MV Shadow Darken

A basic plugin that allows you to specify regions that will be in shadow. These regions will make the player and events fade darker and lighter as they move from shadow to light (similar to Suikoden 2 for those who have played that).
This plugin may not be compatible with other plugins that also change the blend color of map events. Shadows will have to be placed manually, it does not automatically place shadows either.

VERSION 1.2 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


17 thoughts on “MV Shadow Darken

  1. Rhino says:

    I love this idea for parallaxes instead of having to make a shadow layer, but when I test your demo, the shadow is flickering noticeably. Not sure if something changed in 1.4.1 or maybe just my computer is terrible XD

    • Galv says:

      It flickers in the demo for you? The demo is using 1.4.0 files but I updated them (on my local machine) to 1.4.1 and I cannot replicate this issue.

      What kind of computer specs do you have?

    • Shadowflame says:

      Actually, I had the same problem too. This is with Galv’s plugin in my project (in ver 1.4.1), not his demo. The flickering is slight, but noticeable if you look at the shaded character carefully for a few seconds.

      This is on a modern core i5 with 16 GB RAM and an Nvidia graphics card.

      I love the idea of this plugin though! Shadows are my biggest issue with the default RPG Maker MV.

      • Galv says:

        If possible, can someone upload a project with the issue happening so I can see if it happens for me also?
        I’d love to fix this for people but cannot replicate it myself

    • Shadowflame says:

      Here you go :)

      That’s a new bare bones project stripped to around 16 MB. It is nothing but the default setup plus the MV Shadow Darken plugin. Shadow areas are to the right of the house and the tower.

      I noticed some interesting variations in the flicker problem. When viewed by clicking on the ‘playtest’ button in the MV editor, the flicker happens about once a second. It’s much easier to see in fullscreen (F4) mode too. However, when the exact same project is ‘deployed to web browser’, the flickering is much harder to notice. When standing in the shade it shows up about once every 18 seconds, like the render effect is cycling or being re-applied or something.This is even when running the web deployed version locally on the exact same hardware as I saw the original, more frequent flicker.

      When viewing on an android tablet, the flicker was very obvious.

      • Galv says:

        Thanks for this – is there any chance I can download that project to look at it locally?
        Actually I managed to replicate it myself my demo viewing through browser with party members. Will try to work this out – thanks for the help and reports!

      • Shadowflame says:

        No problem, glad to help out. Thanks for working so hard on all the plugins!

  2. Feli says:

    Hello Galv! I was using the plugin with no problem, but after I upgrade to version 1.3.5, when it is in the shadows, the character is glowing .. is there any incompatibility with this version?

    • Galv says:

      Update to latest version of MV. I don’t support older versions, sorry.

      But that might not be the issue, it could be a plugin conflict also

  3. Renato says:

    How did you manage to increase the size of the character? Is it just illustrative?

  4. Galv says:

    Found the flickering issue bug and have updated to version 1.2 to fix this. Thanks for the reports.

    • Riku says:

      Don’t know why I didn’t get a notification to see that there was a reply to this… Anyway, thanks for the update!!! It works beautifully <3

  5. Xion says:

    Works perfectly for me! Your plugins really help bring my games to the next level. Thanks for the awesome plugins!

  6. Bronya says:

    Thanks this plugin! Thank you Galv :P

  7. jorgedkz says:

    hey galv, intend to launch some update where you can choose a region to shadow only the player? example: a tree casts a shadow on the player, but a bird (event) flies over the tree and is hit by the shadow

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