MV Collide SE

A very simple plugin that adds a sound effect when the player collides into something.

VERSION 1.0 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


6 thoughts on “MV Collide SE

  1. pir345 says:

    What an awesome idea for an awesome plugin!
    Thank you sooo much, perfect for an old school game :))

  2. This is a very cool idea for a plug-in. Sounds are often one of the things rm devs ignore, or simply forget about.

  3. Bishoujo Helper says:

    Yep, thanks for making this! Just realized I need a “bump into walls” feedback for darkness zones, and knew I’d seen this somewhere.

  4. ctrlstudios says:

    – Arker_456
    Hello galv I was wondering if you wanted to join my developer team
    for Kubahatisha Dragon Studios.

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