Visibility Range

Galvs visibility range

This script can make the player only able to see in a certain radius around themself. The rest is darkness. This size and opacity of this darkness is controlled using variables and turned on/off using a switch.

How to Use
1. Place script under Materials and above Main (And under any battle scripts you are using).
2. Copy the image from the demo into your project’s /Graphics/System/ folder.
3. Read script instructions and settings to learn how to use and set variables.
4. Make sure to start a new game after adding the script.

Get it here >


45 thoughts on “Visibility Range

  1. Pretty neat… I think its nice to those who doesn’t want to use Khas’ lighting to achieve that same effect… :)

  2. Shin says:

    You should do something about the blog organization. The way the scripts are displayed in the first page it doesn’t allow visitors to identify whats is new.

    • Galv says:

      On the homepage, new scripts are added at the very top left of category the were added to. They appear as the first post of each category page.
      I agree it’s not designed for visitors to know what’s new, but sorry that’s how it is.

  3. megazeroro says:

    I am having a weird problem with this script, I set up everything right and it works fine but when I go to the play test window, I can not move my character at all even though all the variables and stuff for this script are in a different map.

  4. mknox says:

    I’m having a bit of an issue… The image appears when the switch comes on, but it only covers the screen if the character is directly in the centre. If I move down, the image moves down too, leaving the top of the screen bright as ever. How do I fix that? I thought it might be something to do with the variables, as I’ve never really got my head around those…

  5. Galv says:

    Link to the demo is at the top of the script page where you copied the script. Basically, just need to make the image bigger.

  6. Sanggameboy says:

    Please, Galv. How can I fix this? The script is okay and great, but I’m having a little problem with it. And I’m not good at English much, so I hope you get what I want to say when you see this screenshot: thank you, Galv.

  7. Duranette says:

    Thank you, fantastic script, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for making it possible to view the events in the demo game. This helped me to figure out what to do even though I am a complete novice using scripts. Thank you again.

  8. deathmetalmosher says:

    i have no idea how to use scripts. i have read it all but idk how to set it so that it looks like the picture you have as an example. i dont know how to switch it on

    • Galv says:

      Demo link is at the top of the page. A good way to learn is to explore and look at everything to see how it’s set up

  9. BoluBolu says:

    Hey Galv thanks for your great script, however I have a great trouble to make this script active, for 2 hours I’ve messed around with your demo project and I still don’t know how to use your script, I even make a new project and place only your script, then import those 2 image from your demo to the graphic\system folder, I make an event I put a switch and name it Visrange on off, and set it to ON, but when I play test it,the darkness never come.. I tried with the other one and the result is same, This trial and error have driven me crazy.. Is the switch that I make need to be in index 001 ? Is the switch name must be Visrange on off?
    To be honest after 2 hours trial and error I can’t even make the darkness come..
    No, I don’t blame you Galv, It’s my dumbness.. Sorry for bothering you.. I will do some research again

    • BoluBolu says:

      Hey Galv I think I found the problem, the switch must be set on index 001, I don’t know why but if I make the on off switch at index 001 and turn it on the darkness effect is active, when I tried to put the switch to another index other than 001, it won’t active.. the naming of the switch is exempt, I don;t know if it”s happen to the others or only me.. But sorry for bothering you Galv.. Thanks for this script

  10. BoluBolu says:

    Hi galv , forget my comments and please delete all of my comments, I have figured something, at the script when it says
    SWITCH = 5000 I change that to SWITCH = 1
    hte mean of 1 if I’m not wrong is the index of the switch wich is 001 right? the same rules applies on the other variables right>
    FORGIVE ME for my idiotica, BIG thanks to this script
    now I’ll shut my mouth and stay away and not bothering you again Galv..Sorry for triple posting

  11. XPhater says:

    Very nice script, great effect I’m using in an underground dungeon level. However there is a compatibility issue with killozapit’s Cache Back that comes with your Menu Theme demo. And that is once I walk on an event to transfer location 3 times, the darkness effects all break, even though the switches remain on. Deleting killozapit’s Cache Back fixes the issue.

  12. Mirage88 says:

    This seems very useful for dark caves. Shame it doesn’t seem compatible with Yami’s overlay script. :(

  13. SoulPour777 says:

    Hi Galv ^^ I came across a problem with this script in handling Menu Backgrounds. When you’re displaying the visibility range and access your menu, turns out it lags the game for about 5 seconds. I thought it was my Vi Menu that was causing it but then turns out there’s something from the visibility range that lags the whole menu. In vanilla, it also somehow stops the menu from going back to the map quickly.

    • Galv says:

      I’ve heard some computers load large images slowly in rpgmaker. If you download my demo for it, is it still slow?

      • SoulPour777 says:

        A bit. Could it be on my unit’s part? I am using the older version from the demo. I wonder why though, once I close or turn off the visibility range it goes quite fast.

  14. ninokuni13 says:

    ummm so galv .. a very stupid question . am new to RPGmaker and i cant grasp switches and variable very well . and i was wondering what kinda switches and variable do i use for this?? too much to ask sorry

  15. Matthew Keogh says:

    Hey, Am I just being dumb I cant find the picture i need to download

  16. XPhater says:

    I’m wondering if it would be possible to have this effect centered around an Event rather than the player? So you could have a “Floating Torch” that follows the player, and is itself the source of light (and shadows with your other script :) ) Cause that would be pretty sweet.

  17. Thomas Rollings says:

    Question: is there any way to allow additional lighting with this to come from say a torch? (I’m using it for underground and I’d like to have a similar effect that’s on a character on a specific tile or event if possible). It would be a nice touch at the very least.

  18. Ithric says:

    Hey Galv, I seem to have a weird issue that others haven’t had. Whenever the effect activates, instead of staying as a range circle like in your demo, the screen will slowly fade to black leaving the player unable to see anything. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • Galv says:

      Check your event commands and the variables that are being used for the script (you might be using them elsewhere, too). This sounds like you’re doing something in an event somewhere :)

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