        Download the demo to try to work out if you are doing something wrong. I had a quick look and it’s working in the demo so I don’t know why yours wouldn’t.

        Sorry, I don’t have time lately to personally help everyone :(

  12. RainbowGrenade says:

    This is a fantastic script. I appreciate you sharing it. I was wondering if you’d help me out with something. Is there by chance a script call that would allow for changing the inventory limit mid-game? I’d like to allow for bag upgrades as the game progresses. Thanks again.

  13. Júnior says:

    Galvs, Would you like to change your script so that it can only store fruit. More like it already exists to deposit items can I have another script in the list? Because it is giving error to have two equal scripts.

  14. Jamantones says:

    Great script sir.
    Is there a way that I can check my inventory limit (like 6/30) or I have to guess how many itens my characters are carrying by counting them on my inventory?

  15. Jamantones says:

    Well, since its your script I thought I could ask here.
    All i asked for is if theres a hud or something during the bank scene to check how many itens i have/limit.

  16. Privateer says:

    I’ve had this issue before, but was never able to trace it completely until now.
    To make sure that it wasn’t a compatibility issue, I tested the script in a new project with no other scripts present and here is what I found using the version 1.7 of this script:

    When you use the store_count command, it will count the specified items in the storage bank. However, if you save the game and return to it in a save game, for some reason, the count will always register ‘0’ despite the storage still retaining the same amount of items previously deposited into the bank storage. This only occurs in a saved game, and not a fresh game that hasn’t been saved yet.

    In other words, this makes it difficult for quest that relies on an item count inside the storage bank especially if a player decides to save a game in the middle of a quest, and come back to it later at a later time.

    I’ve also noticed as a side effect, that if any new items are added to the bank storage after the save, they are deposited into a new pile in the bank storage instead of combining with the previous pile. For example: 20x potions from a previous save, then 10x potions creates another pile from present gameplay. This occured without the use of a stack qty control. Furthermore, the store_count feature only counts the present pile added during the current game session, and not all of the items of the same ID and type in the storage.

    • Galv says:

      Hi Privateer – thanks for bringing this to my attention and thank you for the explanation, it helped a lot to find the bug.

      I know what the cause is and it’s a big issue that I overlooked and will actually require a rewrite of how it works. I will get to it as soon as I can but not sure when that will be.

      • Privateer says:

        I’m glad I could be of help. I’m sure you’re quite busy, but I do like your scripts, so I figured it would help to bring it to your attention. Keep up the great work.

  17. Galv says:

    I have re-written a bunch of stuff with how to script works. Any saved games you have before updating the script will no longer work correctly, unfortunately (I am going to guess stored items will vanish), as the container code had to be re-written.

    But version 1.8 should solve the issues Privateer found

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