MV Picture Animations

A simple plugin that allows you to play animations from the database on pictures created with the “Show Picture” event command.
NOTE: Animations played on the picture do not disappear when ‘Erase Picture’. You must use a script call, 1 wait and then Erase Picture command after.

VERSION 1.3 – RPG Maker MV
Download Plugin file
Download Demo


14 thoughts on “MV Picture Animations

  1. when change map with the plugin actived, have this strange error. !
    did you now why ?

    TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
    at Sprite_Picture.isAnimationPlaying (GALV_PictureAnims.js:93)
    at Sprite_Picture.updateAnimation (GALV_PictureAnims.js:69)
    at Sprite_Picture.updateOther (GALV_PictureAnims.js:62)

    this is when teleport to other map !

  2. Ok i found why.
    i turn off all the plugin.
    Then display an picture with event on screen.
    ◆show picture:#1, 1, up left (132,3), (100%,100%), 255, Normal
    And teleported to new map, and the error appears.

  3. John says:

    Hi, Galv. Thank you for the great plugin!
    The animation can be played normally in the map, but as soon as I do it in the battle scene, it doesn’t work. Is there anything I should pay attention to?

  4. Anderson Camilato says:

    Hi. Thanks so much for the plugin. I found a error, when a load a game after create new enemies, the animation is not showed.

  5. Anderson Camilato says:

    When i load some save, the plugin does not work

  6. Denver Ahn says:

    wish i could use this in mz…

  7. nilnilpal says:

    Is it technically portable to the mz?
    I can’t give up mz because of effectseer.
    If possible, I would like to get the mz plugin through sponsorship.

    • Galv says:

      It is possible, but I haven’t ported it over yet. I am not doing much porting these days, though – mainly just fixing bugs of my existing plugins

  8. Lit0n says:

    Hi, I tried to use this in a mid-battle event but it didn’t work. First, I created the “Show picture” and then added the script “Galv.PIC.anim(1,121);”. In battle, the picture showed but the animation didn’t play. Did I miswrite the IDs or is there another problem? Picture ID is 1 when I add it to the event and the animation id is 0121 on the animation section.

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